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The Global Reshuffle of Space

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The weather became extremely hot, and Xiao Yueling, whose parents died unexpectedly, got a space to trigger a sense of crisis, and decided to go back to his hometown to accompany his grandfather to face life and death together.

From the red land to the frozen world, people are caught off guard.

Viruses devour lives, and human beings are helpless in the face of disasters.

Survival is becoming more and more difficult, and many people will do whatever it takes to survive.

Meeting Li Kun by chance, the man said: “Little girl, I will protect you forever, okay?”

“Eat my family’s food, I have to take care of it!”

Xiao Yueling raised the machete in his hand, faced the black devil calmly, and said amazing words, who knew…

“The deal is all up to you!”

The machete in Xiao Yueling’s hand was almost scared off, what the hell did she accept!

Do you have to manage food and people?

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TGRS
Alternate Title:空间之全球大洗牌
Author:Pot cover Xiaoyu
Weekly Rank:#1403
Monthly Rank:#1433
All Time Rank:#4312
Tags:Apocalypse, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Magical Space, Superpowers,
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10 Comments on “The Global Reshuffle of Space
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  1. At chapter 375,mc just notified that all food after apocalypse has genetic defects and affected newborn babies (genetic problems) and she cleverly send all resources she collected in space before apocalypse to ML. My question is, the resources sent was purpose supposedly research by lab, so why she need to give so much. Yes at this time, she having space already known by ml. So despite being warned and all those suspicion, she admitted and send resources to the ml. Showings off the extraordinary volumes of space. Wow...plot armor was the ml wasn't even questioning the few rooms more sizes than that his space...

  2. MC seems to lack love so anyone she comfortable with able to take advantage of her. In just two chapters, author describes how mc give from meats to hundreds kilogrammes of grains to those six soldiers who have done nothing for her except taking things from her with excuses that they're close to her. I was wondering if mc was stupid or just nouveau riche symptoms. She doesn't do any works at all but act like leader after harvest and keep giving out grains to everyone who say nice things to her. Half-way the book i was fed up and thinking to stop reading. I'm bored with stupid virgin mc with only good things is mary su with golden fingers. So disappointing.

  3. "Xiao Yueling had an evil smile on the corner of his mouth, which didn't match that cute little face at all." OMG...our mc is psychopath...she just killed a person then she smiled???!! That was first kill, shouldn't she bw more normal a little??!!

  4. Chapter 228, ml is nowhere to see. MC still childishly giving away meat and food at home to others as if announcing their capability during apocalypse. She also tell others that she can make everyone eat meat everyday to soldiers. Not only that, she somehow showing off her strong body wheat completion which shown how she has enough food at home where only child and old man lives. Of course she deliberately do this so bad people with intention hurry up attack her home so she can kill chicken to warn monkey. Honestly i think she have wrong three view of life 😅 but anyway the author definitely have ways to brainwash reader that she is not wrong. In apocalypse where moral challenging, does it seem like she have mental problem to seduce people as if its a test with only death as result if they're tempted. It's unreasonable temptation. Plus she somehow allow soldier to take advantage on her food more than once just because she said she needs their protection. Meanwhile everybody else can survive fine without soldier coming over times to exchange resources. She obviously can hide but no she thinks it clever to show everyone her abundant of resources and enjoy others jealousy. It's a bit annoying and those adult surrounding her somehow doesn't even have consciousness to teach her about life lesson. Overly indulgence and maybe plot armor. At this tage her grandfathers just decoration without even worth a paragraph.

  5. For hamster spirit soul inside me, this hoarding attitude was satisfactory. However, the mc have lots of contradiction. I was confused because author keep saying she was mature and responsible but i see she's childish especially when dealing with his grandfather. She also doesn't always do right decision for example she decided to kill animals that survives in middle of jungle while she also use herbs to faints them. She could just keep them for breeding but no, she wants meat...all along I'm not vegan but i somehow feel uncomfortable with her love for meat. After all its apocalypse. I mostly saw hee decision as short term thinking. Plus like every CN, MC keep giving excuses for hee acts. If she doesn't want to share her loots she'll say it apocalypse and she must think about her survival first, then suddenly if she lazy to collect available resources, she'll say she should keep for others although the resources was in middle of jungle not applicable for other normal human reach. I'm halfway of novel but doesn't see any romance yet. I hope she could grow a little (maturity) before romance genre hit coz I'm uncomfortable thinking she's acting like 10 years old now... I'm not even sure how old she is now but she's still doesn't finish school while the ml was elite soldier leader Which definitely not too young to be an instructor.

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