Chapter 1030 Fighting Shuyu's Revenge

  For so long anyway, and she heard those people talking about whether the body of the boss could really be cured, Jing Qian knew what these people kidnapped her for, so she really fell asleep.

  Sleeped comfortably, Jing Qian did not intend to wake up.

  Seeing that she was still in a coma, and after those people were afraid of hurting her, she couldn't treat their boss, so she ordered someone to carry her on a stretcher, like her ancestor, and carried her down.

Zhan Shuyu rushed over as soon as the plane landed, and saw that these five big and thick bodyguards were so polite to Jingqian and used a stretcher, and there was not even a single injury on Jingqian. The hatred can't be concealed anymore.

  She rushed directly, reaching out and preparing to pull Jing Qian from the stretcher to the ground.

Of course, Jingqian knew that someone had attacked her. I was still sighing that I was about to enter the Rush mode so soon, who knew that when the hand was about to reach her, it was pushed away by a man next to her.

  Zhan Shuyu let out a scream of "Ah" and fell back to the ground embarrassingly. Jing Qian knew who the arrester was this time.

  Zhan Shu Yu, this person is really fate and annoying.

   "Leiss, what are you doing? Do you know how important my hand is? In case I hurt my hand when I fall down, do you want someone to operate on the boss?"

However, the person named Leis sneered and said, "Miss Zhan, I'm not going to use the boss's condition to fool me. The boss's surgery can't be done by a barefoot doctor of your level. Your accusation is just staring at Di Jingqian, let She doesn’t have to do anything on the boss’s surgery. Don’t always think of yourself as a green onion. There are so many doctors in the world that you can provoke me, and I’ll kill you in one shot. If that’s a big deal, I will find a private doctor for the boss again."

   Zhan Shuyu's face changed again and again, and finally froze in pale white.

  During this time, Di Jingkun suffered frequent heart attacks, especially last time, because there was no medicine. Fortunately, the other party had the attack by her side, so she took immediate measures and rescued him. Otherwise, Di Jingkun had already died more than half a month ago.

  Since then, Di Jingkun’s attitude towards her has been better, giving her a bit of face.

   But what Leiss said directly hit her in the face.

  Zhan Shuyu looked at the stretcher, and his face was contorted.

"Don't forget, I am also a doctor of medicine, and even the Medical Union has contacted me. If I can help the boss cure his heart disease in this operation, the Medical Union will allow me to join the membership. Are you so capable of finding a private doctor from the Medical League? Les, you are just the bodyguard next to the boss. I advise you not to overrule."

  However, Leis was not at all trapped by Zhan Shuyu's words. He sneered and waved back to the people behind him. Jing Qian felt that he was being carried away.

   But she still heard what Leiss said.

   Leis bent over, and squeezed Zhan Shuyu's cheek severely. The pain was so painful that Zhan Shuyu's tears came out, but he did not relax even a little bit.

   "So you knew that the Medical Alliance would allow you to join the club if this operation was successful? I thought you forgot! Since you know, you'd better not move her until the operation is successful."

  (End of this chapter)

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