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The Fake Daughter is Full-grade Green Tea

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Lu Chaoqing transmigrated into a novel of real and fake daughters and became a favored fake daughter of green tea, but in the future, she will be kicked out of the house by the real daughter who will turn around and counterattack and die tragically on the street.

System: Please use tea art to kill the real daughter and let yourself live!
At first, when the real daughter Lin Chumu came back, Lu Chaoqing rushed into her arms, her innocent and beautiful eyes flickered: “I want to be with my sister.”

Later, she learned that Lin Chumu likes desserts, and Lu Chaoqing, who does not touch the sun with her fingers, personally cooks and bakes small cakes for her, making her face disheveled again and again before carefully delivering the finished product: “If only I could be as smart as my sister. , but made a small cake for my sister, is there any reward?”

When Lin Chumu slowly took control of the group, Lu Chaoqing’s nominal fiancé began to hook up with Lin Chumu, and everyone was waiting to see that the two good sisters would turn against each other for a man.

At the banquet, Lu Chaoqing was wearing a sexy suspender skirt, and her slender figure made people unable to take their eyes off. I saw Lin Chumu, who had always been cold and self-controlled, strode to her side and sneered:

“Who’s dressed up to see?”

Lu Chaoqing held her cheeks and smiled sweetly: “Here you are.”


Lin Chumu always felt that he hated Lu Chaoqing very much.

I hate that she uses her favorite perfume to deliberately approach her, hate her hypocritical expression when she smiles, and think about driving people out all the time.

Until one day, I saw that the little tail that had always followed her was not facing her, but instead called another woman sweetly “Miss Sister”.

That night, Lin Chumu no longer restrained himself, grabbed the beautifully dressed girl who had just returned from outside, and her slightly sullen eyes revealed danger:

“You like to be provocative so much, why don’t you just ignore me, Lu Chaoqing?”

CP: Gao Leng Vinegar Jingyu Sister X Sweet and Silly Green Tea, Double First Love, 1V1
PS: The two are not related by blood. Before the romance begins, the heroine will leave the original family and not in the same household registration book.

Content tags: urban love, wealthy family, sweet text through books
Search keywords: protagonist: Lu Chaoqing, Lin Chumu
One sentence introduction: If the goal is yours, are you willing to take the bait?

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Short Title:TFDFGTB
Alternate Title:假千金是满级绿茶[穿书]
Author:bell boat
Weekly Rank:#1801
Monthly Rank:#6004
All Time Rank:#8322
Tags:Female Protagonist, Urban, Wealth Characters,
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