The bright red blood splatters from the big hole in the chest of s1, and some blood flowers are stained on the pale face, like a small and beautiful flower, blooming with beautiful beauty.

The screaming fingers trembled, and he held the big stone and some of them were unstable.

More blood that is difficult to measure is ejected from the mouth of s1, and more blood continues to flow from the corner of his mouth. But the sudden sound of the sound is the fact that Chan Yang is the least afraid to face.

He suddenly looked up and his eyes fell into a pair of dark, cold scorpions, and then -



The stones contaminated with blood were degraded and hit the rocks on the side, making a sound of collision.

The white coat on the body has already been broken, and it is contaminated with dust and blood. At this time, it is because the problem of the up and down posture is pressed by the man of Junxiu Siwen, and it is attached to the sand. Some black broken fabrics hang down, contrasting with the white coat, and have a different contrast.

Looking up at this man who is pressing on himself.

"Hey--", a drop of blood dripping from the mouth of the other person to the face of the praise, down the curve of the curve of the face, slipping down the corner of the mouth, hoisting out the tongue gently The ground was awkward.


There is no anger in the eyes of s1.

His deep black eyes seem to have never reflected any light, but now, there is a face that reflects a slightly stunned face. There was blood flowing down his mouth, slowly, but it gradually disappeared, and even the big hole that was pulled out of the chest began to heal slowly.


The sound of hoarseness seems to be rubbing on the sandpaper.

He screamed: "What?"

"Why are you... just to kill me now?"

Celebrating silence, no answer.

"Since I have been conscious, I have been there for five days. You have been watching, talking, and killing, but have never done it. What is this night that makes you have this idea?"

The cold wind of Senhan blew from the calm sea and blown away the thick **** smell in the air.

I don’t say a word.

S1 tightened his hands and tightened his hands. His teeth were biting, and blood began to flow from the corners of his mouth.

"I originally thought that today may be the last chance. If I don't do it again, I may never be able to kill you." The voice of the low sigh is particularly far away in the rich night. "But I was wrong. If... I knew you were conscious five days ago, then I will never wait so long."

Desperately injured look flashed through the dark pupils, s1 quietly staring at the praise, but the other party seemed to not want to look at him at all, but to remove the line of sight. Therefore, the praise has not been seen, even if the blood can not hinder the perfect, the face of the natural works, is showing a sad and lonely look.

Life and death have disappeared, and now, those eyes are slowly being swallowed up by endless loneliness.


Without any indication, s1 jerked forward and slammed the thin lips that sang dry.

The blood of the cockroaches also flowed out of his mouth, and the lips and tongues entangled with force, as if to dedicate all life and spirit. S1's almost rude kiss made him stunned at first, but then he slowly relaxed.

When the shackles on his hands were released, he slammed against the other's waist and began to concentrate on responding to this sudden kiss.

S1 with a sweet and **** taste of the tongue licking the spur of the teeth, the flexible tongue raging wildly bite every inch of his skin, slamming through the rough upper jaw, when two When sucking each other's liquid in the mouth, it seems that the feeling of the soul tremble makes it difficult for both sides to extricate themselves.

He slammed his force and pressed the other side down.

When they are separated, the silver wire that is towed is still unwilling to linger. The heavy gasping sound and the scent of scent in the air made it impossible for the sane person to calm down and let the eyes look at the man who was under his body.

The gaze of the two, only a short moment, seems to be as long as a lifetime.

I don't know who started the action first, and I don't know who started the idea of ​​such a desperate attempt.

Since you want to die together, then first -

Born together.

There are countless sentences of "I want to kill you", and under each word there is a sentence "I don't want to kill you."

The racial opposition and the inevitable war, on this lonely lonely island, are the most trivial things that do not need much thought.

The cumbersome clothes were all stripped off and thrown on the lonely rock. The body of s1 is the perfect plan carefully planned by Heaven, but at this time, there is an ugly huge wound on its left chest.

When the slap in the face of tearing the other's broken black clothes, the wound fell into the eyes. His heart trembled fiercely, and his mind returned to his mind. But he did not give him much thought to think about it, and s1 forced him to pour it on the rough sandstone ground.

Just a light pull, the broken fabric is torn open.

A kiss that uses all your strength and lingering death can make the praise at this moment forget everything you just thought.

At this point, the full version of this chapter refers to the author's words.

Love and hate are in the same, in such a icy night, the ear is on the side of the embankment, I do not know the tide of the stop, and this island is a low-pitched heartbeat. When the moonlight gently shines on this small island, the man of Junxiu Siwen has fallen asleep, but the mutant animal of the evil head is not sleeping.

He quietly looked at the man who had passed the sleep for a long time, and looked at his place in an inch. If you say, before the start of killing s1, he used deep love to stare at the man who is about to be killed by himself, then...

S1 is now staring at the man who slept in with a kind of love that is close to the desperate desire of the bones.

He used all his energy to clearly imprint every man's expression, every hair, every breath, and even every cell in his mind, as if he would close his eyes, he would lose him forever.

I don't know how long it took, a deep sigh in the throat of s1.

He bowed his head, and the long black hair completely covered his face.

Didn't go any more, s1 leaned down and gently embraced the glory into his arms.

Dangerous and fierce is his outerwear, cold and unrequited is his weapon.

However, when all this can't stop the feelings that come from the bottom of my heart, when that chasing and killing makes him not destroy the man when everything is on the verge of extinction, this is already doomed--

He fell in love with this man.

Once, he thought he was eager to destroy this man.

Once, he thought he was eager for the pain of this man trying every wound in his body.

However, when his powerful self-healing ability allowed all of the 619 wounds to heal, he gradually discovered that -

It turned out that what I remember the most is actually the endless loneliness and loneliness in your eyes.

We are very lonely, we are very lonely.

What are you afraid of? What am I looking forward to?

You said that I am an accessory.


What do you really want, or is it that he is virtualized?

Then, Yang...

In the name of the king, I am willing to do what I want, and I will be king--

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