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While eating lychees, the two analyzed the form on the field.

"I think Yu Gege and Gan Hanyu are good people and can rule out doubts." Shi Xi peeled off the lychees.

"Why do you say that?" Li Jinfan was puzzled.

"The poison is in the food, but neither of them knew that they would provide food." Shi Xi analyzed.

She said that it was these two people who learned to cook and drill wood to make fire just to participate in the show.

It looks silly.

Li Jinfan thoughtfully said, "Maybe they are pretending to be?"

Shi Xi was silent for a moment, " said it makes sense."

After all, everyone thought the crew would not provide meals at the time.

"I don't know how long it will take to record at night, remember to lock the door when you sleep." Li Jinfan urged.

"There are a few bad guys that the show crew didn't mention." Shi Xi sighed and felt that the crew was a bit open to play. "What's the point of this?"

Li Jinfan did not speak.

In front of the camera, the audience doesn't think so.

They see it from the perspective of God and know that everyone is an identity.

【I knock! Shixi, run! Li Jinfan is bad! Don't trust him so easily! 】

[Li Jinfan's acting skills are so good that Shi Xi has been deceived. 】

[The first time I discovered that Shixi was so silly, so cute, so cute, I wanted to r! 】

[Shixi doesn't look too smart, it's Yazi hahaha. 】

When Shi Xi got it, it was a human card that was outside the plot.

But the audience can see that the blood race and the gold diggers are fighting wits and courage.

After Shi Xi and Li Jinfan finished eating lychees, they finally found an information card.

"There is an envelope!" Shi Xi said excitedly, "Look, I found the envelope!"

She is finally a character in the plot!

Li Jinfan strode over after hearing the words, "Look at what's written inside?"

Shi Xi opened the envelope and read out the contents:

"The hunter is a silver gun with only one bullet in it.

After being used on the vampire, the vampire will disappear.

Use on humans will result in human death.

This skill card can only be activated by [Hunter]. "

Shixi: …

Li Jinfan: …

"Since it's a hunter with a silver spear, why do you send it to him directly?" Shi Xi was angry, "What's the use for me? Ah?"

She can't use it again.

"It's a pity." Li Jinfan turned the card over and over and returned the card to Shi Xi who didn't see any other information. "We still have to find the hunter."

"Hunters won't necessarily reveal their identities to us." Shi Xi remembered that those people were so secretive that he didn't want to continue communicating.

Totally ineffective communication.

"Let's find out if there are other information cards." Li Jinfan said.

Shi Xi was helpless, "It can only be like this. UU reading"

After searching for a while, the two met Yu Gege and Gan Hanyu.

The two apparently formed a team to find clues together.

"Have you found any clues?" Shixi took the initiative to greet and asked.

"Senior Shixi." Yu Gege took a few steps back and said with a smile, "Has the senior we found nothing found?"

"I found a skill card but I can't use it." Shi Xi didn't want the situation to be so rigid and took the initiative to break the deadlock, "What are your identities?"

"We are all good people," Yu Gege said.

Shixi: ... nonsense!

Everyone says they are good people!

No one will come up and say: I am a blood clan, come and kill me!

"What are you holding in your hands?" Shi Xi asked suspiciously when he saw what the two were holding in their hands.