Shen Shi.

Sun Shaozong escorted Taisun mother and son to Meridian, and saw about 20 carriages parked in the square. Considering the number of cultural relics convened this time, almost all belonged to the light carriage Jane.

In contrast, Sun Shaozong's team of one hundred and ten people looked particularly dazzling.

The horrendous slaves beside the carriage looked sideways, and there were also many people in the doorways on both sides scoring their heads.

When Sun Shaozong got out of the carriage, a roar came from the doorway on the left: "Second brother?! It's second brother! Second brother, second brother, here I am!"

Before the sound fell, a silly guy who looked like a black bear rushed out. The boy was running in the snow, clawing three steps, one skew, five steps, and rushed to the front without incident.

I saw him winking and smiling: "Second brother, when we pass some more days, do we have to change our name."

He said, grinning at the corners of his mouth to the base of his ears.

This person is Xue Pan Xue with big head.

Such a big brother on the stall was really cultivated in a previous life, but fortunately, Sun Shaozong could still resist it. If he could not be restrained by another one, I was afraid that he would have to vomit blood.

He raised his chin in the palace, and Sun Shouzong reluctantly said: "Your Majesty has just made a big trip, and the marriage can only be pushed back."

Xue Pan's face suddenly collapsed, scribbling between two and five to eighty thousand, and muttered: "This is not to die sooner or later, how can I catch up with my sister to come out..."

"Speak carefully!"

Seeing another two people coming here in the cave, Sun Shaozong hurriedly stopped him and changed the subject: "Why are you here?"

"My old husband called it!"

Xue Pan was immediately distracted and complained without a word: "I don't know what the old man is going crazy, saying that he saw it at the gate of the palace..."

As he said, he turned his head and wanted to point to the door. When he found the two people who were following him, he immediately changed the target, pointed at them and said: "Just the two of them! Said that he saw them, and then he remembered that he still had a half son in there. , He summoned me temporarily and told me to wait in front of this door and not leave for a while!"

His father-in-law Wang Zhe joined the pavilion as the official secretary three years ago, and is now the second most important person.

If it wasn't for the only daughter who had liaised with others one after another, and was accustomed to letting her husband like to be a father, and even carrying the name of Kefu, Wang Cifu would probably not agree to let his daughter remarry Xue Pan.

The old fox was looking for either the pick-up man or the second-generation pick-up man. Naturally, this old fox didn't expect Xue Pan to have anything to do. Basically, he was stocking the son-in-law, pursuing an uneasy mind.

Why do you suddenly remember that there is a half son under his knee?

Sun Shaozong was thinking about whether there was any deep meaning in this. The two behind had also come close, and at the same time they folded their hands and called out "Second Brother", then looked at each other, and fell silent in unison.

Here are Feng Ziying and Qiu Yunfei.

At first, the two of them didn't deal with each other, but only after Sun Shaozong's mediation did they make peace.

But this summer, Feng Tang was promoted from the patrol battalion admiral to the commander of the Five Cities Soldier Ma Si Zuo. He came first and was above the old rival Qiu Ying. He was very angry and clashed with Feng Tang several times.

The two elders are too close to each other, and it is not easy to be a son. It is the first time they have intersected in half a year, and it is inevitable that they are a little embarrassed.

They were speechless for a while, but Xue Pan couldn't stay idle. The scorpion mouse peered into the center carriage and exclaimed: "Second brother, then are the two concubines who escaped from the palace? The empress in this palace I don't know what it looks like, how is it better than my girl?"

"If you can't speak, stop spraying manure!"

Sun Shaozong glared at him and explained: "The prince and grandson are in the car. Those two empresses are still missing for the time being."

"The princess?"

Not only did Xue Pan fail to constrain, but he became more eager to try. If it weren't for the eyes of everyone, it is estimated that this guy would have been going to see something rare.

"Fool Xue, don't be foolish."

Feng Ziying hurriedly warned in fright: "After today, it is not the grandson and the princess, but the emperor and the queen dowager!"

Qiu Yunfei simply stood on tiptoe and locked Xue Pan's neck so that he could no longer peer into Taisun's frame.

Sun Shaozong shook his head and smiled bitterly. He pressed his throat and asked, "What did the two lieutenants explain before entering the palace?"

Qiu Yunfei immediately shook his head: "My father said to let me be more clever-we are about to be promoted to the person in charge, and there is no need for his elderly to always give face-to-face advice!"

"My father just cheered me up."

Feng Ziying thought a little bit more. After talking about her father's explanation, she immediately said with a serious face: "Brother, if there is anything to do here, it's okay!"

Qiu Yunfei also hurriedly said: "That's nothing! I always look forward to the second elder brother!"

Xue Pan took the opportunity to get rid of Qiu Yunfei's coercion, and said shyly: "The same is true for me!"

Sun Shaozong was half moved and half helpless when he saw this. At this moment, they were able to take the initiative to express their stance, which shows that the brothers' loyalty in these years has not paid wrongly. Unfortunately, the crisis he is facing right now is not something they can help.

Unless they can influence the choices of the elders in the family.

However, regardless of the civil and military affairs, how can the master of the first and second rank members of the dynasty be influenced by the friendship between the juniors?

Thinking of this, Sun Shaozong's brain suddenly flashed, and he subconsciously stared at Xue Pan.

Xue Pan was a little hairy when he was seen, and said in embarrassment: "Second brother, if you don't believe I can swear on the spot, if my special mother is..."

"Stop it!"

Sun Shaozong raised his hand to stop him, and cursed angrily: "What are you foolish, you will be my eldest brother in a few days. Who else can you believe if I don't believe it?!"

Upon hearing this, Xue Pan immediately turned his anger into joy. He laughed and looked forward to being self-conscious, and he had a posture of superiority since then.

Sun Shaozong was lost in thought again. Only then did he have a flash of light in his mind, but he thought that Wang Zhe deliberately sought out Xue Pan, maybe he wanted to release some kind of signal, or even a signal for himself to see.

After all, to be able to get involved with Xue Pan, it is worthwhile for Master Cifu to spend his thoughts, and I am afraid that it is only myself.

And if this kind of signal can also be inferred to Feng Tang and Qiu Ying, then this "Hongmen Banquet" today may really be sung as a "Qunying Club"!


This is just my own conjecture, if you make a wrong gambling, I am afraid it will be destroyed immediately.

"Second brother."

When it was difficult to make a decision, Feng Ziying suddenly came up and whispered: "I just heard the news that the Supreme Emperor intends to save King Zhongshun's life and only banned him."

"Range ban?!"

Sun Shaozong raised his eyebrows: "This is the unpardonable crime of murdering the king and treason!"

Feng Ziying spread her hands together: "I didn't dare to believe it at first, but I couldn't stand it."

If this matter is true, then the Supreme Emperor would be a little erratic, and the crime of slaying the king would like to be indulged lightly. Did you really think that you can cover the sky with one hand?

Sun Shaozong was silent for a long while with a calm face, then suddenly turned and went straight to the princess's carriage.

It's nothing else, he is determined not to let King Zhongshun go!

This is not to avenge the emperor, but to comfort the more than one hundred virgins who died tragically!

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