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The Evil God is Invincible

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See how the little security guards play in the city and set off waves of waves!

As a student, I don’t stay in the school honestly; as a boss, I don’t know how much the companies and companies under my control make every year; as a man, I have emotional entanglements with many beauties; as a triad The boss, he does not allow the association to sell drugs, and does not allow members to bully the weak and collect protection fees;

What is the underworld? It is the knife head that licks the blood and the canthus must be reported. It is the occasional bleed of dissatisfaction for five steps. It is the savagery of my fist that I have the final say regardless of the rationale.

Reborn in the world, full of magic, chasing power, grabbing money, nestling in red and green, what is it for?

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Short Title:EGI
Alternate Title:邪神无敌
Author:deep sea dragon
Weekly Rank:#1292
Monthly Rank:#539
All Time Rank:#5298
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Bodyguards, Business Management, Childhood Friends, Early Romance, First-time Intercourse, Harem, Leadership, Loyal Subordinates, Male Lead, Organized Crime, Polygamy, Poor to Rich, Pregnancy, R-18, Secret Organizations, Strong from the Start, Threesome, Weak to Strong,
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26 Comments on “The Evil God is Invincible
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  1. A question for someone who has read the novel. What happens with the friend of the first girlfriend who is in love with him to know if in the end he leaves her to the friend or is related to her. And what happens to the first one who went to bed and she left, if he finds her again and they get back together or what. please someone answer me

  2. Among the same type from novel i had read before. The mc is so low this time. Cringe as hell, cry this and that like wtf. He's unbelievably horny and entitled. He also doesn't respect the women here which is uncomfortable. When he take the heroine's virginity while in his drunk state, he tried to downplayed the consequences he does in front of the women. No wonder in the end she leave him, and make him cry and wonder why. And Don't blame me for stopping this early, it's unbearable.

  3. Guys, basically, if you see other novels of similar type to this one, avoid it at all cost, lest you become metally handicapped! Most CN harem novels and the proud MC ones are typically trashy, cringey, boring, irritating, annoying, racist, nationalistic, this type of novel was born to fullfil the cringey desire of losers in the society and the world of novels, the author is also one of the ultimate losers himself, "CN is a degenerate country", this statement is true to some extent.

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