Because of the heavy snow cage city, just after Shen Zheng [four o'clock in the afternoon], the Hall of Supreme Harmony was lit up, and the candlelight flickered, making the solemn faces even more gloomy.

At this time, a guard hurriedly reported to the Golden Temple that it was Sun Shaozong, Shaoqing of Dali Temple, who escorted the prince into the palace. Now he has reached the Meridian Gate.

The Supreme Emperor handed the tea cup to the old **** on the side, unable to hide his tiredness and ordered: "Open the middle door and welcome the grandson into the palace."

The two middle-aged eunuchs nearby immediately shouted in unison:

"The Taishang has a purpose, open the middle door and welcome the grandson into the palace~!"

In the middle of the Meridian Gate, except for the emperor and the queen on the day of the wedding, only the top three in the Palace Examination can win this honor.

At this moment, the Supreme Emperor announced that he would "open the middle door to welcome the Taisun", which indicated that the Taisun was about to take up the position of the great grandson.

When the two dusty gates slowly opened, Sun Shaozong flicked the reins and set the car straight into the ban.

The carriage was parked outside the gate of the hall, and the grandson, who was wearing a linen and filial piety, was helped by his mother and concubine, and he was centered on the stairs, while Sun Shaozong followed at every step.

When he arrived in the hall, Sun Shaozong glanced around, only to see the six Jiuqings, each of them like mud and wood plastic, as if they had reached the Yin Cao's dungeon in a gloomy and gloomy manner.

Tai-sun was obviously affected by this atmosphere, holding on to the princess's tenderness, his thin body unconsciously leaned forward.

Sun Shaozong couldn't help but squeezed sweat secretly when he saw this, for fear that he would forget his warning when he panicked.

But when it came to the middle of the hall, the crown princess just took Taisun to kneel down to worship, and the Taishang emperor even said: "Quickly, bring Taisun to me!"

The two eunuchs who had passed the message rushed forward and took Taisun to the Emperor.

The Supreme Emperor placed Taisun between his legs and touched his head and sighed, "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid of this miserable child. In the future, your great-grandfather will be the master. No one wants to insult you orphans and widows!"

With that, he motioned to the eunuchs to bring in an embroidered tux, and placed it on the right hand side of the dragon chair for the princess to sit down.

When the dust settled, the Supreme Emperor discovered that Sun Shaozong was still kneeling in the middle of the hall, so he asked loudly, "Sun Qing, have you found the two concubines who escaped from the palace?"

"Not found yet."

"If this is the case, Qing can step down first and take care of the matter with all his heart."

But Sun Shaozong got the will, but did not get up and retreat, instead he kowtowed: "The minister courageously asks your Majesty, where is King Zhongshun who killed the king now, and when can the canonical punishment be pronounced?"

As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere in the hall suddenly became serious.

The prince and the emperor died successively, and the Supreme Emperor naturally returned to the center of power.

All the civil and military ministers were careful in their words and deeds, but Sun Shaozong, a little Shaoqing who came to the "Cenghui", dared to question him face to face!

The love on the Taishang’s face suddenly disappeared, staring at Sun Shaozong for a long while, he suddenly covered his face with his sleeve, and said mournfully: "I have lost my two sons in my ancient years. I have burned my liver and intestines. I can’t bear it anymore. The sender gave the black hair man!"

After all, he choked up unexpectedly.

"Bold Sun Shaozong!"

As soon as he cried, Li Sheng, Qing Li of Taichang Temple jumped out of the slanting downwards, and he listened to him angrily shouted: "Who are you in this day's family affairs, and what qualifications do you have to intervene?"

After that, he fell on his knees again: "Wangwang Taishang takes care of the dragon's body."

With this kneeling, the cultural relics next to him naturally couldn't help but knelt down and asked the Supreme Emperor to take care of the dragon's body.

The dignified Taishang emperor didn't pay attention to etiquette, but cried and complained of the sorrow and sadness of the old bereavement. In addition, the Taichang Temple Qing beat a drum, how can he ask or dare to ask again as a minister?

"It's too often a bad word."

However, Sun Shaozong still said solemnly: "The family affairs in this day are even more of the world! The emperor licks the calf with deep affection, and the minister also feels the five inner kingdoms, but the bones of your majesty are not cold, and the prince is still to be buried. How can you comfort your majesty, the prince’s spirit in the sky?!"

"Oh, why don't I know?"

Before I finished my words, I heard the Emperor sigh with tears, and said with tears: "Everything is guilty, and the sin lies with me! If the emperor and the prince know in the ground, I can only blame me alone-my will has been decided, no need... "

"Cough, cough, cough!"

The Supreme Emperor was preparing to completely cut off his words. Unexpectedly, Sun Shaozong coughed violently below, and the coughing hall echoed.

"Bold Sun Shaozong!"

Taichang Temple Qing Li Sheng immediately jumped up again, pointing at Sun Shaozong and shouting: "How dare you lose your dignity in front of the temple? What is your intention after these repeated disturbances in the court?!"

He scolded righteously here, but saw Sun Shaozong straighten his He didn't even look at himself at all, but instead looked above the imperial step.

He cursed secretly in his heart: Sure enough, he was so young and ambitious, he didn't know how to write the word ‘death’!

I was about to put some accusations on Sun Shaozong, but at this moment, someone behind him said: "Please let the king kill the rebel!"

In addition to Sun Shaozong, who is a dumbfounded young man, who dares to offend the Emperor Long Wei?

Li Sheng turned his head back in disbelief, but saw that all the civil and military personnel raised their heads in surprise and looked at the imperial rank.

And just above the imperial stage, the grandson who was originally held in the arms of the emperor, did not know when he had already broken free, the little adult knelt down at the feet of the emperor, and turned his back to the civil servants and asked again: "Please the emperor to be executed. King Killer Rebel!"


Li Sheng suddenly became dumbfounded. He dared to scold Sun Shaozong in the palace, but how could he dared to scold the prince who was about to ascend to the throne?

At this time, the princess also knelt forward and said: "The grandson's daughter-in-law also begs the king to kill the rebellious king, in order to comfort his majesty and the prince's spirit in heaven!

The Supreme Emperor was also unable to come to Taiwan at this time. He never expected that he would take the initiative to attack himself as a five-year-old child in the middle of nowhere.

This prince is also not a fuel-efficient lamp.

But it was Sun Shaozong, Shaoqing of Dali Temple who couldn't tolerate it the most!

Although he had known that he had a close relationship with the prince, he did not expect him to have such an influence on the prince and the grandson who had never been taken seriously.

It seems that this son must not be kept!

"Congratulations to the emperor!"

As if he felt the evil intentions of the Supreme Emperor, Sun Shaozong raised his chest again and arched his hands to look directly at the dragon chair and said: "When the Taisun is five years old, he knows that he will avenge his loved ones. Sun, He Xiyi kills the unfaithful and unfilial son of his brother?!"