Junxiu's beautiful man silently exaggerated the fresh fish and cooked it. He gave a big grilled fish to the handsome man who had waited for a long time and drooled, and he took a slightly smaller one. , eating without a word.

"Yan, I like your grilled fish, it's really delicious!"

He raised his head and chewed a piece of fish without answering.

S1 didn't care. He continued to lick the fish and said: "I have never eaten such a delicious thing. It is really delicious, really!"

Yang Yang put the remaining fish bones aside and then turned to look at s1 and asked, "What have you eaten before?" His tone was very cold, but he had hidden a weak expectation.

S1 thought for a while, replied: "Yang, what you gave me, and... and..." S1 thought for a long time, and even sweat came out, he said pitifully. : "Yang, I seem to forget everything afterwards. They are definitely not good, so I don't remember it!"

Yan Yang nodded with no expression.

It turns out that I haven’t even thought about editing it before eating?

31 days in a month, enough to celebrate the successful development of stab-2 research. Today, this short 31-day period is naturally enough for him to study this virtual personality.

However, every time he researched a little result, the deeper despair and helplessness made him seem to see a dead end. This is a harder thing than Goldbach’s conjecture. He vaguely thinks...

Perhaps other life, you can't make the truth clear.

Unless... this man is voluntarily awake.

Yes, in this battle of personality, praise has long been discovered that the real master is the dangerous man.

He constructed a perfect dream in a way that was strange and unimaginable, and in this dream, he gave birth to this naive and simple personality.

In this situation where personality controls the body, praise can be sure that s1 is the real master.

As long as he is willing, he can appear immediately.

Just as the previous personality saved him when the institute collapsed, because s1 wanted to save him, so that it appeared. Just as he saved him with the original liquid, s1 wanted him to die, but wanted him to live. In this dilemma, this personality appeared.

However, in this seemingly simple and unsolvable study, praise has always had an incomprehensible thing -

Why does he want to shape this personality?


Four months later.

The wound scar on the outside is extremely easy to recover, but the serious injury of the internal organs and the recovery of the abilities of the abilities have allowed the s1 to rest for four months before it is fully restored.

In the first four months, in the first month, s1 will be able to act normally. But the whole island is so big, all sides are blue and blue, he just wants to go to other places is absolutely impossible, and he does always like to follow behind.

Sitting on the tall, lonely rock, he stood on one side.

He praised the rain by the big leaves of coconut trees, and he stood on one side.

He glared at the magnificent sunset overlooking the distance, and he stood on one side.


He is like a child who only knows to be behind his mother. He simply follows the singer and wears a smashed black shirt. The face is beautiful and the skin color is very white. It is a dangerous look of evil, but it looks a lot childish because of the white pupil.

In this repeated time, one night, Yang Yang finally could not help but speak.

"When is your body fully recovered?"

This can be seen as a child's s1, it is best to ask questions, but it is also the most difficult to ask questions. The simple thing is that he will answer everything as long as he asks. The difficulty is... he doesn’t know too much –

It is clearly missing a large section of memory, but he feels that there is nothing wrong with it. Obviously suffered such a heavy injury, but I feel that everything is taken for granted.

Seriously thought for a long while, the s1 long eyelashes fell slightly, and a shallow shadow fell on the white cheeks. For a long time, he replied: "It's been a lot better. It only takes a month or two. Yang, what's wrong?"

He sighed and slammed his head, then turned his head and looked calmly at the vast expanse of the sea.

I saw the sea breeze blowing through this blue sea, rolling up ripples of ripples. When the waves hit the rocks on the edge of the island, they rolled into white waves and washed away. And the flat beach.

In the middle of the beach, there are a few small pieces of darker parts. After a few months of sea water scouring, the color of the blood is not completely washed out. I wonder if the owner of the blood is unusual.

Yan Yang looked at the dark sandstone with a blank expression, and suddenly said: "Wait for you, let's go."

S1 slightly stunned: "Go?"

"Well, leave here and go back where we should go."

The long and narrow brows are tightly pressed, and the s1 flawless face reveals an indescribable complex look. This complex expression is not like a simple and simple child, but only for a moment. It disappeared.

"I don't want to go."

Suddenly heard this, and stunned and turned to look at it.

I saw that the child suddenly licked his mouth, a look of grievances and sadness, and looked at the praise with a pitiful look. The crystal clear white pupils are like the most beautiful opal in the world. Although they are beautiful, they can be seen in the heart.

It seems that there is a huge hand that firmly tightens his heart. After a moment, the hot blood is squeezed out, blasting and bleeding, and there is no room for waking up.

Cheering hard to open his lips, revealing a pale smile, asked: "Why?"

"I just don't want to go!"

Wayward is the characteristic that every simple person has.

He is very simple, so he is very self-willed, because he does not consider anything else at all, he only feels: I don't like it.

He screamed silently at the strange and familiar s1 in front of him.

When he first saw this mutant beast... What was it like?

All the eyes were stubborn and stubborn, and they used their actions to explain the unassasable strength. Even he looked at them and felt a trepidation, feeling the long-lost fear.

After that?

He exhausted the means to torture the mutant beast to dare to blame himself, but often could not help but want to give up this metamorphosis to cruel research. I remember that he once wanted to reach out and touch the mutant beast that was abused by himself and could not heal even the wound. At that time, what was the reaction of s1?

It seems that I am more afraid to hide in the corner.

So, are you hiding now?

In a way that you feel liberated, bind me here, bear the terrible pain of hell, and leave me alone... live alone?

If this is revenge, then you have succeeded.


"Yan, why are we leaving? Do you want something? I can help you to grab it!"

In the narrow and clear eyes, it has been calm like a stagnant water. He looked at s1 like this. He saw that the latter swallowed his mouth and quickly said: "Yang, how good this place is, only you and me, no more. No one will rob you with me! If you think it is small, we can go to a big place. If you like, we can go to grab a city. What do you want..."

The sound of s1 came to an abrupt end.

His body stopped because of the cold, thin hands, and all the pores seemed to open, so that s1 didn't know what was going on, but the instinct of the beast made him feel the person in front of him -

It seems very sad.

This is the sadness that has been away for five months.

On that day, when there was no image at all, after crying, the singer regained the calm and calm appearance. Even if he is not in the research institute, even if there are no high-tech research equipment, he is still praised, the most cold-blooded man.

But five months later, s1 was keenly aware of the same kind.

The praised skin is very slippery, it is the same delicate as him, just like the pores all converge, even the gentle touch of milk is comparable. Now, his cold fingers touched the cheek of s1.

He was gently touching the cheek of s1 with the inoperable right hand.

The wrist can be lifted, but no more movements can be made above the wrist, and the movement can only be changed with the behavior of the touch.

But it is such a touch, but makes s1 stiff and unable to move.

He didn't understand at all, what kind of feeling it was, from the depths of his heart, and let the cold body temperature pass to his heart, became hot and hot, and made him intolerable, but I have to be patient.

"Do you like me, s1?"

The low, dumb, weak voice emanates from the screaming throat, faintly mixed with a little laughter, but it is completely impossible to hide the strong sadness. At least, s1 is feeling.

The s1 is a little higher than the singer, but now, the singer is slightly raised his head and looks at him.

S1 really doesn't understand at all.

He didn't understand why Yang had been laughing, but there was tears in his eyes.

He didn't understand why Yang's face was so bad, but he still had strong wood.

He doesn't understand...

What kind of answer does Yang want in the end, probably would want to be like this -

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