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The General Loves to Collect Little Red Flowers

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All the people in the Tarot Empire know that the third young master of Le family is the most domineering, arrogant and beautiful Omega in the Empire. I don’t know how many alphas want him, but they dare not marry him. Now, under the order of the Imperial Marriage Center, this overlord flower will marry General Xu Yao, who is known as the ruthless Hell’s King of the Empire.

Tsk! It’s going to be fun!

So after X days of marriage…

Xu Yao: Butler, my wife hasn’t bullied you these days?

Butler: No, Madam is very kind, but he seems to think that you are a bit rude, he asked me to give you this paper.

It’s written:

~ Little Red Flower Agreement ~

Don’t swear a day, reward one little red flower.

Keep reading every night, reward two little red flowers.

Do good deeds, reward three little red flowers.

Get three hundred little red flowers, you can pa pa pa!

Xu Yao: Pei!!! You think Lao Zi is a dog in heat and wants to do it with you?!

After a month…

Xu Yao: Hurry! I still need three more, whose family is bankrupt this time? I’ll send a charity money, hurry! ! !

Cheerful, kind and virtuous wife vs Black belly and pampering husband, 1vs1, HE

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:GLCLF
Alternate Title:将军爱集小红花
Author:Trapped into a panda
Weekly Rank:#3939
Monthly Rank:#3678
All Time Rank:#2922
Tags:Clever Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Futuristic Setting, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Marriage, Mpreg, Omegaverse, Power Couple, Pregnancy, Strong Love Interests, Transmigration, Transported to Another World,
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