The handsome man of Sven sat on a huge rock, looking calmly at the man who was faint in front of him.

Said to be faint, in fact, he may actually die the next moment.

I saw that the entire left half of the man lying on the ground showed signs of black burning after burns. The most miserable thing was the limbs. The bones of the whole body were shattered by huge shock waves. Because the epidermis is very tough, but the ribs are also broken four or five, and one is still inserted in the internal organs, causing fatal internal bleeding.

But these are just speculations.

When he woke up, s1 was already the way to die.

He didn’t know how long he had been in a coma. Maybe it’s been three days. Maybe just one day, the time can make the mutant beast have already recovered the seriousness of the whole body to a certain extent, leaving only this now in his view. Still a dead wound.

But even if it is the s1 now, it is absolutely believed that as long as it is a random attack, the life of this mutant beast will probably be finished.

Its self-healing ability is so astounding that its ability to control the air makes humans have little hope of winning, but even so, it is only a head mutant, it is not always -


Sheng Yang has been kneeling on this rock, watching this mutant animal recovering the scar with a very slow speed for ten days.

When you are hungry, you can catch something to eat. When you are thirsty, you can drink some water in the place where the rain gathers on the island. In fact, in order to praise the current physical quality, he is drinking some sea water, and will not cause any damage to the body.

He already knew that his body was probably changed long ago by the mutant beast that was about to die. When is it about...

He praised the long and narrow eyes and thought for a long while, and finally got the answer: "What about the kiss..."

His voice gradually drowned in the icy sea breeze, no one answered, it looked extremely lonely and lonely. But Yang Yang slowly laughed. He looked down at the good-looking scorpion and looked at the dying mutant beast on the ground. He seemed to be talking to himself: "Reshape my body to this extent, It seems that you have paid a lot of money...s1."

The natural answer to his nature is only the sea breeze.

In fact, after the s1 led the mutant beast first appeared in front of the praise, he knew the changes in his body: the rapid self-healing ability, skin color and physical quality approached the change of the mutant beast, except Without mutating abilities, his body has long been a hundred thousand miles away from ordinary humans.

"If it is not because of this... I am afraid I have already died."

In the end, it was completely submerged in the screaming throat, his silent eyes locked tightly on the s1 faint face, and had not been removed for a long time. I don't know how long it took, he suddenly stood up, stepped back and started drinking.

The action was decisive and the speed of moving away from the line of sight was extremely fast. It seemed to be afraid... As long as he watched for another second, he couldn’t help but force himself to execute the mutant beast directly.

It is said to be a small island. It is actually a hillock that protrudes from the sea level.

The entire island is only less than 100 square meters in size. There are several tall coconut trees on the island and a small pond with rainwater. Nothing else, no matter what a living thing you want to see. .

After sipping the water, he quickly sat back again. He repeated the action that he repeated after he woke up every day—

Staring at the mutant beast, one speaks to himself.

Sometimes he is thinking, maybe the next second, this mutant beast will die?

However, the other party's tenacious to incredible horror self-healing ability made his heart's words not repeated, but looked at the broken bones gradually solidified, watching the twisted limbs slowly return to the original, looking at the chest The broken hole healed and looked at the face that was bombarded by the stab-3 and returned to its original appearance.

S1 is not the best looking singer... humanoid.

Since entering the S-Base Base Research Institute and becoming a core researcher of airborne, there are many ordinary people who have not evolved and want to hug his future diamond king.

The most fascinating and fascinating after the end of the world, even the kind of hibiscus-like singer, he has seen several. But these people are always just a skeleton with human skin in his eyes, and there is never any beauty or ugliness.

But he gradually felt that s1 was really good.

He is sleeping, there is no danger of approaching death, and there is no such kind of Shura hellish solitude, that is, simply closing his eyes and sleeping quietly, the facial features are beautiful and seem to be a sleeping beauty, skin color. Cut through the day, waiting for the prince's affectionate kiss, wake him up from a nightmare.

Yang Yang feels that he is because he has seen the ugly and ugly appearance of the bomber before the bombing, and he feels that the other party is looking good now.

"So quiet... if you never wake up, it seems to be good."

The sound of praise is like a deep sigh, mixed with a kind of helplessness and sorrow. It seems to cherish such a rare time of leisure: you can sit leisurely on this huge cold rock, you can talk in vain, you can Tightening all the cells in the body, you can...

Look at this mutant beast, quiet and sleepy look.

It’s like there has never been any dispute, and there has never been any fight.

There is nothing in the outside world that requires him to worry about it. There are no experiments that can't be done, no countless enemies, no racial opposition, no changes in the earth.

This island is isolated from the world.

Only the waves that have been patted ashore for many years have made a loud noise, and even a seabird can't see it. Even the bugs are hidden underground, making it difficult to detect. In addition to the sea breeze blowing caused by the rustling of the leaves, praise can only be boring to watch s1 every day, a little bit of recovery.

He looked at the beautiful and beautiful face as if nature had carved the face with the finest pen-shaped knife. I ignored the powerful gas field that was difficult to look at. At this moment, after watching it for ten days, Yang Yang finally got a conclusion -

"He really grows... too perfect."

The five senses of the golden ratio are increased by one point, while the weak one is light.

This face of s1 really seems to have been measured with the most perfect metric. When the newborn white skin slowly fills the last wound on the lower jaw, the singer can't help but swallow the mouth and bulge. The throat is also rolling up and down.

This mutant beast has been too strong in the past, and it has a dangerous and savage death. When all this disappears, people can notice his perfect facial features. It can't be said that it is the best to see, but it is definitely the most reasonable.

Even the most humanistic David in Western art, there is no such fine craftsmanship.

"Are you really... the end result of biological evolution?"

The faint voice was annihilated in the cold sea breeze and the towering waves, and the faint light in the eyes was getting darker and darker, his brows slowly tightened, an indescribable complex look in his pale, thin cheeks. Appeared on the top.

Today, he has time.

The sun without heat slowly descends from the western horizon, and at the farthest horizon meets a beautiful and gorgeous purple-blue strip. Yan Yang looked up at the long line with no expression, his mood sinking a little bit, but there was still a little light in the scorpion still struggling.

He probably remembers that when the stab-3 was successfully launched, Zhang Bendan did not shoot.

The high-rotation high-power nuclear magnetic gun is used as the launcher's stab-3, which limits the explosion range to a smaller energy, and converts the energy of the projectile into a pure energy beam. The energy column was wiped from the side of him and s1, and s1 quickly laid a thick defensive layer, a defensive layer that only saw the dark black with the naked eye.

He felt his body being hit by a violent explosion, and when he woke up, he was already fainted on this island.

The strength of s1 is too much for his expectations, if this continues...

No one can guarantee that when he wakes up, there will be terrible changes in the world.

The last struggling light in the pupil disappeared completely and annihilated, and the low-headed, cold and cruel eyes calmly stared at the still-stunned human-type mutant beast.

He scanned the body of the person in front of him with a little greedy gaze that he did not understand. Every inch of skin, every breath, from the black hair that is no longer bright and dry, A wound that rots on the calf but does not completely heal.

In the end, his gaze was concentrated on the chest of the other side.

祁 缓 slowly slowly squat down, stretched out his right hand, gently pressed on the left chest of s1.

There, there is a vigorous and healthy heart beating vigorously. It transports the whole body cells for healing and recovery. Even if the surface looks like this mutant beast is recovering well, in fact, its whole body is always in a kind of Dangerous edge.

As long as someone pushes it gently, it will fall from the highest point of the cliff and never live forever.

The palm of the palm is flat above the heart, and the heart beats vigorously through the thin fabric and a thin layer of muscle, demonstrating the power of life.

He leaned down and put his right ear close to the heart.



The kind of information that still exists makes his eyes get hot and humid. When he lifts up his body, he discovers that a crystal clear teardrop has rolled down from his eyes, and he stunned. The s1 pale blood loss on the thin lips.

The fingers tightened fiercely.

When wisdom is attained to a certain extent, EQ will never fall to the point where it is difficult to detect one's feelings.

Looking up at the mutant beast in front of him, even if he has been deliberately hypnotizing himself and wanting to ignore the feelings hidden in his heart, he has to admit at this time -

"You are special, s1."

When the mutant beast stopped in front of him with that almost simple look, and stopped him for the deadly boulders; when the mutant beast killed him with the power of life, he lost him. The temperature of the body allows him to regain his life.

He has already understood it profoundly.

He and the mutant beast have only one ending -

Die together.

Born together.

Grabbing a huge stone on the ground, sharp edges and corners, slamming down from the sky, aiming at the heart of s1. His movements were not hesitant, and the sharp stone tip slammed hard!

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