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The Fragrance Falls Ninefold

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[Fantasy + Pet Literature]

Ruan Xiangluo was reborn in a fantasy world. She had a healthy body that she couldn’t get in her previous life. She had the talent of a demon and lived freely after breaking off her engagement.

What a reborn child of destiny, she is still reborn and is not afraid of you.

Ji Jiuchong, known as a sick man, does things that healthy people cannot do. He thinks this is good, and he can get whatever he wants.

The only dissatisfaction is that the little daughter-in-law who originally belonged to him was returned by himself, and he has to go to trouble to get it back, which is a bit difficult.


The sky is full of stars, the moon is like a hook, and the covenant is weeping under the evergreen trees.

You have intentions and know my heart. Qing Ming will never change to prove it.

Life has limits, thoughts are boundless, and we will meet again after thousands of sails have passed.

The sky is not old, love is hard to die, the fragrance falls nine times and smiles in the spring breeze.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TFFN
Alternate Title:香落九重
Author:midday sun
Weekly Rank:#85
Monthly Rank:#56
All Time Rank:#2604
Tags:Alchemy, Beast Companions, Beautiful Female Lead, Broken Engagement, Cultivation, Demons, Dense Protagonist, Determined Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Distrustful Protagonist, Doctors, Doting Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Genius Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Jealousy, Loner Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Lucky Protagonist, Magical Space, Medical Knowledge, Misunderstandings, Mysterious Family Background, Mysterious Past, Pets, Pill Concocting, Poisons, Rebirth, Returning from Another World, Slow Romance, Soul Power, Special Abilities, Transmigration,
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  1. Does anyone know of a bloody palace fight novel in which FL transmigrates/reborn to ancient time as a daughter of marquis family but forced to enter Emperor's harem as stepping stone for her cousin to used but the plan's backfire coz FL doted by Emperor a lot. Behind the scene she's intelligent, cunning and calculating though her persona in harem is arrogant and overbearing even dare to oppose Emperor but she always respectful to Empress (Empress is a neighboring country princess/she's kind and wise). She gives birth to 5th(?) prince later becomes crown prince. She dies young (around 30+ y.o) cos of poisoning by other jealous concubine, Emperor become depressed after that and also dies few years later. Her title is Jing Guifei, her family name's Shen(?). In the extra chapter/modern time, she reincarnates as an actress without her past life memory meanwhile Emperor reincarnates with his memory and pursues her.

  2. Help me find the novella. The main character is kidnapped as a child and becomes a killer in some organization, which she later disbands. She is first in the list of killers. I remember wearing something like a watch on my hand, but there was a fishing line with which it kills. Constantly drank milkshakes after murders. It seems that the novella begins with the main character finding her and returning her to her family.

  3. Does anyone know a novel where the fl is a bit of an airhead, but she realizes that her world is a novel and her parents are divorced? She then moved to France with her mother. She then came back to China when she was 16 or 17, and she has a fiancé that really cares for her. I think she got involved in showbiz, like a variety show. I’ve been trying to find it for years, but I forgot the title.

  4. Does anyone know the title of the novel where the female main character is Gu Qinglan, she is reborn using the 001 system, with a female antagonist named Yun Lanlan who transmigrates or is reborn. Gu Qinglan had 9 male seniors. The theme of cultivation, rebirth with the system.

  5. One question: Do you know a novel where the heroine becomes a girl? In her previous life she liked to sing and ended up composing songs for her sister but she didn't receive the credit and ended up dying. In her new life she wants to sing and compose songs. She has a band. In the first chapter she is mistreated by a woman who bought her (the three or five year old girl) and she is rescued by her biological mother who is an actress, her father is a film director

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