Chapter 1029 Ten Thousand Sentences mmp

   "Fox: I'm sorry for what you said? It's all a family, and the safety of thousands is the most important thing."

   "Facial paralysis: Yes, as long as you can arrive early and protect the thousand thousand, it is the best thing to do."

   "Chuanchuan: Thank you for your understanding."

  Di Yunxi and Di Yunxiao had ten thousand mmp lines in their minds at the moment, scanning the screen.

  You clearly have a positioning system. We told you that it was missing. You just said "what", and then we told you to look for it separately, and you just "um".

  He and Di Yunxiao were like headless flies. It took 15 minutes to find the other party's whereabouts. He was fine, and when he found that the person was missing, he boarded the plane and ran away.

  Emperor Yunxi found out that he had been defeated by Lichuan Bailian again.

  Zhan Li Chuan is also very aggrieved at the moment.

   is already his eldest brother-in-law, he only provokes those who he can't afford to provoke until he is full.

  He was too anxious after he heard that Jing Qian was arrested, and he forgot their existence at all, so he forgot to notify them. He already has a position of Qian Qian.


  As long as you are all right, nothing else is important.

  Zhan Lichuan looked at the tracker in his hand, because he was afraid that the opponent’s dog would jump over the wall, so several of his planes always kept a distance of 20 kilometers from the opponent’s plane on all sides.

  20 kilometers is a long distance for cars, but for airplanes, 20 kilometers can be said to be a very short distance. However, his plane has an anti-radar detection system, so he doesn't worry that the other party will discover his existence.

  In the Adel Manor, a small town on the border of Country I, where the lights are brightly lit, and a building is now being held by several bodyguards holding heavy machine guns. There are spotlights around the manor, illuminating every corner of the manor every ten seconds.

  Although there are people coming in and out of that small building from time to time, every time the servants come in and out, they will go through a strict search and inquiry.

  A familiar figure in a white coat walks in and out from time to time with a proud face, with a spring breeze on his face.

  She asked one of the bodyguards with a heavy machine gun: "Di Jing Qian has not arrived yet?"

  The bodyguard glanced at her, there was no emotion in his eyes, but he still replied, "No."

   "Why haven't we arrived yet? It's almost 11 o'clock. It's not good for the boss to have an operation too late."

  However, the bodyguard ignored her.

  She thought this was to invite someone for the operation?

  In order to bring that woman, their brother had to risk his life to rob someone. How many plans they made before and after, and finally succeeded, she is just a mere doctor next to the boss, what qualifications is there to beep there?

  Seeing that the bodyguard didn't take care of himself, Zhan Shuyu was very upset. After all, she was used to being the master in the Zhan Family, so after familiarizing herself with an environment, she quickly regarded herself as the half master. About to berate the bodyguard, finally, the sound of helicopter propellers rang in the sky.

  As the voices of the two helicopters grew louder and louder, and then slowly landed, Zhan Shuyu's eyes were gleaming, and the intense hatred almost swallowed her at this moment, and her whole body was shaking with excitement.

   Jingqian has been asleep since she was kidnapped by this group of people.

  She really sleeps.

  Anyway, those people injected her with anesthesia.

  But because she had the spirit spring, the anesthetic was ingested by the spirit spring when she entered the body. She wanted to see who was following her and kidnapping her during this period of time, so...

  (End of this chapter)

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