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The First Strong Control In History

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Novel Summary

Countless dimensional worlds appeared, and human beings began to practice.

Open the gene lock, break the shackles of the human body, absorb the gene core of the alien animal, and extract the skills or talents in it.

Warrior, Mage, Archer, Assassin, Support.

“What is your job?”

Yuan Bei shivered while holding the self-made cheating system.

“I’m assisting, with hard control…”

This is the story of a hard-charging assistant spreading positive energy in the world.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TFSCIH
Alternate Title:史上第一强控
Author:Old Void 01
Weekly Rank:#1871
Monthly Rank:#2276
All Time Rank:#5207
Tags:Male Protagonist, Special Abilities, System, System Administrator,
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26 Comments on “The First Strong Control In History
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  1. hey guys can you donate a little bit of your paypal balance for me, because i haven't eaten about 5 minutes ago🗿 (PayPal: @danageratis) yo, friends, thank you very much for those of you who like to share, may God give you abundant sustenance and long life yoo :)

  2. I don't wanna jinx it but there seems to be a clue for a forced romance. It's just not suitable, feels like it will ruin the novel.

  3. Um.... like when it's about 360ish ch, i am already bored. I was expecting him to have like use his control skills as how the title is. But all I see is him using a stick to beat people rather using a strong control to beat people. I was expecting a control type to be strong based on those skills but the novel just gave gives off like a one time use of control and use his physical attribute to beat people. Kinda good if it's about stick then change the title into a stick rather than putting a "strong control" but it is only used when there's a dangerous situation. And when he is just in a competition, it's all about his stick skills. Disappointed cuz i wanted all about control skills.

  4. I already got bored around 180+... It is fun in the beginning but then, it feels lengthy with not much development. Also, with your comment, it really turned down my mood to continue reading. I also thought he would focus more on control skills but just from the earlier chapter where he always have the urge to fight, i knew it will be like this. The title is misleading and i think the author want it to be like the manga the right way to be a healer(i forgot the title but is sounds like this)

  5. Yeah, very intense bromance between Xiangnan (space power dude) and MC. Even in the author’s announcement (that he’ll drop the novel), he says that the story of Xiangnan and MC will keep going in his fantasies…lol

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