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The Full-level Boss Took the Sick and Weak Script

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Novel Summary

Sunanzhi was born with a heart attack and was once asserted that she would not live to be 18 years old.

But she survived. Because of her unique eyes, her heart was gradually exercised to be calm. Later, when she saw Jiang Beiyu for the first time, she heard a song in her chest.

He is so handsome.

Sunanzhi really fits the image of a sick and weak beauty, and she is born as a daughter who has been raised in a mountain village for more than ten years. Her uncles and cousins ​​in the family look at her more like a clown jumping on the beam.

Until later, the beam jumping clown rubbed off all the little vests on his body…

Theater one:

Because of Su Nanzhi’s heart disease, her classmates are usually afraid of irritating people and getting sick, and they even speak softly. Later, in the early morning, several classmates who love horror movies met Sunan Zhi unexpectedly in the midnight theater of the cinema.


Is the tolerance level of heart disease so high now?

Sunanzhi: Will you listen to my explanation?

You may not believe it when you say it, the ghosts in the movie are not as scary as the ones she saw in the novice village.

Theater two:

The handsome and handsome young man looked at Su Nanzhi’s previous diary and learned that she coveted her face, and it was not a day or two.

He frowned, as if he had encountered a problem that was more difficult than Goldbach’s conjecture. After a long time, he finally couldn’t help asking her:

“Are you sure you only look at my face?”

“I’m in good shape too, do you want to be healthy too?”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TFBTSWS
Alternate Title:满级大佬拿了病弱剧本
Author:This meow is the cutest
Weekly Rank:#1592
Monthly Rank:#991
All Time Rank:#2100
Tags:Androgynous Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, Bodyguards, Calm Protagonist, Exorcism, Female Protagonist, Feng Shui, Ghosts, Handsome Male Lead, Shameless Protagonist, Slow Romance, Underestimated Protagonist,
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22 Comments on “The Full-level Boss Took the Sick and Weak Script
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  1. I love this story. Cerita awal protagonis cewek dari pedalaman, ke kota dimana dikira mau numpamg idup sama sodara, eeehhh ternyata dia OP. Punya uang banyak, rumah mewah, jago balapan walaupu punya sakit jantung kronis. Dan ternyata dia geniuss gaisss, nilai selalu sempurna. Lucunya sih di molor, suka tidur dimanapu dan kapanpu . Pas ujian pun dia tidur, dan ngajak banget kalo diinget. Yeahh dia semacam pendeta taois gitu, pengusir setan. Jadi tidurnya dia semacam mekanisme untuk bertahan dari penyakit. Teruss dia ketemu protagonis cowok yg kalo diinget absfrauk banget. Intinya meraka nanti pacaran dan ternyata meraka telah terhubung dari kehidupan masa lalu dan lalallaalalla. Di pertengahan cerita sampai akhir. Mereka lengketttt terusss, banhkan berantem sama hantu pun bareng bareng. Terus karena ceweknya ini kayaaaaa banget apalagi pas dapat warisan pas umur dia 20 tahun, cowoknya jadi pen ikan asin aja gitu, bergantunb sama ceweknya. Padahal dia mah aslinya kayaa juga. Intiny meraka kalp digabung itu kayaaaaaa banget, nah karena udah ngk peduli sama uang, cowoknya bisa bucinnnn terus. Yeahhh walaupun kadang kadang diseret sama ayahny untuk urus perusahann, karena ayahnya pen pensiun juga....wwkwkw.. endingnya sih mereka punya anak 1 cewek, yg dimasa pas dalam kandungan. Si ibu nyaman bener hamilnya, yg repot ayahnya kemana mana. Hahaha, ehh meraka juga punya 2 anak lagi seblumnya, walau bukan kandung, yg mana yg satu jelaman pedang kayu pohon persik yg jadi manusia sebagai kakak pertama, terus jelmaan rubah ekor 9 sbgai kaka ke 2, terus anak kandung protagonjs sebagai anak bungsu. Yeahhh happy ending

  2. Do you know the title of this story; Mc was very happy to be transmigrated in a BOOK, then the system ask him/her to fix some of the characters, then change some plots.. then the system ask for more absurd changes like ask for him/her for the world/kingdom building and the MC complained and say "why don't I just rewrite the whole story then?!" Ive been trying to find it but i forgot the title.😭😭

  3. Hello I recommend a romance novel, the mc is a plane traveller, but her previous life was in ancient times, until she died and travelled to modern, and many more planes, after she became full level boss, she came to her previous life when she first become refugee together with her 2 younger twin brothers and 1 little sister, her parents died protecting their four children, I had to say that before the mc died they are very miserable which become the innner demon of mc when she was travelling through many planes, in the end after completing her mission, she was eager to go back and solve her inner demon, at the beginning of the plot she is indeed return, but unfortunately she was late and her parents died in the hands of hungry refugees, but fortunately she reached her 3 siblings on time, bu they are a bit miserable, becuz almost become the food of thosw refugees, the refugees fleed from their home bcuz of famine and broke out all out war the king rebelled and almost take over most of the prefecture, county and village, most of the refugee almost died in hunger, and the children were the unfortunate one becuz they ended become a food. The mc finally saved her younger siblings, and promise to take care of them, although the system didn't come along her but her space with massive supplies was there, in her previous life, she knows that she will come back and she collected all kinds of material and food in the plane where she travelled.The mc and her siblings fleed everywhere and seek for survival but everywhere is trouble, the war broke out everywhere and refugees including the mc is very vigilant fortunately the mc is expert and experience a lot during her journey. Although the journey is long and consune a lot of chspter but still more realistic than the other novel, although the plot is much darker, but it was much better, no dog blood fight, no hypocratical, relatives, no face slapp, and it is all about survival, the ml is came from wealthy family, but unfortunately he was plotted and many people thought that he was dead, fortunately he was saved by the mc, she gave him a choice that is to marry her or die, the mc is not lustful is just that she admire the ml at first sight and was the first time to have a feelings, but anyway she is not very obsessed, at first the ml refused and choose to die twice but in the end he compromised amd choose to marry her, he want to revenge of who plotted against him. The ml character is not cold,maybe cold to others but not on mc and her and in laws, she is very supported of mc, he was always being pitted by mc, teased. He is also strong atleast much strongrr that the current mc, bcuz mc didn't have time to exercise her weak body.

  4. I really like it when people recommend novels 🥰....... But why not leave the title?😱 Is it to see us🧐... All who read your comment to die in agony of wanting to find it?😭

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