"Kara--", the thick wooden door was suddenly pulled open.

The next second, a black shadow immediately ran out of the door. The rushing footsteps were very loud on the floor of the corridor, and in the quiet house it was like a roaring drum, breaking the quiet and quiet atmosphere. It seems that he is running with the greatest strength of his life. Jingxiatou does not return to the ground and rushes to the gate.

"Young Master!"

Suddenly I heard this voice, the right hand that had touched the metal doorknob suddenly slammed, and Jing Xia slowly turned around, looking incredulously at the old man who shouted at himself. I saw the warm sunshine shining through the large floor-to-ceiling windows into the house, and the light reflected the tiny dust particles in the air.

Although the face was full of wrinkles, the old man stood up straight and smiled kindly: "Young master, you are all in your twenties, how can you still go out like this?" So, let everyone stay in the house for the rest of the time and don't go away?"

Listening to the voice of concern, just a moment of surprise and surprise, a layer of faint mist slowly invaded the eyes of Jingxia. His vision became increasingly blurred, and in the end, he could only feel the hot liquid falling from the corner of his eye and the heart that violently beats in his chest.

Wang Guanjia.

Watching him as a king housekeeper who has grown up from a child who is not sensible.

For him as a child, his grandfather has always been a terrible existence with a crutches and serious silence. I don't know when he started to regard this kind and kindly king steward as his grandfather. He once thought that after a few years, when the Wang Guanjia was old, he would have to settle the Wang Guanjia and let the Wang Guanjia, who had no children, enjoy his old age.

But all of this was destroyed by the so-called abnormal activity of the sunspot.

It is this summer that I don’t know which minute to start from, and all the radio signals in the world are completely interrupted. The network signal disappeared, the cell phone signal was shielded, and even the non-AC type electromagnetic microwave completely disappeared from everyone's family.

The world suddenly fell into a panic.

No one knows how the countries in the other side of the ocean are solved, because even the connections between cities can only rely on the most primitive manpower. The stream of homing pigeons has long been eliminated in modern society, and even if it exists, they cannot be a tool for communication between regions.

Because... the magnetic field is disordered.

These are what Jing Xia learned in the real end of the world, and nowadays, everyone thinks that what is currently facing is a sudden sunspot anomaly. This is not what the people said, but the news that Huaxia Government, after the sudden occurrence of the mutation, sent people to evacuate the crowd in the streets and lanes.

It must be said that under the so-called expert explanation, people finally returned to their houses with suspicion, avoiding direct sunlight and waiting for the end of the short-life sunspot activity. But... until the first person who spit blood appeared in the building, finally someone couldn’t hold it.

The appearance of the first dead person can be said to be the result of long-term savings, but the second dead, the third, the fourth, and even after the death of the dead like the domino effect, people can no longer calm down. Come down.

Thinking of this, Jing Xia suddenly clenched his hands, and his heart stabbed.

At the beginning of this mutation, Wang Guanjia died with the tens of thousands of sick and dead people. It is precisely because he looks at this old man who has always loved himself and closes his eyes before he realizes that he really realizes that

The end of the world is coming.

"Young master, how are you crying?" Looking at the tears in the eyes of the young man, Wang Guanjia immediately stepped forward and calmed and said: "It doesn't matter, although everyone else has left, but I am still here with you. Master is now in s The city is on a business trip, and he will return when the accident ends."

Listening to the sound of Wang Guanjia's anxious concern, Jing Xia slowly bit his teeth. He suddenly raised his hand, wiped the hot and humid liquid in his eyelids, and then grasped the rough hand of the old man and said, "Wang Guanjia, no... Grandpa Wang, I will take you with you!"

Because the old man was lost for a long time after the end of the world, so that Jingxia had forgotten the existence of the other party. Even after he was born again, he only thought about going to Jichuan, and forgot to do something else.

Wang Guanjia heard a word and asked: "Young master, the person above is not saying that you can stay in the house and can't go in the sun? How are you..."

"Trust me."

The beautiful scorpion shone with a firm radiance, and Jing Xia seriously and solemnly stared at the old man who was puzzled in front of him, and made Wang Guanjia stunned in the same place. That look is the sharp and sharp that he has rarely seen in decades. Among the young people Wang Guanjia has seen in his life, only the young master of the family who has made a good relationship with Jingjia has such a sharp look.

This is different from the young master he has known before.

Without madness and hegemony, the young master seems to suddenly wake up overnight, from a jade that needs to be polished to a jade that shines with radiance. Converging the sharp thorns on the body, it is no longer the arrogant Jingxia.

"Grandpa Wang, you first go to collect all the cans in the house and the food that has been stored for a long time. I go to the garage and take the car." Although there is a slight red color in the eyelids, Jingxia has completely calmed down. I started to command it in a reasonable way: "I remember that there are a few long knives in my father's study. The keys to the safe are only for you and your father. You can help me get one."

Listening to Jing Xia's words, Wang Guanjia did not understand what happened in the end: "Young master, why do you need a knife? Is it dangerous for us to go out this time?"

Jing Xia slightly stunned his voice and said calmly: "Let's go to Jichuan."

Wang Guanjia is even puzzled: "Why are you looking for Ji Shaoye? I remember that Ji Shaoye should not be in the city now."

Jing Xia shook his head and said: "He is." Suddenly, he said: "Just in Ji."

Wang Guanjia stunned, and then did not ask more, just smiled and nodded to prepare what Jingxia had just said. This kind old man has no children in his life, so he has long regarded this young master as his grandson. As a qualified butler, he does not need to ask the other person, he believes and supports the decision made by the young master.

Jing Xia quietly looked at the back of the Wang Guanjia for a long time, then suddenly turned around and opened the door to the garage.

Jichuan is one of his bamboo horses.

If you want to say who his best friend in his life is, Jingxia has always thought that it is Ji Chuancheng and Wu Jiqing. However, everyone said that adversity is the best way to judge a person's environment. This sentence is true.

He grew up with Ji Chuancheng and Wu Jiqing. Jingjia has been doing business for generations and has played a pivotal role in the business sector of the city. And Ji Chuan was born in a military family, a three-handed handsome. As for the Wu family, it is a rookie who has risen in the last ten years of the b municipality.

In the last days, Jing Xia joined hands with Wu Jiqing and Su Weishang from the beginning to escape. However, it was only later that he was kicked out of the team by Wu Jiqing.

Wu Jiqing is simply a downright villain!

Because the life in the past is too superior, and does not need too much trouble, so he can be called brother and brother together with Wu Jiqing. But... When the disaster really fell, Wu Jiqing chose the hypocritical and shameless Su Weishang again and again, and pushed him into the fire pit.

Su Weishang is the younger brother of Jing Xia's half-brother, because the birth of the illegitimate child has never been recognized by Jing.

Wu Jiqing clearly knows that Su Weishang is the most unforgivable person in Jing Xia's life, but he is in the end of the world for Su Weishang, and Jing Xia is right.

Jing Xia always remembers the last sentence in the last days, Wu Jiqing said to himself: "A Jing, you should not always be biased against Xiao Shang. Being your father's junior, kidnapping you, mad at your mother is small. Shang's mother has nothing to do with Xiao Shang. You don't want to be a child because of your father's affairs. It makes it difficult for me to do this."

He never imagined that Wu Jiqing could actually say these words with a thick face!

Su Wei's mother, Su Yalin, is the first love lover of Jing Xia's father. Jing's father Ming married after he graduated from the university and married Jingmu because of the commercial marriage. The breakup has broken up, but Su Yalin has been entangled in the father. At that time, the unsuccessful and still simple Father of the Father went out of the way and even gave birth to Su Weishang.

If this is the case, Jing Xia will not hate Su Wei Shang to such a point.

Even if Su Yalin bought a man to kidnap himself and almost let the young one die, even if the mother died because of Su Yalin’s abduction of her own affairs, it was not related to the young and ignorant Su Weishang, and she did not want to hate it. Degree.

However, Su Weishang is as shameless as his mother!

On the surface is a portrait of the Madonna of the White Lotus. In the dark, it is against him everywhere. It is poisonous to the heart. Even after it was an adult, it was once bought and assassinated. He wanted to practice the same routine as his mother. In the early days of the last days, he pushed himself into danger more than twice, even at the end...

When I thought of the last thought that my mind was cracked and my brain seemed to smash out, Jing Xiagang sat in the driver's seat and couldn't help but shudder, and the whole person's face was pale. A kind of pain that has penetrated into the brain has spread from the scalp to every cell above and below the body, causing him to lose the ability to control the body in an instant.

In the last animal war of the last days, Su Weishang did not know what method he used to **** his body, and then -

It was a heartbreaking pain and a deadly darkness.

When Jing Xia blinked, he saw the bedroom ceiling that was two years away. The sunshine outside the window and the hustle and bustle are still beautiful without being attacked by death. There is no tension in the end of the world where everyone is worried about whether the next second will die. In such a calm environment, Jingxia is only a momentary moment, and immediately decides Hurry and go to Jichuan.

He needs to find Kikawa in the fastest time and tell the other party what is going to happen in the last days.

As the youngest major in China, Jichuan appeared to return to the rank of the captain of the B-city. Unfortunately, these were all disturbed by the sudden end of the world, so even in the last days, he has always been the rank of major.

"砰", Wang Guanjia put a big bag in the trunk of the car. He opened the door and put a small amount of food directly in the back seat of the car. Then he smiled and said: "Young master, I have packed all the canned food and compressed food in the house, and there is still a little drinking water. As for the lord. In the long knife, I took the latest one, picking up the hand."

"Thank you, Grandpa Wang."

Jing Xia nodded gently, then he stepped on the clutch and throttle and drove out of the garage. But how long, the car drove up the road, drove up the road where the smoke disappeared, and drove into the deserted city.

The sun is still like the past hundreds of millions of years, softly and gently splattering its own light on this cherished earth. The warm daylight shines on the long-sleeved city, and it is clearly indistinguishable from the past. Everyone thinks that this star that has burned itself has changed dramatically.

Jingxia firmly gripped the steering wheel and bite the lower teeth -

It’s not the sunspot abnormal activity at all, but...

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