Ning Ning sees Chen Bo pouting and can hang the oil bottle, comforting him, "Brother is also smart."

Chen Bo looked at him, "Of course I am smart."

Ning Ning nodded, and Quan Dang coaxed the family doll.

Sometimes he accidentally knocks down the doll, he will coax it.

Although the doll can't speak, it's easy to coax.

The doll is also happy, he is also happy.

It was Chen Bo who heard someone praise him for his cleverness and became proud again.

Xu Wanli looked at it and thought that Ning Ning, though the youngest of the three children, was obviously smarter and smarter than the two brothers and sisters.

She didn't know how Ling Qing taught, she wanted to learn it.

Several people soon came to the area where he was on the heels. Ling Qing and Ning Ning took a car. Yu Chen took a car. Fang Fang was still a car with Wen Juan.

Chen Bo got into a car himself and waved to prevent Xu Wanli from joining him, "I can do it myself."

Xu Wanli (强qiang) got on the bus, "No, you can't."

Chen Bo was not very willing, "I am so old, I can play by myself."

"You ask Uncle." She raised her chin and motioned to Chen Bo to ask Manager Shi.

Manager Shi’s biggest fear is that the child will have an accident when playing by himself, so he quickly said, “Children are best to play with their parents.”

Chen Bo had no choice but to reluctantly agree.

Wen Juan's husband did not play with them, and he seemed to have little interest in these projects.

"What's the matter with Lynch, why haven't you been playing anything?"

"Does he not like the playground, after all, he is more than 30, and it is normal to not like it."

"But this is promotion. He took the promotion. This is his job. If he doesn't like it anymore, he should act like that."

"Yeah, the family came out to play, but he didn't play anything. Wenjuan and Fangfang played, and Wenjuan was definitely not happy."

"If he didn't want to play, it would be better to learn Xu Wanli's husband, he didn't come directly, he didn't participate in anything when he came, isn't it a disappointment?"

"That is, Yu Zongping's usually unsmiling people have been playing with Ning Ning, and still taking pictures of Ning Ning and Ling Ge. If he doesn't play, he can also take pictures of Wen Juan and Fang Fang."

"Yeah, he just stood, speechless."

"Don't you just want to smoke? Just ask Manager Shi if you can smoke. This kind of live broadcast is definitely not allowed."

"Ah, I still think Lin Qi is quite good, and Wen Juan is also very good, but today I see it, it is still better for General Manager Yu, who obviously cares more about his wife and children, and is very gentle with Ling Qing and Ning Ning. "

"Yeah, haven't you noticed that? Ning Ning's name is Ling Yuning, and Ling Qing's surname, Yu Zongzhen really is not masculine at all."

"Is it Ling Yuning? I didn't even notice it."

"It's Ling Yuning, but Ning Ning looks more like the general."

"Like President Yu, but with Ling Qing's surname, this is very sweet!"

"Yes, today is also the day to cry for fish scales."

"Fish scales are real, my nibbling cp is too sweet."

"Kswl, kswl."

Ning Ning sat in Ling Qing's arms, Ling Qing helped him fasten his seat belt, and said to him, "Ning Ning must grasp the steering wheel. If he feels uncomfortable, tell his father, we will stop playing and go out to rest.

Ning Ning nodded, "Uh."

Ling Qing only fastened himself with a seat belt. After the game started, he drove out the car.

He was not familiar with other people, so he hit the steering wheel and ran into Yu Chen.

Yu Chen hasn't played this game since he grew up. At this time, when he saw Ling Qing driving towards him, he didn't hesitate to drive towards him. The two of them collided instantly.

Ning Ning was bounced by a small impact, and then quickly fell, just reacted, and they were hit by Chen Bo again.

Chen Bo smiled happily, "Ha ha ha ha."

Xu Wanli embarrassed, "Sorry."

"It's okay," Ling Qingdao said, "This game itself just hits casually."

After he finished speaking, he hit the steering wheel and fell backwards. Chen Bo also hit the steering wheel, and he seemed to want to chase him and continue hitting.

Xu Wanli whispered, "You (gan) are always staring at someone."

"Don't you let me play with other children after I came out?" Chen Bo looked at her, "I'm not listening to you to play with them."

"Then you can't just stare at Ning Ning. You can play with Fang Fang for a while."

Chen Bo glanced at Fangfang, and he was reluctant to say, "What if I knocked her into tears? The little girls love crying."

Xu Wanli: ...It seems a little reasonable, especially Fangfang is so shy.

Ling Qing got out of the car and launched an attack on Yu Chen.

Yu Chen rushed towards him without evasion.

With a " " sound, Ning Ning laughed, "Bumped together again."

Ling Qing hit the steering wheel and staggered with Yu Chen, and saw Wen Juan and Fang Fang directly in front of him. Wen Juan asked Fang Fang, "Could we bump into our brother?

Fangfang didn't dare to shake her head.

Wen Juan had to step back, Ling Qing did not drive towards her, turned a corner, Ning Ning waved towards Fangfang, "Goodbye."

Fangfang whispered, "Goodbye."

As soon as she finished speaking, her eyes widened in shock, because Chen Bo's car collided with Ling Qing's car again.

"Uncle, we hit again." Chen Bo smiled.

Ling Qing also smiled, "Yeah."

Ning Ning asked him, "Why do you (gan) always hit me and my father?"

Chen Bo asked him, "Don't you like it?"

Ning Ning can't talk about likes or dislikes.

Chen Bo suggested, "Then we will hit your other father together."

Ning Ning is unwilling, "No."

"Then we can't hit the sister over there together, if she cried, would you coax?"

"Can you cry?" Ning Ning didn't understand. "Why should my sister cry?"

"Ning Ning, you should call your sister." Ling Qing corrected.

Ning Ning changed his mouth immediately, "Why did that sister cry?"

Chen Bo scratched his head, "Girls just cry very much. Girls in our class often cry, and they cry when they see caterpillars."


"I am not a girl, how do I know."

Ning Ning turned to look at Fang Fang, feeling that they were a little far away, so he whispered, "Could we drive a little past, I want to ask my sister a question."

Ling Qing obediently played the steering wheel, approaching Wen Juan and Fang Fang.

Ning Ning asked Fang Fang in a low voice, "Sister, will you cry when you see a caterpillar?"

Fangfang didn't remember if she had seen the caterpillar, and whispered, "I haven't seen it."

"Then my father and I drove you and your mother into a car, would you cry?"

Fangfang thought about it and asked him, "Does it hurt if you hit it?"

"It doesn't hurt," Ning Ning said. "It's like jumping off the bed and bouncing, but it can only bounce a little."

Fangfang didn't understand and was a little curious.

Ning Ning said, "My father and I bumped into you, and you will know."

Fangfang nodded and worried, "Will it be lighter?"


He turned to look at Ling Qing, "Dad lighter."

"Okay." Ling Qing controlled Li and bumped.

Fangfang didn't feel that he was bounced, but, "It really doesn't hurt."

"Yeah, it doesn't hurt." Ning Ning smiled.

Fangfang laughed.

When Chen Bo saw the two of them collided, Fang Fang didn't cry, and immediately drove his toe car, and quickly ran into it.

With a sound of " ", Fang Fang was bounced up by him unexpectedly.

She looked at Chen Bo in surprise, whether she would cry or not, her eyebrows drooped down.

Chen Bo was so scared that he leaned on Xu Wanli instantly, "You are not crying, you didn't cry when this younger brother hit you."

"What strength is it, what strength are you, other people are small water drops, you, a wave hits, how can you be so patient!"

After Xu Wanli finished speaking, he quickly coaxed, "Don't cry, Fangfang. Aunt brought sugar. Aunt gave you sugar. Brother Bo didn't do it on purpose, he just wanted to play with you."

Chen Bo nodded, "I thought you wouldn't cry."

"It's okay," Wen Juan smiled, and she looked at her daughter, "It's okay, Fangfang."

Fangfang nodded, still a little scared.

"Sister, do you hurt?" Ning Ning asked.

Fangfang thought he was very cute and spoke very well. Some liked him, so he shook and said, "It doesn't hurt."

"Is that a bit like a trampoline?"

Fangfang recalled it as if, "It's a little bit."

Ning Ning laughed, "Is it fun?"

Fangfang nodded, "It's also a little scared."

"It's okay," Ning Ning said. "Your mother is next to you. If you are afraid, just tell your mother that you can rest for a while."

After he finished, he also asked, "Is it dad?"

Ling Qing answered with a smile, "Well."

"If you are afraid of Fangfang, you can stop playing this game and go to rest with your mother."

Seeing this, Wen Juan asked Fangfang, "Are Fangfang afraid? Do you still want to play?"

Fangfang thought about it and shook her head, she was still a little scared.

Wen Juan and Fang Fang got out of the car and left the game field.

Ning Ning waved at them, "Goodbye."

Fangfang also waved at him, "Goodbye brother."

"You will see you again in a moment." Wen Juan said softly around her shoulder.

Ning Ning and Ling Qing played again.

Chen Bo was not afraid of life, hit Ning Ning for a while, hit Chen at the end for a while, and was forced to the corner by Ling Qing and Yu Chen. The car could not move.

"It's not fair, you two fight one." Chen Bo said.

Ning Ning was straightforward, "We are a family!"

Chen Bo:...

Xu Wanli chuckled, "Let you hit again, I can't move this time."

Chen Bo wailed and looked away.

Fangfang looked at Chen Bo who bumped into himself and couldn't move anymore, laughing happily.

Netizens laughed, "Interesting."

"Family beats the family, no problem."

"Chen Bo, miserable!"

"Ah, every time I go out to play, my favorite is to walk around."

"Me too, that is, there are a lot of people who start to walk around each time."

"Ning Ning is really cute. It's a good mood to watch children playing games. It's very healing."

"That is Ning Ning cute, if you watch the bear children play games, you can vomit blood."

"Is the bear kid playing a game? That's to demolish the playground."

"His parents will accompany him to demolish the playground."

"Thinking about my demolished hands, bang bang bang."

"Who doesn't have a handful of dolls or dolls that have been dismantled by bear children?"

"The orange cat wept."

Netizens were filled with emotion, and Ning Ning played another round, and then left the game area of ​​the heddle car.

Although Chen Bo has experienced the nightmare that Ling Qing and his family were stuck in the corner and called every day should not be called, the ground is not effective, but he does not vengeance, still like to join Ning Ning.

"Brother, what do you think it is?" he said to Ning Ning.

Ning Ning looked up and did not understand, "What is it?"

"Ghost house." Chen Bodan Avenue, "let's go there to play together."

Xu Wanli immediately stopped, "No, you are not allowed to go to the haunted house, how old are you, when you go to the haunted house, you are not afraid of being scared."

"I'm not afraid."

"That's not allowed."

Chen Bo was not happy again.

Ning Ning asked him, "What is inside the haunted house?"

"It's just a ghost." Chen Bo said.

"What is a ghost?"

Chen Bo:...

Chen Bo couldn't explain, "It's after people die."

"After death?" Ning Ning tilted his head curiously, "What is death?"

"That is, people are lying still in bed."

Ning Ning didn't understand, "I lie on (bed chuang) every day (sleeping Shui), sometimes I don't move, am I dead?"

He looked at Chen Bo and said innocently, "Am I a ghost?"

Chen Bo:...

Chen Bo collapsed and covered his face again, of course he was not a ghost! How can children be ghosts! Moreover, this younger brother is still so cute!

Ning Ning looked at him with his head down and covered his face without talking, so he had to ask his father, "Dad, am I a ghost?"

Ling Qing smiled and nodded the tip of his nose, "Ning Ning is a little cute ghost."

Yu Chendao, "I'm still a smart ghost."

Ning Ning is very happy, "I am two ghosts!"

He enthusiastically said to Chen Bo, "Does your brother want to go to the haunted house to see ghosts? Your mother doesn't let you go, so you don't want to go anymore. If you want to see ghosts, you can see Ning Ning. Ning Ning is two ghosts ."

All adults couldn't help laughing.

There was also laughter in the barrage, "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, this is where the little cute ghost comes from, what a cute speech this is."

"6666, Ning Ning is right, justified!"

"Ning Ning (kill sha) me, so cute!"

"Awei died repeatedly."

"Oh, Brother Ling lied to me to have a baby again."

"It seems to copy and paste a Ning Ning, so that I have such a lovely baby."

"(Fuck cao), Yu Zong and Ling Ge are both good friends, what a cute little ghost, what a cute little ghost is to speak."

"Does Yu Zong and Ling Brother still have a daughter? The kind who went to college."

"Is it possible to pass the level 4 or 6?"

"Is it okay for graduate students?"

"I'm going to be more direct, Dad, I'm your child-in-law who lives outside!"


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