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The Era of Rebirth: Supermarket Space is Easy To Get Rich

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A gas explosion caused Bai Xue to be reborn on Bai Ruxue’s body.

Fortunately, her department store followed her. Rice noodles, grains and oils, vegetable and fruit snacks, clothing and department stores are all available.

She took the supplies in her hands and exchanged money for a house, a car, a job, and gold!

Threatening, with the supermarket in hand, I have the world.

Zhang Mou came to the door: How to repay the grace of saving life?

If the handsome man is like this, the grace of saving his life should be promised with his body!

- Description from MTLNovel


Alternate Title:重生年代:超市空间好致富
Author:foraging swallow
Weekly Rank:#1982
Monthly Rank:#714
All Time Rank:#2122
Tags:Cooking, Familial Love, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Magical Space, Rebirth,
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39 Comments on “The Era of Rebirth: Supermarket Space is Easy To Get Rich
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  1. Is this novel dropped???? Although it said it completed I dont think this is the end... I feel like there should be more or novel is dropped...

  2. 4.4 stars? whadaheck!? Their grandma always steals food and money to them and the FL just talks back but do nothing??? "I'll call the blah blah blah if you won't go away grandma!" *grandma left with her stolen loots while FL just complains............ And thats the special event that will happen everyday! *waking up-cooking & eating-grandma shows up-grandma rolls on the ground-FL talks back-FL father gave up-grandma left with things-FL complains* after that they act like nothing happened..

  3. This one is a decent enough story but be prepared for the drama. The ending seems to imply a follow-up novel may be/will be available so hopefully someone will post a link eventually.

  4. I just finished reading this for the second time and it was actually more enjoyable. I wasn't distracted by all of the drama and was able to enjoy the story and characters much more. It does still suffer from the apparent Chinese inability to finish a book in a coherent manner but this seems to be a problem with almost all CN stories. But what do I know? I probably couldn't do it any better.

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