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The Former Wife of Invisible Wealthy Man

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Ye Sui has been transmigrated into a book and became the venomous villain. And because she looked a little similar to the white lotus female protagonist, she was regarded as a replacement by the male protagonist. Ye sui was also married to the main character’s third Uncle, Chen Shu, who was jinxed to ruin the life of whoever marries him

Immediately after she got transmigrated, she became the malicious and conceited villainess with a husband named Chen Shu, who was about to divorce her. Ye Sui could see ghosts, however, as soon as she touched Chen Shu, the ghosts would disappear.

Chen Shu, who was preparing for divorce,was shocked upon his return to his home. As his wife suddenly hugged his thigh and begged, “No divorce, even if you beat me to death I will not sign the divorce paper.”

Chen Shu: “…”

It was rumored that Ye Sui has a hard life. She married Chen Shu, a good for nothing husband who escaped death at the age of 30. But this sickly husband of hers actually had tens of billions of dollars in wealth.

Ye Sui almost believed that her life is doomed until she slowly realized it.

Her husband is omnipotent and the family is getting richer and richer.

That Tea is actually a priceless antique tea..

A replica vase in Tang Dynasty was actually authentic…

She soon found out her husband, Chen Shu, was a super rich and invisible wealthy man.

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Short Title:
Alternate Title:隐形富豪的旺夫前妻
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  1. This is such a touching love story. Their love, is what you usually call as True Love. The story is simple, warm and touching. Maybe some of you would say "Ah, another transmigration story with CEO husband pampering his wife, how boring" eyyy!!!! Get rid of that kind of thinking. This story is different. Don't believe me? Just read then!

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