Genius to remember the address of this site in one second: []The fastest update! No ads! Chapter 1 The Absolutely Good Man fell foaming at his mouth and said weakly, "I, I'm a good man, you must avenge me!" After speaking, he closed his eyes and tilted his head. The broadcast sounded: "Lu Xiangrong, eliminated!" Everyone: ...It turned out to be a plot. The staff stepped forward and carried the person who "died from poisoning" down. "I was shocked just now." The girl who learned to cook patted her chest and said, "I really thought the food was poisonous!" "Can't the show team say hello in advance?" They all started to buckle their throats to induce vomiting." Others: ... Shi Xi sat back in place and said, "Now that the first person to be eliminated has appeared, I think everyone can speak in order and express their position." Li Jinfan : "In this way, it is not ruled out that there are bad people pretending to be good people." "Identify each one." Shi Xi took the initiative: "I am a good person. The person died from poisoning just now, which means that the poison was put into the food. At dinner, the bad guys might also be drugged, so we need to find the murderer as soon as possible." "If it was a werewolf, only the witches from the **** camp would have poison. Maybe Lu Xiangrong was poisoned by a good guy?" Someone jumped out refute. Shi Xi: "...I don't rule out this possibility." She is just the most ordinary human being without any abilities. "You said it was a werewolf killing, but we are not a werewolf killing!" Another person jumped out to refute the person who refuted Shixi just now. Shi Xi: "...It makes sense." "Now that we have provided room and board, it's not the same as the werewolf killing!" The crowd began to argue. But everyone guards their own information and dares not reveal it. Everyone says they are good people. At the end of the day, Shi Xi discovered that they didn't have a ticket system, so they could only bb here. "I'm going to look for clues in the castle first." One of them got up. Then, the others got up and left one after another. Some act alone, some in alliance. When Shi Xi got up, Li Jinfan followed. "What's your sister's identity?" Li Jinfan asked. "Absolutely good guy!" Shi Xi asked, "How about you?" Li Jinfan smiled brightly, "That's great, I'm not a bad person! Shall we go together?" Shi Xi looked at Li Jinfan and nodded, "Yes. "Even if she is alone, she might be in danger. Better to find someone you know. The two wandered around the castle, looking for useful information. I met other people along the way. But everyone kept silent about their identities and guarded against others. Shi Xi sighed in his heart. It's not as good as a werewolf! Anyway, you can get a sheriff and have someone lead. Now I can only **** around blindly. "You said, what are we looking for?" Shi Xi had already wandered into the kitchen and made himself a cup of coffee. "It should be a clue, or a skill card." Li Jinfan had watched the variety show and speculated: "Since someone can poison Lu Xiangrong, it means there is poison." Shi Xi put down the coffee cup and started searching in the kitchen. Li Jinfan: ? Shi Xi: "Maybe the poison is in the kitchen!" Li Jinfan: ...Occasionally I find that Shi Xixi is stupid and cute. It's really cute. Although he didn't hold out hope, Li Jinfan still accompanied Shi Xi through the kitchen. Shixi: "Huh?" Li Jinfan, who was looking through the cabinet, asked, "What's wrong? I found poison?" "No, I found a box of lychees." Shixi took out the lychees, "Do you want to eat it?"? ?Good night~?Thank you for your support~~?????(End of this chapter)