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The Female Officer Became a Farmer After Getting Reborn

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Special police officer Li Yu was reborn on the body of a little girl who was abused to death by her fiance’s family in Dayong Dynasty after saving people and sacrificed. Special police officer Li Yu was reborn as Li Yu in ancient times.

In my hometown, the former fiance’s family took back the property left by the original owner’s father, smashed and countered the murders of the Zhang family again and again, and rescued the scholar in the next village when he went hunting in the mountains.

When the wind and water came up, the sudden locust plague was followed by a disaster of war…

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Short Title:FOBFAR
Alternate Title:重生特种女兵在种田
Author:Zhou Ji's Nine Lives Sick Cat
Weekly Rank:#587
Monthly Rank:#772
All Time Rank:#1121
Tags:Adopted Children, Ancient Times, Beautiful Female Lead, Childcare, Complex Family Relationships, Farming, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Magical Space, Martial arts, Modern Knowledge, Pregnancy, Rebirth, Transmigration, Twins,
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23 Comments on “The Female Officer Became a Farmer After Getting Reborn
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  1. Hi guys pls help me find this story So the fl rebirth to her past life around 60s 70s or 80s her family is kind of mid class family and her past lover is a scum soldier and they got divorced but when she got old that's when she met her soulmate and the day they died she was reborn and the first thing she did was go to the countryside to become a youth volunteer because her old man is a poor boy in the past and only do farming but he became successful in the future also the ml was cast away because his ancestors has a 'black' background of being a landlord (also her exlover also remember their past life) Tis about rebirth and farming, I would really appreciate y'all help. I've been searching for this for almost a year ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ

  2. Some MTL key names and their translation so you can spot it when they get translated literally. I'm kinda bored and idle, I guess, so here goes. MC is Li Yu, with the Yu in her name being the Fish character. So, if her fiancé calls her 'Fish', I assume that's actually Yu'er. The ML has three manservants who are also his closest friends. Two name gets translated too often. Zhao Cai is usually Lucky, while Jixiang is Auspicious. Ruyi doesn't have a precise translation so his name survives intact almost all the time, thankfully.

  3. The story is mostly slice of life, so, skip if you want something with a faster pace. Other things that I like about this story is that the perspective doesn't follow the antagonists that often, unlike some other, 1000+ chapters book. Like, I'm here to see the MC thrive, why would I care about those clowns and idiots again? No thanks. The writer did great on this front. It also doesn't drag the characters away from the country too quickly, and it's one of the few works where we can see the public order breakdown from famine at one point. Also, the ML is not Yet Another Prince. Seriously, I get tired of that after a while too.

  4. Hi does any one know mc is interstellar world she gorn the world after her death she bounded by the system can you plz tell me the name of the novel

  5. I really want to read a novel where the best relatives are the parents of FL and good to her. So that the their enemies can't be any worsts

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