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The First Sword of the Earth

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Moon palace projection, revival of vitality; no decayed corpse, six steles of immortality.

Wang Sheng lived for two lives. In his previous life, he started late in the opportunity of the great changes in the world. He has been mixed up to more than 30. He is alone and unlucky. He has become the cannon fodder for the battle between the two immortal black society forces. value.

But when he woke up with his eyes open, he found that he was back on the eve of the great change of the world.

There is no ecstasy, no celebration, because for him, everything has just begun…

[The immortal knight works “The Legend of Honghuang Erlang” and “Take an Angel to Cultivation” have been completed, please rest assured to eat. 】

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TFSE
Alternate Title:地球第一剑
Author:Closer to home
Weekly Rank:#2890
Monthly Rank:#2887
All Time Rank:#4001
Tags:Adapted to Manga, Calm Protagonist, Daoism, Fantasy World, Ghosts, Handsome Male Lead, Immortals, Modern World, Second Chance, Sword Wielder, Xianxia,
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  1. I wannna ask to the author, is this his experience? Why it story so detail, even the training methode and cultivation experience. It feels like you are cultivating and you write it here

  2. There are some issues with this novel that holds this novel back. I don't fault the author, especially, since he has acknowledged it. This is also one of the author's early novels so it makes sense that there are flaws and he has learned from it. The novel is a flawed but also unique book.

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