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The Favored Little Peasant Has Stolen the Heroine’s Life!

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Yuanbao was born in ancient times, the only girl in three generations, the nickname is Jiaojiao, the big name is Bao, this is a proper script for the group favorite heroine.

However, Zhuangzi next door suddenly came to the young lady of the high official’s family in the city.

This young lady is a direct descendant, but her mother passed away early, her father continued, and the young lady was not welcomed, so she was sent out of the city.

“There is an ominous foreboding!”

Yuan Bao thought so.

“Little sister, you see how pitiful the little sister is, can’t you be a little sympathetic?”

A brother looked at the lady next door with pity on his face.

Yuanbao raised his hand and a pot lid flew over: “People are pitiful? They don’t have to worry about food and clothing, do they need you to be pitiful?”

“Good fight!”

Grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, many brothers, clapped their hands together.

A certain young lady is knowledgeable and reasonable, and said, “Being habitual is like killing a child. Your sister needs to be well educated!”


A brother stared directly, “My little sister is beautiful and kind, which one likes her?”

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Short Title:FLPSHL
Alternate Title:农家团宠小囡囡抢了女主剧本
Weekly Rank:#1404
Monthly Rank:#1037
All Time Rank:#3356
Tags:Ancient Times, Child Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Lucky Protagonist, Magical Space, Poor to Rich, Transmigration,
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20 Comments on “The Favored Little Peasant Has Stolen the Heroine’s Life!
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  1. This novel???? It make me frustrated 😓..When I think a thing got better and better after accident ,then something drop a bomb and thing became a mess.. Seriously my mood drop to the bottom!!! One more things,what the hell this novel talking about,I don't get it!! One second heroine pet article,later abandoned daughter and then palace drama,and then cultivation and oh what else??!!

  2. lol tbh this is first time in my life to be fool by auther(or changed category midway... but there is some fore-shadowing in early chapter that I thought it is just a prop for mc) This novel is low level cultivation world mixed with martial art world in disguise Current 3 country in early story Daxia, Daying, Baili is just a country in exiled land inside a formation it is a place for those who got exiled from their sect to find a most talent discipline so that they have a chance to return to their sect. Up to 450 chapter is like training ground for mc after 48x mc now step out to real world this is a real beginning. There even high-tech appliance like TV Computer and other technology left behind by a god in this world too. Big messup novel.

  3. Currently at chap239. So far still interesting to read. I appreciate that unlike other novels that start out peaceful, this introduces chaos at the first few chapters. So far it's more on family drama. The mom is weird that is all I'm gonna say. Hope the plot shifts soon cause it's getting boring. Will update when (if) I get to 500s

  4. On chap 400+ dropping this cause it got boring. It's about court plays now and arranged marriages. Plus idk why author likes to make originally ok characters change for the bad. It's a consistent theme - x person was ok before but suddenly changed. Then conclusion is that people change and feelings fade. Plus dunno about that whole MC marrying the uncle theme. Also all the cute pets disappeared. Dropping this.

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