The dazzling sun rises from the eastern sea level. When the celebration slowly wakes up, he seems to have been drained from the body, and there is no power to lift the arm. There is no soreness to the feeling of being crushed, and it is probably a strong self-healing ability that makes him refreshed.

Sheng Yang waited for a while and got up.

When he got up, he discovered that the mutant animal had not yet gone out of his body. As he stood up, the turbid white liquid fell from behind him, rolling down on the bare|naked legs and drowning in the white sand.

Yang Yang picked up the clothes thrown on the rocks, although this thing was already broken, but it was better than nothing.

He stepped up to the s1 still sleeping, and looked at the mutant beast's comfortable look with some sorrow, and his heart was even more annoyed.

Since he has made the most wrong step, he naturally has no meaning of remorse.

There can be failures in his praised dictionary, but there is absolutely no regret.

祁 一 一 一 s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s There are only two results in the two pairs. You are dead and alive, and we are all gone. So, well, you signed the peace contract on behalf of the mutant beast, and you can no longer take the initiative to set off the war. I can guarantee that in the divided areas, humans and Mutant animal well water does not make river water, you can also..."


"You can also do what you want to do..." The screaming voice stopped short.

He looked at the man in front of the pure white pupil, and his heart suddenly screamed, a sense of strong loss that he did not understand very much, and annihilated in an instant. He groaned for a long while and tentatively asked: "s1?"

S1 immediately picked up his body and happily stepped forward to hug his body. He used a handsome and perfect face to express the child's smile, and put his head on the shoulders of the praise, muttering: "Yan, I miss you. When you saw you last time, you still suffered. So serious injury. Right! How is your injury?!"

Said, s1 will quickly release the praise, carefully examine the praise of the body.

His pure and innocent vision swept through the dry liquid on his thighs. This gaze was so clean that he felt a burst of cold in his heart, and even the warmth of the sun seemed pale and weak.

"You are all right, Yang!" S1 opened his mouth with joy and said: "I know that you can be good with that thing!"

Cheering his throat dry, he shuddered and asked in a hoarse voice: "What...something?"

S1 naturally said: "Life liquid. But the last time you raised too much, I feel a bit pain now. But fortunately, you can rest assured that this will only be better after a while, will not For a long time! I feel that it only takes a year or two to fully recover!"

The stunned body trembled faintly. He looked up and looked at the beautiful pupil of s1. After a long time, he struggled to open his lips and asked: "s1...Do you like me?"

S1 did not understand this problem. He bowed his head and asked in confusion: "Is s1 not the most favorite? Yang is good, always give s1 delicious, teach s1 to speak, teach s1 knowledge, help s1 ......"

The rumbling sound blew in the screaming brain.

His world seems to have collapsed in an instant.

He looked at the simple, innocent and terrible man with a completely strange look. He couldn't help but step back two steps and watched S1 slowly stop talking. He looked at him and began to cry. He began to cry. : "Yang... don't like s1?"

This sentence is like the last straw that crushed the camel and will be promoted to hell.

"Who are you! Who are you?" The sensational sensation collapsed and hysterically shouted: "No, you are not a master! You can't be a deputy personality! You are... Who are you?" You are not s1, I don't know s1 like you! I don't know anyone you say, who are you, who are you!!!"

"Hey... Yang..."

As if to be scared by the horrible appearance, the tears of s1 began to fall. The face that was praised as the most perfect craftsman of God before was all tears. He was so red | naked, began to cry.

Crying, it seems to be a way for him to express his feelings.

He wanted to cry, so he cried.

He does not want to have clothes because of shame, and he will not bury all his thoughts in his heart because of his deep mentality.

Because he wanted to cry, he cried.

But this kind of scene is not acceptable at all!

Just the night before, he and the owner of the body carried out the most intense intimacy of the world | just a few minutes ago, he made up his mind to stop using his death to escape his deep feelings, let the two together Calmly face the most terrible choices in the world.

And now...

Only he is left alone.

Only one person left alone, looking at a completely strange s1, was at a loss.

"Let him come out." The calmest voice came from the screaming throat. He lowered his head and looked coldly at the man who was sobbing. "I don't want to say more nonsense of a word. If you don't come out now, then don't come out again. A neuropathy and a fool, everyone knows how to choose."

S1 stunned and looked at the praise, blinking innocently.

The irritability that screamed in the heart was overwhelmed by his painstaking efforts. His fingers slammed into the flesh and continued to lower his voice and shouted: "S1, you give me out. If you don't come out again, I don't guarantee What will happen to your body. I will give you three seconds to come out and explain to me what is going on now!"

Responding to him is the s1 confused look: "Yang?"

The screaming throat is more and more sobbing, and the omnipresent irritability like the air has made him crash: "s1, you will give it to me soon! What do you mean now, want to escape me in this way? I What did you do to make you feel so embarrassed, you came out and killed me!"

Looking at the madness of madness, s1 was a little scared. He carefully pulled the slouchy sleeves and whispered: "Yan, what happened to you..."

"s1! You are not going to kill me all the time! I am here, come here, you come soon. I will not fight back this time, I will not count you this time, I am this time... I am really this time. I want to die, okay..."

The whole person desperately collapsed and collapsed, praising himself to bury himself in his knees, letting tears flow from his eyes a little bit, dripping on the ground, forming a deep small bunker.

He hides all of this wolf to the extreme, with only a little twitching shoulders and a faint gasping voice suggesting s1, to what extent he has been sad.

This is not a master.

This is not even s1!

This s1, which he once thought was the master, was simply an illusion of illusion.

This s1, with the most simple and beautiful fantasy, turned him into a character that he did not believe. The praise he likes is not him at all. And the s1 he likes is never him!

Who is the s1 in the end, who was the one who wanted to protect him and hold him a huge stone!

Who is the one who used the original liquid to save him, who is the one who is lingering with him, letting him lose his mind and want to die in the other's arms! ! !

The midday sun is no longer hot, and the warmth of the warmth shines on this small island, which looks strange and cold. On the thin sand, a thin man curled himself into a ball, tears falling to the ground.

From the beginning of the repression of the low weeping, to the last can not control the number of crying.

S1 looked at such a strange sigh, squinting at the head. In his pure white transparent eyes, there is only a color that is almost no impurities. This almost pure color should not exist in this world.

Just like the same beautiful fictional illusion.

And all this, praise should have been discovered. 2k novel reading network