3020 AD, 1000 years in the new calendar, a thousand years after the catastrophe.

In the depths of the vast starry sky of the universe, a water-blue life planet exudes fascinating colors. This is a planet with human civilization.

Her name is Blue Star.

Originally, this planet had a lot of land area, nearly half the area of ​​the ocean. However, a thousand years ago, the heavens and the earth changed. The icebergs of the north and south poles melted and the sea level rose.

In the end, pieces of land collapsed and sank, and areas were covered by sea water, leaving only islands formed by high mountains.

After most of these high mountains were submerged, a small part of the isolated island was left exposed to the surface of the sea, which became the only place for terrestrial creatures to survive, and survival has become more difficult than ever.

However, before the disaster struck, the high-level human beings had already made preparations, creating a series of suspended islands floating high in the sky, and the elites in the society were taken to the suspended islands.

Various high-tech inheritances have also been transferred to the hanging island, keeping the fire of human civilization as much as possible.

It has become the only safe place when disaster strikes.

More people fell in the tsunami that broke out when the disaster came, and a small number retreated to the island formed by the high mountains and began to struggle to survive.

Then came the revival of heaven and earth, and the mutation of marine life.

Mankind has also begun a difficult struggle, fighting for a re-emergence, and fighting for the confused future.

After thousands of years of hard work, mankind has regained a firm foothold, society has stabilized again, and cultivation civilization has also begun to develop at a high speed, and scientific and technological civilization has become an auxiliary.

On the boundless sea, on a small island, there is a village on it called Baiyun Village. There are more than a thousand households with a population of about two to three thousand people.

Outside the village, in a shabby courtyard, Ou Shaotian woke up from bed.

After sitting up, Ou Shaotian shook his dizzy head, and then began to look around, the strange memories in his mind also began to merge.


Such an incredible thing actually happened!

"Is the future after the catastrophe, still an orphan?"

After Ou Shaotian figured out his situation, he muttered to himself in surprise.

It is a pity that he is still an orphan in this life. A year ago, his parents had disappeared in the vast sea, and it is estimated that they have been buried in the sea.

This body has the same name as him, and after the memories have merged, they have no distinction between each other.

I have been an orphan for more than 30 years in my previous life. How much I hope I have relatives in this life. Unfortunately, I still don't have any. I'm still alone, and I will still rely on myself in the future.

Ou Shaotian came to the mirror and looked at the strange and familiar face, but he felt very heavy. "The most important fishing trial failed. What should I do?"

His head was fully awake, and after figuring out the situation of this body, he began to worry.

The original body was in a coma because not long ago, he followed the angler in Baiyun Village to participate in a fishing trial, but was knocked out by a big fish, causing the trial to fail.

The most important thing is that he was kicked out of the trial team by the angler Wang Xu who led the team and lost the qualification for the trial.

There is no school in the village, and the children are taught knowledge by the old people in the village. Wang Xu is the angler in the village, and he is also a high-ranking figure in the village.

If he was ousted from the trial team, if there were no accidents, Ou Shaotian would be dead in his life.

Because this trial is so important, after the rise of the cultivation civilization, the will of heaven and earth changes. As long as human beings pass the trial, catch the spirit fish with their own hands, and then cook it through secret methods, after eating it, they can awaken the talented soul.

The best age for awakening was 12 years old. Ou Shaotian happened to be 12 years old, so he participated in the fishing trial, but was knocked out by the spirit fish.

In addition, the performance has been poor, so he was kicked out of the trial team.

If you want to awaken in the future, you can only rely on him. There will be no one to lead him, but going to sea by yourself is almost like looking for death, so I say that this life is finished.

"Forget it, I don't want so much. There must be a road before the mountain, and the boat will be straight at the end of the bridge. There will always be a way."

Ou Shaotian cheered up again, looked at himself in the mirror again, and felt a lot better. Although he was far inferior to others, he was also a level 1 angler anyway.

Compared with the self in the previous life, he is much stronger. The body of only 12 years old looks extremely strong, at least with the strength of an adult in the previous life.

Then he turned around and saw the bowl on the table near the bed. It was left by Yun Duo'er, his playmate from childhood. He was able to wake up now thanks to Yun Duo'er's bowl of Ju Ling fish soup.

He failed in the trial, but Yun Duo'er succeeded. He caught a swordfish with his own hands and stewed it with medicinal materials. After eating, he awakened the talented Yin Yang swordfish and was rewarded with three bowls of Juling Fish Soup.

After Ou Shaotian was injured by the big fish, Yun Duoer fed him a bowl without hesitation, so that his injury stabilized.

"This girl, you don't need to consolidate the talented soul that has just been awakened, this girl actually gave yourself a bowl. This is really too much for him, so how can I pay it back!"

Ou Shaotian was moved. In their small fishing village, cultivation resources like Juling Fish Soup were quite precious, and even if they had money, they might not be able to buy them.

It seems that I can only find a way to repay in the future. As a rebirth, Ou Shaotian still has this confidence.

Then he wandered around the house, from the bedroom to the hall, and then to the kitchen, his face was getting more and more ugly.

This house can be said to be a stubborn family, there is no valuables, even the rice tank in the kitchen is empty, it is estimated that even the mouse can't survive.

Poor, really poor is unimaginable, even poorer than he was an orphan in his previous life.

I recalled that in the year he lost his parents, he basically relied on his neighbors for relief. If it weren't for these neighbors, I'm afraid he would not survive now.

"It seems that there are a lot of people who need to repay, but the most urgent thing is to prepare a little bit of food first, otherwise you will be hungry when the energy of the soul-gathering fish soup in your stomach is exhausted."

After Ou Shaotian figured out his own situation, he began to worry about his livelihood.

After rummaging through boxes and cabinets for a long time, I found all the places I could find. In the end, only a few sea coins were found, which was not enough for him to eat a meal. It seemed that he could only find another way.

Did you go to the neighbor's grandfather's house to have a meal again?

If he was the 12-year-old before, he would definitely have a mixed meal, but he is now in his thirties.

Then let him run to the neighbors to eat and drink, and he can't get through that level in his heart.

"Others have golden fingers when they are born again. Where's my golden fingers, am I so unlucky?"

Ou Shaotian felt a little weak in his heart.

The knowledge of the previous life is basically useless. If you don’t have cheats, it’s really not easy. The only thing you can rely on is your mature mentality.

After looking at the old pieces of furniture in the house again, after knowing that he really couldn't find valuable things, Ou Shaotian turned and walked outside the house, thinking of a solution as he walked.

However, when he walked to the yard and saw the small fishing boat left by his parents, Ou Shaotian's figure was frozen.

He seemed to see another himself.

It was a very strange feeling. How should I say that the small fishing boat is like his other body, and he can control the various driving formations that come to the door as long as his mind moves.

"Is this my golden finger?"

After Ou Shaotian came back to his senses, he suddenly smiled, and the whole person was a lot more relaxed, no longer as depressed as before.

It seems that all the previous difficulties are not a problem.

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