In the summer of the first year of Long'an, Sun Shaozong got married.

In the spring of the second year of Long'an, the Supreme Emperor died.

In the autumn of the same year, Sun Shaozong, admiral of the Imperial Guard of Quan Long, took charge of the three towns in eastern Liaoning and Bohai Sea Division, and the two roads went side by side to sweep the north, and collected more than 70,000 savages in Liaodong, known as the Longan Liting.

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In the spring of the fourth year of Long'an, the Minister of War Shangshu Jinzhou Bosun Shaozong asked to fill the town of Liaodong with refugees, fugitives, hungry people, landless tenants, and redundant water.

In the following ten years, under the auspices of Yu Qian, Sun Chengtao, Li Xian and others, countless people in the Central Plains headed northward to the outside. By the 15th year of the household inspection in Long'an, the number of Han residents in Liaodong had exceeded one million.

In the winter of the ninth year of Long'an, the cabinet secretary and Tongliao official Sun Shaozong requested the establishment of the second academy of "Engineering and Science". Because of the selection of craftsmen as teachers, Shilin criticized them. They said: How can Qiqiao prostitution make it into the elegant hall?

In the spring of the eleventh year of Long'an, the emperor was in power.

In the summer of the seventeenth year of Long'an, the Queen Mother was seriously ill and called the chief minister of the cabinet, Wei Guogong Sun Shaozong to enter the palace to ask for the funeral. It was afternoon, Wei Guogong came out with blood.

It is rumored that blood flowed in Kunning's palace that day.

Afterwards, since the deputy capital Yushi Xu Youzhen, 37 civil and military ministers were captured and killed, and nearly half of them were civil and military veterans in the 12th and 15th years of Long'an.

Emperor Long'an did not leave the reign since then. The military and political affairs were in the hands of Wei Guogong, and there was no one who dared to commit crimes inside and outside.

In the autumn of the same year, the admiral of the patrol camp and the courageous uncle Shen Lian forced more than a hundred civil and military officials to persuade him to enter.

In the eighteenth year of Long'an, the first minister of the cabinet, Wei Guogong and Sun Shaozong, reformed the imperial examination and added local government schools to practice the method of getting rid of hypocrisy and pragmatism.

Shilin was in a great uproar, crying saying, "It is difficult for scholars to climb high halls, and the government and government pay all the officials. This is a sign of the country's destruction.

In the spring of the 21st year of Long'an, Sun Chengyi, admiral of the Bohai Sea Division, left Japan for seven months and went through thirty-nine battles.

In the summer of the 23rd year of Long'an, Sun Chengyi, admiral of Donghai Hou of Bohai Sea Division, conquered Japan again, cutting the entire territory of Kyushu and Honshu for the eleventh ‘country’.

In the spring of the following year, the East China Sea passed through Humen and climbed up to see it in the distance. He said: "How can we live up to the great rivers and mountains?"

In the winter of the twenty-eighth year of Long'an, the emperor collapsed in the Qianqing Hall.

The admiral of Longjianwei and Donghai Hou Sun Chengyi held the dragon robe Yuxi to persuade him to enter, but was repelled by his father Wei Guogong and Sun Shaozong.

In the spring of the 29th year of Long'an, the new emperor succeeded to the throne and changed to Yuan Hongwu.

From the second year of Hongwu to the fourth year of Hongwu, Emperor Hongwu had several intentional Zen positions, all of which were rejected by Wei Guogong, so he added nine tins and worshipped the king of Wei, and all the eleven sons under his knees were sealed off.

The people of the time said privately: Wei Wang, Zhou Wen and Wei Wu.

On the fifteenth day of the fifteenth year of Hongwu, the Dachao discussed.

Sun Shaozong, the king of the Wei Dynasty, soared in the Taihe Hall in the daytime, and the clouds covered the sun, and the whole city was heard.

On the second day of February of the same year, the governor of Jingying [three camps and one guard under the general jurisdiction] and Sun Chengyi of Wei Guogong sent his army straight into the central palace, saying that the emperor said: "My son of heaven and man, he should ascend the throne."

So he was established in the Zhou Dynasty, the name of the country was New Wei, and the Yuan was changed to "Tian Yuan", and his father was honored as Wei Shenwu, the Greatest Emperor Xianzun.

During the Tianyuan period, the New Wei Dynasty expanded the land for thousands of miles, restored the old Mongolian lands in Eurasian Guinea, and directed Australia at Nanyang Bingfeng.

In the following decades, Wei Min became more and more arrogant in the land of Xintuo. Among them, the national surname was Sun. He often regarded himself as a descendant of immortals and regarded the natives as pigs and dogs.

Therefore, the indigenous people often call it the ‘Tianlongren’.

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