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The God of All Realms Starts with Harry Potter

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An accident brought college student Ye Ting to another world.

There is nothing but the talent for learning and growth.

There is no system, no grandfather, just relying on talent to embark on the path of Dharma God.

Use the will to move the rules, use the wisdom to analyze the world, and the only person who compares the gods with the body of a mortal is the mage.

Harry Potter, World of Warcraft, Marvel, Xingyue, Magical Forbidden Book Catalog…Countless planes unfolded in front of him.

The mystery of palm magic, with the beauty of flowers.

It all started in the world of Harry Potter.

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Short Title:TGARSHP
Alternate Title:万界法神从哈利波特开始
Author:Dragon and Dharma
Weekly Rank:#160
Monthly Rank:#214
All Time Rank:#301
Tags:Arrogant Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, Dragons, Dwarfs, Elves, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy Magic, Gods, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Harry Potter, Magic, Male Protagonist, Manipulative Characters, Multiple Realms, Overpowered Protagonist, Race Change, Strong to Stronger, Weak to Strong, Wizards, World Hopping, World Travel,
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97 Comments on “The God of All Realms Starts with Harry Potter
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  1. Quite interesting to read, decent time killing tool~ I have been finished reading the Harry Potter Arc , honestly for me it's quite interesting , He is a traverser from Earth ,so he knows everything about Harry Potter. His golden finger actually just a talent to learn faster than others , it's mean training make perfect (including physical and spiritual / magical ) faster than others . His harem at is Hermione Granger , Penelope Clearwater ,Cho Chang and Fleur De Laceur . He is not Harry Potter dog. He is Animagus . Some minor part will have a little bit of Chinese flavor ( of course, cuz this is Chinese fanfiction ) , but overall quite interesting to read. Now he is going to WoW ,damn i hope to skip this Arc ,if someone kind enough to tell me what chapter the Arc directly after the WoW Arc ? Good luck.

  2. Ceritanya bagus,alurnya ok. Hanya saja dari semua novel china yg prnh kubaca, bru novel ini yg penggambaran konsep Ketuhanan sangat keras. Sampai2 menggambarkan cerita mengenai TUHAN Umat Kristiani yg referensinya dicampuradukkan antara mitos dan kitab suci (Bahkan dalam cerita sampai dibunuh sama MC). Kalo smpai dibaca orang israel, fix siap2 penulis diburu sma agen Mossad 😂

  3. My opinion on this novel would be- This novel has an interesting concept with poor execution. There are many unnecessary third-party reactions and apparently, mc became the male god of Hogwarts just after enrolling at the age of 11. Awesome, right? Then he went to other worlds. This novel is pretty interesting for people that don't know the original work and their plots cuz you don't know what the author changed and how he fucked it up. You just feel that this novel is amazing and feel that the reviews are mostly full of idiots that spam without reading anything. But if you actually know the original work, this will feel god awful and if you have read some other fanfictions as well, you can intuitively feel how awful this novel is.

  4. Exchanged half a million pounds for 80000 gallons? Goblins are not that stupid to exchange that many gallons. It'll affect the economy cuz even the Potter family apparently doesn't have that much funds(I don't think any family has that much cash except for the goblins). Not to mention, it's very easy for wizards to earn money from "muggles". They can just cast a few spells and take the money, and then exchange it in gringotts. There probably is some sort of limit from exchanging 'muggle' currency to gallons.

  5. The smell of classical trash Chinese novels is very strong in this novel. Just read 22 chapters and I saw many third-rate reactions about 'how good the protagonist is'. I also saw many parts where a 11 year old kid that just entered school can become a male god along with many useless and annoying third party reactions. Other than that, the creativity is not too bad. Mc has a talent like Saitama in One Punch Man where he can grow limitlessly. As long as the mc practices, he can grow stronger and better which is interesting. I'll see how this turns out later and whether this novel is trash or not.

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