Because of the killing of the door, the HS City Criminal Police Captain Sun Yi didn't close his eyes for three days. Seeing that he finally settled the case, he went home without saying anything, and fell asleep.

   Who knows that not long after lying down, I heard someone smashing the door outside:

   "My lord, my lord! Get up quickly, something has happened!"

The big movement was like beating a drum, even if Sun Yi wanted to pretend that he couldn't hear it, it was difficult for Sun Yi to open his eyes in a daze. Blocked.

   He subconsciously stretched out his hand, but grabbed his hand full of dark brown viscous liquid, faintly exuding a choking smell.

   blood? !

   Sun Yi is now completely awake, jumping up from the bed, looking around vigilantly, only to find that his messy bedroom has changed its appearance.

The window mullions with wooden frames, the big bed with brocade curtains, the wardrobe carved with five blessings and longevity, the crane candlestick on the back of the dragon turtle—especially the wooden frame under the root of the west wall, there is still a cold light Shuo Shuo's gold wire big ring knife!

   Is this...

   Sun Yi's mind was a little lost for a while, and he was in a daze. He couldn't figure out whether he was awake or completely asleep.

Suddenly, he found that there was a half-person-high bronze mirror next to the big gold-wired sword. With a move in his heart, he hurriedly rushed to the bronze mirror with three steps and two steps, with three-point panic and seven-point anticipation. Carefully moved his face up.

The face reflected in the bronze mirror, although still with thick eyebrows and big eyes, is at least a teenager, with more angular features and a lot of stature-but it is still more eye-catching. A body of bronze-colored muscles like cast iron.

   Mermaid line, eight pack abs, inverted triangle muscle group...

   Sun Yi flexed his arm subconsciously, and saw a bulging hill on the biceps, which is conservatively estimated to be the size of a D cup!


   Could this be the legendary crossing? !

Sun Yi staggered back half a step, his mind was like a pot of porridge, and the corner of his eyes inadvertently saw the gold wire big ring knife, and he didn't know which tendon was wrong. Suddenly, a sprouted one. With the urge to hold the knife in his hand, he stretched out his hand without thinking about it, and grabbed the big gold ring knife in his palm.

   This sale is full of weight alone, but it is lightly like an aluminum sheet when it is picked up.

Sun Yi accidentally used a little more force, and the nine copper rings crashed and rattled. The crisp crash sound seemed to be magical. It pierced his ears straight into the brain, and then countless memory fragments were there. The mind exploded!

   Nine Years of Grand Zhou Guangde?

  Sun Shaozong, military attaché in Akane Xiang Country?

   Offended Prince Yizhong?

   There is another brother named Sun Shaozu?

   These memory fragments are not complete, and the order is even more chaotic. It took Sun Yi a lot of work to sort out the general context:

This body originally belonged to a guy named Sun Shaozong. He was born in a military family of the Great Zhou Dynasty. He almost took his life because he offended the dignitaries of the dynasty. As a last resort, his brother Sun Shaozu had to trust the relationship and send him to Qianxiang Country. Take a break.

However, avoiding misfortune and avoiding misfortune, Sun Shaozong did not break away from the'empowerment of the Great Zhou court' in Qianxiang. He is now the military attache of Great Zhou in Qianxiang, and he has actually given the rank of six-rank captain of the imperial army. He is in charge of thirty in the embassy. Several of the guards are the number two under the ambassador Niu Yongxin.

Although Sun Yi was a little puzzled about what the Great Zhou Dynasty and Qianxiang Kingdom belonged to, it was from that dynasty in history, but after accepting these memory fragments, he at least had a basic understanding of this era. It is also a little more stable.


Since    has already crossed over, I am afraid I can only admit my fate.

Just when Sun, just when Sun Shaozong had mixed feelings in his heart, but had to face the reality, the sound of banging the door came into his ears again: "My lord, my lord! Get up quickly, Mr. Niu Assassinated and died!"

   Ambassador Niu Yongxin is dead? !

  Sun Shaozong immediately flashed a message in his mind: According to the law of the Great Zhou, if the imperial envoy died in a foreign country, all the accompanying guards would apologize with death!


  Isn’t he the leader of Niu Yongxin’s guard now? !

   has just crossed over and will lose his head, this is more tragic than giving someone a head for thousands of miles!

Sun Shaozong didn’t have time to think about it. He took the big gold wire knife forward and opened the door latch, and then he pulled it. The two doors were separated from the left and right like pieces of paper. They hit the wall with a bang, and the dust on the trembling beam was dusty. Suddenly down.

He stepped across the threshold and saw a short man with a helmet and bracers standing outside. He grabbed the opponent's neck and gently and cleverly brought him to his eyes, shouting loudly, "Niu Yong... how did Sir Niu die? ?!"


   That dwarf was kicking his feet in mid-air, and his mouth was humming, but where did he say a whole sentence?

  Sun Shaozong realized that he had almost strangled him by accident, and he hurriedly put the dwarf back on the ground carefully-uh, it seems that the opponent is not particularly short, but Sun Shaozong's stature is too burly, which makes it appear that the other party's altitude is not enough.

   Moreover, Sun Shaozong also noticed that based on the weight of this boy as a benchmark, that gold wire big ring knife is actually not very light, and it may even weigh a few kilograms heavier than he had guessed at the beginning.

   This bronzed muscle is really not a display!

   "Cough...cough cough..."

The dwarf, who is not short, coughed for a long time before he was relieved. He cried and said, "Isn't Mr. Niu invited today to attend the wedding banquet of Qinglin prefect Ruan Liangshun? At that wedding banquet, more than a dozen thieves suddenly The assassination attempted to kill Lord Niu and the four brothers accompanying him!"

   Qinglin Mansion is the capital of Qianxiang Country, and Ruan Liangshun is the prefect of Qinglin Mansion. In modern times, it is basically equivalent to the role of the mayor of Beijing.

Sun Shaozong was piecing together relevant information in his heart, and he listened to the'dwarf' muttering rather complainingly: "In fact, if you didn't feel sick suddenly, Master Du Wei, and didn't go with you, Master Niu wouldn't have lost his life— Those assassins are all piled on one piece and not enough for you to kill two or two, let alone let them succeed, you can escape most of them in the chaos!"

   This resentful tone does not seem to be flattering.

  Think about the strange power contained in this body. If Sun Shaozong was present at the time, maybe he could really stop those assassins as he said...

and many more!

Suddenly, there was a flash of inspiration in Sun Shaozong's head, and he hurriedly handed the gold wire big ring knife to his left hand, spread the palm of his right hand and looked at it carefully. UU reading immediately shouted: "Feng...Feng Xin, you immediately take it All the people from the embassy and the embassy gathered to the front hall! They said that I would call them one by one, and if I saw something suspicious, I would take it immediately!"

   It took him a lot of effort before he remembered the identity of the short man in front of him: Feng Xin, one of his two Seven-Rank inspections.


   Considering another patrol, he has accompanied Niu Yongxin to death in Ruan Mansion. He is now the only patrol under his own.

When Feng Xin heard the words, he didn't mean to take orders. Instead, he sighed dejectedly and shook his head and said, "My lord, it's useless. Now the two city gates are locked, and the embassy is also full of Qian. Xiangguo’s army, with our little manpower, can’t rush out at all! I think we’re in a disaster this time, and we have to be buried with Lord Niu..."

   Seeing Feng Xin talk more and more frustrated, his eyes are red, and the golden beans will fall down.

Sun Shaozong was really unbearable to hear from the side, and he lifted him into the air again, shaking him like a Lantern Festival, yelling in his mouth: "I order you to gather everyone now, immediately, and immediately! Listen! Do you understand?!"

   "Listen...listen and understand! Let's do it for the humble job!"

   Feng Xin only felt that his bones were about to fall apart, so he still dare to commit a dangerous and defiant life? He rushed out of the courtyard quickly and scrambled!


   This is really a disaster!

Watching Feng Xin's back disappear behind the door, Sun Shaozong's face also collapsed-now that the city gate is closed and the embassy is besieged by heavy soldiers, there must be nowhere to escape. The only way to survive at the moment is to rob the news. Before returning to the Great Week, first catch the assassins who escaped and come to redeem their sins.

   Fortunately, as a detective, he is best at investigating crimes!

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