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The Gangster Took the Scumbag Script

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In every book, there is a scumbag who is despicable, selfish and insidious, and hurts others miserably.
When the boss got the scumbag script, he turned things around in minutes and wrote the face-slapped script. Of course, it was someone else’s face!

⑴ The scumbag man who has derailed his spirit
⑵Phoenix male abandons green plum
⑶Tai Chi, the youngest son of 70
⑷There are always treacherous people who want to harm me
⑸ The second affectionate man lost his memory
⑹The webmaster who plagiarized his girlfriend
⑺ The weak chicken that killed the whole family in the last days
⑻I will only touch the idols that are hyped by porcelain hype
⑼Little white face, world-class soft rice king
⑽God stick turns into a detective
⑾ Abuse of literary male lead scum without knowing it
⑿ The perfect spare tire becomes the villain

Content tags: face-slapped, quick-wearing, book-wearing, cool text
Search keyword: Protagonist: Tao Rui Supporting actor: The sequel “Shuangwen Villain on Strike (Quick Pass)” has been opened. Others: Please collect the author’s column duck~
One-sentence introduction: ★ Dressed as a scumbag to abuse the scum
Purpose: Not being a scumbag will not harm others.

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Short Title:TGTSSPT
Alternate Title:大佬拿了渣男剧本[快穿]
Author:Lan Gui
Weekly Rank:#6444
Monthly Rank:#2923
All Time Rank:#5074
Tags:Artificial Intelligence, Artists, Business Management, Calm Protagonist, Cultivation, Entertainment, Fast Learner, Futuristic Setting, Ghosts, Male Protagonist, OP MC, Schemes And Conspiracies, Singers, System, World Hopping, Writers, Zombies,
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39 Comments on “The Gangster Took the Scumbag Script
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  1. On the arcs 9, I'm finally see the shadow of MC children. In any acrs before, I didn't see any. I'm feel a bit dissapointed with it. Although in acrs 9 the child only show up a Lil bit at ending and I still didn't feel satisfied enough, well it okay. If only MC children could show up a bit lot and have many interacted with MC, it would be more interesting. And I skip few acrs before because I'm feel bored with it repeats story line. But I still like it.

  2. The farther the story goes, the more it shows that Tao Rui is focused to himself and not to the victims. He still performs his tasks well but he is spending more and more time to his research as he travels. It's like a foreshadowing but since I said it, it's not so hidden anymore.

  3. Does anyone know qt novel with male mc. Our mc has a system which give status of previous world at the starting of new world like u really went into novel.I mean like in starting of one plot it is given:"chasing wife cermatorium" then under which is given small introduction about og ml and fl then status completed again the name of the new world is given like"salted fish in entertainment industry" and small introduction status started.Its about cannon fodder character and it has multiple cp .....

  4. When they briefly mentioned Xu Zifan and his system shaohua, I did a freaking double take and realized they’re written by the same author. No wonder it felt familiar when I was reading this novel. I like both stories btw (о´∀`о)

  5. Recomiendo esta novela si te gusta [Transmigración rápida] [Drama] [Leve humor] [Protagonista poderoso] [Misiones establecidas] [Sin romance fijo] ● Esta novela es la primera parte de una bilogía que cuenta las historias de Tao Rui viajando a través de distintos mundos para cumplir las tareas de la Oficina del Tiempo y el Espacio. Tal como otras historias del mismo autor, la trama gira en torno a un protagonista de personalidad fuerte que adquiere habilidades por sí mismo con esfuerzo y dedicación, en lugar de confiar indiscriminadamente en dedos dorados. El MC de esta historia tiene una personalidad un poco más animada que otros MC del autor, es tierno con sus objetivos de misión y despiadado con sus enemigos. Hay un sistema, pero ejerce más el papel de compañero que de ayudante, sus interacciones son entretenidas y fijan el ritmo de humor de la novela. Los arcos son pocos y de temáticas similares a otros QT, no hay nada novedoso allí, pero son fluidos y no tienden a ser aburridos. OJO, en esta primera parte de la bilogía el romance no es fijo, cada arco es una relación diferente y MC no adquiere apego eterno por ningún FL. El final es el correcto para continuar la historia en el siguiente libro, aunque se puede tomar también como un final cerrado para quienes no desean continuar la lectura.

  6. It's pretty good. Brother Rui is a powerful men, and he grows more powerful. Well, each world he has a mission, to help someone or just make the og body life better. Typical QT novel with male protagonist. For Brother Rui character, he can be a gentle to his people but can be a ruthless one for the people he dont like. It's a good one really. But, I feel I miss some points for this novel, it feels like ther is a tiny hole that can't satisfy me. But fortunately, author gives us more with their second book. I'll continue my journey~

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