This is exactly the same answer as five months ago. It’s not like the last time. It makes the emotions collapse and loses reason. The smile on his lips is getting deeper and deeper. In the heart of s1, he feels a burst of cold. He Half a mouth is about to say something, and suddenly it was blocked by a hot and humid kiss.

The moonlight permeates down the thin clouds, and the bright and bright colors are on the black sea. If you want to shine, you can only be covered by the boundless ocean and swallowed into the darkness.

The kiss was as light as a feather, and s1 blinked and looked at the chanting and closed his eyes, trembling and kissing him.

A trace of salty taste flows along the lips that they touch, and s1 squats, but does not know how to move. His heart hurts, and it hurts that even the pain of life liquid in the brain feels a kind of happiness.

That kind of pain, because the tears of cold tears, scattered from the deepest part of his heart, let the whole body's cells twitch like pain, madness, so that he could not extricate himself, let him even breathe I feel that it is a torment.

When s1 returned to God, the praise had already let go of him.

When s1 returned to God, he discovered that he did not know when his tears flowed down his eyes.

Yang Yang lowered his head and took a deep breath. He said: "Since you like me, then I want to go back. Can you help me?"

S1 pulled his lips, but found that he could not say anything.

Did not get any echo, praised but slowly relieved a sigh of relief, but also the left hand of the action is deeply tightened. He closed his eyes and smiled with a smile: "You abandoned me, but let me live forever. You left me here, but let me look at you who are not you at all, live forever. Go on."

The night wind whistling whistling, and the sound of praise is extraordinarily far away.

"The mutant beast is ruthless. I used to think that you at least understood hatred, but now it seems... you can only understand hatred." Thin tears flow from the closed eyes, and will sing the pale blood. The lips are wet: "S1, your revenge is really... too successful."

S1 suddenly felt that the person's emotions seemed to be terrible. He couldn't help but reach out and wanted to pull the other person: "Yang, you don't want this, except going back, I will give you what you want!"

Celebrate the moment when the other party wants to touch his sleeve, and forcefully smash the hand of s1. He lifted his thin and handsome face and said with wide eyes: "Since you have chosen this path, then let us go back to the beginning of the beginning! Why don't you allow me to leave, why are you still arrogant? I am locked here!"

S1 was shocked by the act of praise, and some were at a loss: "Yang..."

"s1! You are really enough! I don't know what you are thinking. In your heart, what kind of person are you praising? You are fucked, you are cool, and you can just throw it away. Then use a plain white to clean face to say "I like you"?

S1 clenched his lower lip tightly, he was a little afraid to praise the present, his sensitive instincts made him faintly-

He wants to die.

"Who am I like? Who is the s1 I know? Who is the real s1? Who do I want to kill? Who wants to kill me?"

"Yang, don't be angry, I can satisfy whatever you want..."

"I want to **** you!"

S1 glimpse: "Good... good."

His answer did not get a little effect, but the praise was never able to stop crying in his throat, the trembling and humble voice emanating from his throat, and the tears flowed freely on his cheeks.

He laughed and cried: "Five months, five months! I used to spend four months to study you, no success. And this time, I spent five months, or you won! I lose Nothing is gone, I can't find any hope to bring you back!"

Although he is laughing, the tears are still flowing.

The white coat was smashed and shattered and worn on the body, revealing the skin and bones that were thin and pale. He has been crying, but he has been laughing all the time, staring at s1 with a hateful desperate look, as if to eat the mutant beast in front of him.

S1 looked at the miserable appearance and felt that the whole body was taken out. He wants to comfort this person, but he doesn't know what to say. He wants to tell him, if you want to go, let's go, but you can't even say anything.

The blood of the whole body seems to be boiling. At this moment, it seems that the real pain is not praise, but s1.

He slammed down his body, but suddenly there was a big mouthful of blood in his mouth.

"what happened to you!"

The quarrel just seemed to be just an illusion, stunned and wide-eyed, watching the steady stream of blood flowing from the mouth of s1. His blood seems to be inexhaustible forever, and the dark sand is even more black.

S1 was convulsed, and the situation seemed to be more serious than the one that was praised five months ago.

In an emergency, let the singer calm down. He immediately asked: "How could your injury suddenly increase? Is it what I said? If you feel troubled, then..." The voice stopped and slammed for a long while, slowly squeezing the lips. "You just died like this, I will go with you. As long as I die, I have no responsibility or obligation anymore..."


A blood-stained hand trembled and touched the cheeks, and the blood-stained color contrasted sharply with the skin's nearly transparent white enamel, allowing the singer to slowly close his mouth and stop talking.

He looked up and his eyes fell into a pair of dark, dark scorpions.

The pupils are still as indifferent as ever, but at this moment, somehow, it seems that they have seen a gentle and awkward look in this pair of inorganic scorpions. This gaze was too tolerant, and he suddenly felt helpless and did not know how to be good.


"Yang... cough..."

Just said a word, more blood will be sprayed out of the mouth of s1. Yang Yang still keeps the calm of the scientist, but he can't hide the trembling fingers when he wipes the blood.


"You shut up, don't talk!"

"Yan, I don't like you."

"If you go on like this, you will die, and you will say..." Yang Yang suddenly closed his mouth. He suddenly realized that just now, what did this mutant beast say? I kept silent for a long time, and looked up slyly, looking calmly at s1: "You are disgusting."

"I love you."

Yang Yang sneered: "You are really disgusting."

The face of s1 is much paler because of excessive blood loss. It is too white, and now it is clear that the tiny cyan blood vessels under the skin are visible, as if the whole person had to be drained.


祁 扫 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 冷 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫 扫


祁 抬 lifted up, cold eyes ruthlessly swept s1 panicked face, coldly sighed: "Your life is so big, even this is estimated that you can not die for a while. But also, always I can't see you dead, it's definitely more disgusting."

I don't know where I got the strength. The s1 returned to the light and held the right wrist, but I couldn't stop the blood flowing. His nervous look did not last long, and suddenly he sighed again: "Well, your self-healing ability should be restored soon."

Sure enough, when he let go of his hand, the right wrist of the praise is almost no longer bleeding.


In the next second, Yang Yang lifted the stone again and slammed it toward the wound that was about to be crusted!


Because of the severe pain and excessive blood loss, the stunned body twitched slightly. He looked up and smiled: "With your current physical condition, you can't stop me. Don't worry, I must die earlier than you. You hate me so much, whip the body or the body is just you."

At this point, s1 is no longer anxious. He tightened his brow and stared at him with his dark pupil: "Why are you... so?"

Yang Yang smiled and asked: "You abandoned me, what do you ask me?"

"I didn't abandon you, you don't need me at all." At the end of the day, the voice of s1 gradually disappeared in the look of praise and more cold.

For five months, he already understood the other's wishes.

He praised who he needed, and he already understood it, but it did not appear, but because of...

"I am recovering." S1 sighed deeply, and the blood flowing from the lips was completely stopped, but the wound of the internal organs was still faintly bleeding: "The blow you gave me made me hurt too much. I forcibly wounded the wound for a while on that night, but it was still fatal, and... it was more serious."

The wound on the right wrist no longer bleeds, but the singer looks at the s1 and does not go to self-harm.

"It probably takes about half a year, and I can appear normally in this form. But I can't wait."

He can't wait.

He watched as he wanted to embark on the road that had no retreat, and he could not wait any longer!

If it is anyone else, he believes that it can certainly be stopped by another means of personality. but……

He is praised.

In this world, as long as you praise what you want to do, there is almost no success.

Even if he is s1, he is still being studied by him, and there is no way to resist.

Therefore, he can't look at the determination to make this determination, he must come out, and it means that the injury is once again aggravated, so he will be as embarrassed as it is now.

The cold night, the colder the temperature, the two injured people stood together on this lonely island. The temperature of the night penetrated through the swelled cuffs, allowing the blood of the right hand wrist to slowly solidify, eventually forming a dark red blood.

Compared to the singular situation, the situation of s1 is obviously much worse.

He wiped the blood out of his mouth slowly by hand. Although the amount of blood loss has been reduced, there is still no way to prevent his face from getting paler and paler. With so much blood, I can imagine how bad the situation inside this person's body is now.

Forced to come out, led him to extract a large part of the moisturizing cells, self-healing life liquids, so that the dry life is even rarer. Nowadays, he seems to feel the lack of vitality in his body, but he stubbornly and stubbornly stares at the expressionless man in front of his eyes.

For a long time, sighed and sighed, and suddenly asked: "What is going on?"

The situation of bloodshed has been completely stopped, and with the wisdom of s1, naturally understand the problem of praise. He whispered: "In the beginning, it was just a virtual personality that I wanted to deceive myself, but... when he shaped it, it was no longer virtual."

The sound of s1 spreads far in the vast space. The atmosphere between the two people has been lingering for a long time. Suddenly s1 asked: "Do you like...he?"


The eloquent answer made s1's fingers close to the palm of his hand.

He blinked in danger and his tone was stern: "Then I killed him."

"Is he not you?"

This answer makes s1 dumb.

It was a more depressed and dull atmosphere, and the air seemed to solidify.

"We don't go back."

The sudden rise of the words made the whole person s1 in the same place. After a long time, he asked: "You don't want to go back?"

"Now, the overall situation has been settled. Human beings can have many praises, but there is only one s1 in the mutant beast. If we don't go back, the situation that was originally up to you will change, humans and mutant beasts will Will be evenly matched."

S1 seriously watched the praise for a long time. When he confirmed that the pale man in front of him didn’t have any jokes, he gently sighed and said: "You don't have to worry. The ice age is coming, we have no Any party can avoid the past, and within a hundred years, the war will not begin."

In fact, praise has long understood the unusual climate from the colder weather. Now, when he got the news from the s1 mouth, it made him feel frank.

This answer makes him like it very much.

"After 100 years, we can't manage it anymore. By the time, I am dead, you too..." The voice stopped abruptly, and looked up at the mutant beast, and suddenly whispered: "You may not die yet."

S1 slightly frowning: "I will die. After you die, I will definitely die." His tone is very positive, as if he had foreseen his death.

Yan Yang looked at the other side's serious and solemn look carefully. For a long time, he suddenly burst into laughter. The laughter was with the relief that I had finally seen through hardships, and after the endless torture, I abandoned everything and forgotten.

"Well, you will die."

Why is he dying?

Because they live together and die together.

Just like in the world that did not celebrate, S1 sat for three years and eventually chose to die.

Killing him is never the cruelty of life, but...

Endless loneliness.

Because of loneliness, two lonely people snuggle to warm.

No one can replace praise, and no one can replace s1.

Only praised with great power to conquer it when s1 was weak, and only s1 used the complicated and strange research to deeply hold the praise.

Powerful and cruel.

Used to conquer powerful people.

When the world has no more things to nostalgic, there are only two kinds of dead ends.

Let the world go with me.

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