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The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

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Novel Summary

On the Star Network there is a gourmet food broadcast, where all you can see are a pair of hands. However each dish that this broadcast comes out with is earthshakingly delicious. What’s more, the broadcast anchor’s voice is simply perfect!

With the broadcast’s rising popularity, several food programs extended him an olive branch. When the anchor appeared on screen, as they suspected, he is handsome enough to incur the wrath of both men and gods! The fans licked their screens with increasing frenzy, but after licking a while, they discovered…

Fans:…Wait a minute, isn’t this our fatally-ill idol who hasn’t long to live?

Small Gong: Take these damned nutrient solutions and throw them away! And get me that broadcast anchor!

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Short Title:FEDLCB
Original Title:影帝天天直播做饭[星际]
Author:Zui Ran Qing Ge
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Romance, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Yaoi
Weekly Rank:#1393
Monthly Rank:#1525
All Time Rank:#887
Tags:Celebrities, Chefs, Cooking, Doting Love Interests, Futuristic Setting, Slow Romance, Transmigration,

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