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The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity

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Novel Summary

Shi Xi: “I need support for the new film. If the box office can’t pass 500 million, I can only go back and inherit the 100 billion property.”

Netizen: Stop dreaming, wake up!

Shi Xi: “Thank you! The box office has exceeded 500 million, so you don’t need to go back to inherit the family business!”

Netizen: Another crazy one…

Until the new Forbes list was updated, netizens found out that the number one on the list turned out to be Shixi? ? ?


Dressed as a fake daughter with a miserable end, Shi Xi just wanted to stay away from the plot and save his life.

You must never go down the old road of inheriting the family property, robbing the male protagonist, and being thrown into the river to feed the fish!

So, Shi Xi gave up inheriting the family property and overcame thorns in the entertainment industry.

It’s clear that she is like a duck in the water in the entertainment industry, why does everyone feel that she has been miserable and wronged?

Rich parents: “My dear daughter, go home and inherit the family property.”

Brainless and pet sister brother: “Your brain is not suitable for mixing in the entertainment industry, go home and eat and wait to die, brother will support you.”

Sister Gao Leng: “I am the only one who can bully my sister.”

Domineering male protagonist’s fiancé: “I will always stand by your side.”

Shi Xi stepped back and shouted in his heart: The protagonists don’t come here!

The gentle and dark-bellied villain stopped her, “Stay away from them, do you want to be with me?”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:FRDPBA
Alternate Title:团宠假千金爆红娱乐圈
Author:This wood is not
Weekly Rank:#434
Monthly Rank:#313
All Time Rank:#1308
Tags:Acting, Beautiful Female Lead, Complex Family Relationships, Entertainment, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hidden Abilities, Schemes And Conspiracies, System,
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39 Comments on “The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity
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  1. Cerita yg sangat seru. Karena ini masih ongoing, aku harap ini novel di selesaikan sampai tamat. Janganlah menggantungnya ditengah jalan🙏

  2. Sinopsismya seperrinya lucu dan seru, interaksi MC dengan netizen ygplenga plengok kadang bikin ngakak dibeberapa srory yg sering kubaca.and sinopsis ini novel menarik perhatianku. Awal baca chapter 1-5 aku bisa ambil sedikit pemahaman ini alur novel andddd I LOVE IT. Sangat sangat menarikkkkkkkkk.

  3. Intinya, ada dunia novel dimana dikeluarga kaya ini putrinya tertukar. Jadi ada pitri asli dan palsu. Terus putri asli yg ketukar ini kembali kerumah, dimana dia diganggu terus sama si putri palsu itu. Tapi si putri asli ini walau dari desa dia punya banyak rompi dan halo pahlawan. Jadi dia bisa melawan si putri palsu ini. And putri palsu ini berakhir tragis. Dan GAISSSSS tahu kah kamu. Dinovel ini sudut pandang kita ada di PUTRI PALSUUU, jadi si putri palsu ini dirasuki atau tranmigrasi dan karena tahu alur cerita didunia itu, dia berusaha menjauh dan tidak mempersulit or melawan putri asli. Tapi sayangnya semua tidak berjalan muluss.... dan yehahhh itu sangat menarikkkkkk..... jadi ngk sabar aku baca chapter selanjutnyaaaaaa sampai ini tamat

  4. Dropped. So many un necessary event happening. Just to make it long. Too boring to wait for the day she meets her real family but my guess is that her real family is the Hua and nan yi and nan wan is her cousin.

  5. After the first 100 chapters the author gives up on the system and never mentions it again and the MC character is not it literally so boring bruh but I read all of it anyways as if I have nothing better to do 🙂

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