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The Female Lead Has No Cheats

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As the original heroine in the novel, Lin Yueqi’s life was made a complete mess by the traitorous female side leads: her top millionaire husband wanted to divorce her, her daughter became a villain, and the internet users wanted her to leave the entertainment industry.

Female side lead #1 brought her own magnificent and beautiful traitorous persona. Female side lead #2 transmigrated over and became the villain’s mother.

Female side lead #3 was even more extreme… In the end, her career and family were ruined and she died from excess of anger.

Lin Yueqi transmigrated to before the nightmares began, but she only had her memory up to when she was 17! She was dumbstruck. As an unfavorable heroine, Lin Yueqi found it more important to survive. She decided to give up her daughter and her top millionaire husband and retreat to being a stranger, staying far away from the goldfinger female side leads!

She spread rumors of her loveless marriage with her husband and how she picked up a child in order to swindle herself into a marriage. She decided to squander her luck with strangers and believed that she could almost successfully retreat from the heroine position when the negative news about her on the internet were cleared!

Her husband, Lu Ting, came looking for her with their daughter, saying sternly, “Madame Lu, we have a loveless marriage? That’s not what you were saying when we were in bed.”

Her daughter pursed her lips and sobbed, patting her stomach with her chubby hands. “Mummy, you said that you picked me up! This bun’s heart is aching!”

Lu Yueqi glanced at the little girl who hugged her stomach while crying, causing her heart to ache as well.

Heh. How could she have given birth to such… a cunning little girl?! She must’ve picked her up! She refused to be the stepmother!

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Short Title:FLHNC
Alternate Title:就我没有金手指
Author:Xuāncǎo Yāohuā
Weekly Rank:#2857
Monthly Rank:#2418
All Time Rank:#1689
Tags:Celebrities, Childcare, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Modern Day, Multiple Transported Individuals, Transmigration,
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2 Comments on “The Female Lead Has No Cheats
  1. Interesting take with the whole Golden fingers, rebirth and systems. A great read if you want a romance that laced with comedy- a mentally 17 romantically dense girl and not-so-overbearing, but rather hopeless CEO. Definitely a new take where the FL and ML take their time to fall in love without being cold or too secretive with one another. They begin as friend to best friends/ partners to lovers.

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