Chapter 1 Strong Invasion

"Madam, some things do not have to be experienced in person to understand how to write the word'regret'. Our contract is clearly written in black and white. Once we find that you have cheated, we will not only take back everything we gave to your family, but also during this period of time. All the benefits you get will be recovered."


  "Young lady, the Zhan Family is a big family. Although the Third Young Master has encountered an accident, the family background and face are still there. The Zhan Family will never allow his grandson-in-law Hong Xing to go out of the wall. Not to mention the three most respected Masters!"


"I believe that since Mrs. Young is willing to marry into the Zhan Family, she must have passed a balance of pros and cons. In this case, you should know the severity when doing things! While gaining, you must also think about the consequences of losing you and yours. Can the family bear it?"

  In a high-end luxury VIP ward, a well-dressed professional housekeeper is trying to reason with the woman on the hospital bed, with an expression that is not teachable.

  The woman on the hospital bed is now leaning comfortably on the edge of the bed, playing with her mobile phone in her hand. Her long chestnut hair curled up slightly, like seaweed entangled between her white swan neck, faintly concealing that delicate face.

  She is like a cat lying on the sofa, casual and lazy.

  The housekeeper didn't know what he could say, whether the young lady listened.

He only saw her slender fingers flying quickly on the phone screen, even if it was playing a brain-dead mobile game, you also felt that she was playing some incredible music, and her fingertips turned around. Kind of breathtaking sense of art.

   And on the screen that he thought was a brain-dead game, after a burst of blue screen code, an unfamiliar screen interface appeared.

  Almost effortlessly, there was a video called "Jing Qian and her head" appeared.

As soon as    appeared, it was forced to be deleted by the code instruction.

After   , the storage interface, setting interface, deletion interface, even cloud disk, and chat interface with other people on the screen were all forcibly swept away by these rampant codes.

  All videos, texts and voices related to this title have been cleaned up.

  The next second, the woman throws her mobile phone into the hospital bed at will, and looks at the housekeeper. The beautiful eyes flowed, clear and agile, but with a touch of bewitching charm and laziness.

  The corners of the woman’s lips were lightly raised, and between the opening and closing of the red lips, the voice was as clear and light as a stream, but with a trailing end sound, it seemed lazy and charming.

   "It sounds like Jiang Yuxi said that I have a concubine outside? Housekeeper Xu, you have been in my ear for 15 minutes since I woke up. Do you have any evidence?"

   Butler Xu's face is a dish.

  Dare to love that he has been playing the piano to cows for so long?

  "Young lady, before leaving, Ms. Jiang told me: she, there, video, and frequency! She will directly give the video to the master later!!!"


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  (End of this chapter)

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