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The Godfather of Basketball

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Through 2006, I won the God-level coaching system.

Help Yao Mai win the championship and fulfill the championship dream in the hearts of countless Chinese fans.

When the Thunder Four stayed in Russia, a brand new NBA dynasty was created.

How does a civilian team overthrow the mighty warrior dynasty?

A crossing, a legend about the godfather of the NBA dynasty.

- Description from Uukanshu


Short Title:TGOB
Alternate Title:体坛之篮球教父
Author:Big Eggplant With Minced Meat
Weekly Rank:#3592
Monthly Rank:#1822
All Time Rank:#2920
Tags:Basketball, System,
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12 Comments on “The Godfather of Basketball
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  1. Lost interest when MC decided to go for his cousin also rather that just settling for 1 girl(taylor swift)...can any of you guys recommend a novel or fanfic where the Main love interest is Taylor Swift?

  2. It's kind of awkward because sun yue and yi jianlain is really bad. I can't imagine them Being strong players without miracle.

  3. I just started reading it for few hours. his name, I mean the mc sound like the previous sport I read lol its other book of the author xD I just notice it recently that they were written by same person lol

  4. Okay, well it's good, the mc always wins the championship lol except when he called a truce and after his return but he reaches the final. he married 2 waifu and had a son and daughter. he coach several teams nad end up being a president of nba for idk years then go back to being a coach to his owned team :3

  5. p.s. he had a system and all it helped was give him few missions to get honor points and spend it on mc players with problem :3 like healing their injury and stuff lol

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