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The Extraordinary Exploration of Global Live Broadcast

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“The Extraordinary Exploration of Global Live Broadcasting” is still being anchored in the small pool?

Weak, Lao Tzu’s black technology is directly broadcast to the world!

Still worrying about how to be famous?

I was so weak that I became an instant hit, and the first message sent shocked the whole world!

Still worrying about not learning and skillless?

Weak, Laozi became the world’s greatest explorer, great discoverer, great movie star, great philanthropist, paleontologist, and universally recognized national husband in just a few days…

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Short Title:TEEGLB
Alternate Title:全球直播之超凡探索
Author:Call me big brother
Weekly Rank:#3305
Monthly Rank:#3286
All Time Rank:#2454
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Fanfiction, Genetic Modifications, Grinding, Lost Civilizations, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Pirates, Poor to Rich, Ruthless Protagonist, Schemes And Conspiracies, Spaceship, Survival, System, Technological Gap, Weak to Strong,
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38 Comments on “The Extraordinary Exploration of Global Live Broadcast
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  1. Novel sampah masa si mc udah berulang kali hampir mati tapi uang yang diperoleh hanya boleh diamalkan gak bisa dipake sendiri setidaknya keluarganya bisa lah apaan tuh system ampas udah sistemnya lemah banget lebih parah hampir gak ada untungnya buat mc siaran langsung ujung ujungnya uangnya gak bisa digunain

  2. Idk man, according to the history of human migration, chine people should be in that chinese land for 10000+ years and yan and huang were supposedly from 5000 years ago, so basically the chinese blood lineage that mc activates should have history of over 10000 and not about yan and huang guy, when they were not even major population, like yan and huang were supposedly tribe leaders, who once ruled, so basically apart from them, there must be other people who don't have yan and huang blood even in the same tribe and when outer tribes were conquered and what not, basically it means yan and huang are only families and not everyone in china is yan and Huang's family's child.

  3. How it tries to show mc is caring for his country but it only shows his country is a bitch, like others tv station are giving 6 times and 10 times what china's tv station is giving on the point of "caring for country" but with advertisememt, other countries will earn far less than what china's tv station will earn because china has 1.5 billion people. So it just shows they are a bitch and doesn't show anything good.

  4. "¡El hermano Oh Lao Lao está a punto de iniciar un gran negocio a nivel mundial, convertirse en director ejecutivo, ganar Bai Fu Mei y embarcarse por completo en la cima de la vida!" Wang Daliyi, lascivamente, no pudo evitar reír" Mi pregunta es, son todos los chinos genéricos? Son todos clones del primer chino que tuvo las primeras aspiraciones de "su raza"??

  5. A ver, una nueva novela de transmisión en vivo... Primera impresión, protagonista normal, nada interesante, algo arrogante, el sistema es descarado y hace que la transmisión en vivo sea vista a la fuerza en todo el mundo, como esa publicidad engañosa que no puedes cerrar.

  6. Al menos solo un minuto esto del sistema o lo dejaría en una estrella, sin embargo me parece muy forzado hacer eso para tener popularidad en la transmisión en vivo.

  7. Es mas ciencia ficción que vida urbana, contiene seres prehistóricos, seres fantasticos, al parecer extraterrestres etc. Explica lo inexplicable con ciencia y tecnología avanzada. Parece interesante

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