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The First Dragon of All Ages

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Heavenly Dragon Vein? Devouring Martial Arts? Alien martial arts? … …

I have them all!

alchemy, refining, inscription pattern, formation, talisman, puppet? … …

I will do everything!

I am Almighty.

I am invincible.

I am a dragon, surrender forever!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TFDAA
Alternate Title:万古第一龙
Weekly Rank:#2758
Monthly Rank:#374
All Time Rank:#3437
Tags:Dragons, Medical Knowledge, Non-humanoid Protagonist, Refining Pill, Revenge,
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16 Comments on “The First Dragon of All Ages
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  1. Personally I like long Jin xuan because she is a interesting character she isn't a typical villain obviously what she did was wrong and she is manipulative but she is also a person I would personally not kill she is Extremely useful as for loving her forget it you can't trust her ever but the other girls like Baiyu are much more girls I would like who wants a pure homely woman in a cultivation world that's just stupid beyond and mc has very unrealistic expectations of the world he is in my only concern is that dragons shouldn't be as schemey as humans and infighting shouldn't be as serious as the humans considering how it is said dragons have a hard time breeding so bloodline connections are extremely important in

  2. Bro how can someone even read past the part that despite being a reborn person, mc helps the girl for 2 years without caring for his own cultivation, i can't just read anymore because i know now that mc will be super stupid and a bitch and probably won't learn anything from his failures, doesn't mc know in the world of cultivation strength is the most important, after that you can even revive dead people so if the girl is dying, let her die, or treat her and get stronger at the same time, stupid mc

  3. Hello, Can I ask someone who know novel about "A Transverse became a Demon king and he have a summon system. He can summon a player and the player became "SLIME". Can someone who know this novel???

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