A huge cyan light and shadow rose into the sky.

Wherever he passed, blood rained and violent winds were set off!

"Trash, even a group of human pariahs can't be suppressed, and they are my gods warriors!"

After the man's voice fell, countless sword lights erupted from his body.

The sword light dissipated for nine days, and the speed was so fast that even Sun Wukong, Yang Jian, and Mu En could hardly react.

When Lu Yi and Gu Yuan saw this man's shot, it was an indiscriminate attack, and they immediately swept away at Sun Wukong, Yang Jian and Mu En.

"Be careful!"

Lu Yi shouted, and Dou Zhuanxing moved to the side of the three Sun Wukong.

Gu Yuan and Lu Yi cooperated tacitly. When Lu Yi tried to save people, Gu Yuan slashed three swords in a row to block thousands of swords all over his body!

Sun Wukong, Yang Jian and Mu En are supported by Lu Yi and Gu Yuan, but others are not so lucky.

Whether it was the people who besieged Sun Wukong, Yang Jian and Mu En before, or the Protoss warriors who just appeared and fought with Gu Yuan, they were all beheaded by Daomang!

Originally, after the First World War, more than half of these Protoss warriors were still alive, but after the baptism of Daomang, none of them survived!

The sudden change here stunned the 120,000 celestial guards in the distance, and made the rioting slaves immediately quiet down!

Looking forward to nine days.

The cyan light flashes!

The amazing coercion gradually spread.

A few minutes later, most of the God Realm trembled violently because of this person's appearance!

"Yes... it is Lord God!"

Among the guards, I don't know who exclaimed.

The next second, the 120,000 Heavenly Soldiers knelt down and shouted.

"Congratulations to God Lord!"

God Lord?

Lu Yi was confused.

But soon, Lu Yi's spiritual thoughts shrouded thousands of miles, and he immediately learned the information about the God Lord from the discussions of those divine guards.

In the Palace of the Gods, the Emperor God is the only ruler.

And under the Emperor of Heaven, there are many incomparably powerful Protoss experts.

For example, the guardian gods on the left and right, the twelve gods.

As for Protoss warriors, there are many.

As for the so-called elders, there are also many.

On weekdays, it is the elders who preside over the internal and external affairs of the Holy Imperial City, guarding, security and other matters.

If you encounter a strong enemy invasion, you need a Protoss warrior to take action.

And the twelve **** kings and the powerhouses who guard the **** masters on the left and right have not appeared since the day when the **** realm was ruled.

Such powerhouses, in the cognition of **** slaves and **** guards, are the same as **** emperors, and they only exist in legends.

But who would have thought that on the first day Lu Yi came to the God Realm, not only did he kill a **** king, but he also alarmed the left wing guardian **** master!

"Left-wing guardian of the Divine Lord? Are you considered the second strongest person to sit down with the Emperor of Heaven?" Lu Yi asked in a loud voice.

He knew that the Protoss respected the right, and the right wing guardian of the God Lord should be stronger than this person.

"Humble human race, what qualifications do you have to talk to this seat?"

"Today, you slaughtered the elders of the **** king of my clan, damaged the coercion of my **** clan, and committed a monstrous death crime!"

"In the endless divine flame, burn it to extinction!"

The left wing **** snorted loudly, and another sword light wrapped in flames burst out.

This person is always shrouded in blue light, giving people a mysterious and powerful feeling.

But Lu Yi was able to judge that this person was far from being on a par with the puppet old man he encountered before.

This also means that the left-wing Divine Master in front of him is not yet a real powerhouse in the Protoss.

"First there are the elders, then there is the God King, and now there is another God Lord."

"I'm sorry, if the Protoss didn't send some real powerhouses, it would be more than just a loss of majesty today!"


Lu Yi raised his sword to the sky.

The Xuanyuan sword slashed the golden light and collided fiercely with the opponent's divine sword.


This move is just a tentative fight.

But after the test, Lu Yi and the left wing **** were shocked at the same time!

"How is that possible! How can your bloodline reach the yellow level?"

"You are just a humble human race, how can you have such a strong bloodline power!"

The left-wing **** master is puzzled.

He didn't know that Lu Yi's demon blood was the strongest blood force in the six realms of the star field. In addition, Lu Yi possessed the power of luck added by the six realms, and he was the real master of the star field.

Possessing such bloodline power is not surprising at all.

On the other side, Lu Yi looked at the left wing god, and couldn't help but exclaimed: "What a tough physique, isn't it the sixth generation of gods?"

Hearing Lu Yi's description of the sixth-generation divine body, the left-wing divine master's complexion suddenly changed greatly under the azure light.

"How do you know the concept of the Sixth Generation Divine Body?"

"I really underestimate you, a pariah!"

"But no matter how you discovered the secrets of Xingyu Civilization, now that you dare to offend my family, you will surely die!"

Seeing that Lu Yi is not an ordinary human race, the left-wing **** master has a big murderous intention.

For the aborigines of this star field, the more advanced extraterritorial civilization is an absolute secret.

This of course includes the concept of Xingyu civilization, bloodline and divine body.


A giant azure sword chopped off.


Lu Yi raised his sword and went up against the sky.


The swords clashed again, and Lu Yi was bombarded to the ground by a terrifying force.

The terrifying force shook Lu Yi's internal organs torn apart, and his body sank for hundreds of miles before stopping.

Looking at the surface again, a huge black pit appeared, shocking.

"Brother Lu!"


"Big brother!"

Gu Yuan, Sun Wukong, Yang Jian and Mu En were extremely worried.

The power of the knife just now made everyone feel palpitations.

This left-wing God Lord is more than a little stronger than that Zitian God King!

"Yellow-level blood, it's just like that."

"I thought you, a lowly human race, had any ability. It turned out to be only the seventh generation of gods, and it couldn't hold up a blow from this seat."

"It's so boring!"

After the left wing **** master made a blow, he turned back confidently.

In his opinion, there is no need for a second shot against Lu Yi.

Next, his targets will be Gu Yuan, Sun Wukong, Yang Jian and Mu En.

But the left wing **** just turned around, and a strong golden light appeared in the huge pit behind him.

"Cough cough cough..."

"As expected of a powerhouse with a sixth-generation divine body and a yellow-level bloodline at the same time, with your cultivation base, I am afraid that you will break through to the third-level heaven of the Ancestral God Realm of the Star Territory, right?"

"Sure enough, it's not comparable to that of the Zitian God King."

I saw Lu Yi appear again.

The left wing **** was stunned for a moment.

"what happened?"

"You're not dead yet!"

Lu Yi not only did not die, but also revealed the true cultivation of the left-wing lord, which had to make the left-wing lord a little astonished.

You must know that even if it is a powerhouse of the same level, it is impossible for the other party to see through his own cultivation at a glance if the left-wing lord does not exert his full strength.

How did this human pariah do it?

Lu Yi stared at the left wing **** and raised his Xuanyuan sword again.

This move made Zhi Tiansuo almost cry.

"Brother, let's not be hard, okay?"

"This master is a sixth-generation divine body, the gap is too big!"

Unexpectedly, Lu Yi said: "If it is said that the six-generation **** body is above, it can be regarded as a real god."

"Then the first person to be killed on the day of God's Fall is him!"