Chapter 3758 Fanwai Marriage

   After going to Gu's grocery store, Chi Chi and Song Yan strolled around the city again.

  Song Yan is a rare visit. Every time he goes to a place, he will take time to take a look around.

   The next day, the group went north by boat and went straight to the capital.

   I haven't been here for a few years, and I stood at the gate of the capital again, and I couldn't help but akimbo, laughing loudly.

The people passing by    looked at him insane, and even the city gate guard had a strange expression. If it wasn't for the delay in Gu Yunshu's convoy, they would have to be on guard and hold people down.

   ignored everyone's eyes for a while, looked up at the gate of the city, his eyes were bright.

  Beijing, I, Hu Hansan, are back again...

   In the days that followed, Chi Chi took Song Yan around the capital. Li Guo's embassy team was still on the way. After Song Yan went to see the Emperor of Jin, most of the time was free.

The    emperor asked several princes of his age to accompany him to go out to play, but Song Yan declined.

   Compared with eating, drinking and socializing with these princes, beating around the bush to test the strength of each other's countries, but also to show their own skills, they are exhausted after a day. It's better to run around the streets and alleys together with Chi Chi, and you don't need to hide your discomfort.

   On the other hand, the fifth prince, who is about the same age as Chi Chi, insisted on playing with them behind them, and Chi Chi couldn't drive him away even if he wanted to.

   It was not until the delegation of the Li Kingdom came over that Song Yan recovered to become the eldest prince of the Li Kingdom, who was high and decisive, and began to direct and coordinate all matters.

   Chi Chi got together with his former friends in the capital.

   After a few days, I heard from my grandfather Gu Dajiang that there was some unpleasantness between the Li Guo mission and Dajin.

   It is said that Emperor Jin intends to marry Li Guo, and the princess of the right age is expected to marry Song Yan.

   But the embassy of the state of Li is unwilling. The mother of the prince of the state of Li is from Dajin. Now that they marry a concubine of Dajin, wouldn't they have become Dajin in disguise?

   What a great Jin emperor, his heart is so cruel, he clearly wants to annex the territory of the country of Li without bloodshed.

  I was speechless after hearing this for a while, "Then what did Song Yan say?"

   Speaking of this, Gu Dajiang wanted to laugh, "He? He said he wouldn't think about getting married until he was eighteen, and he choked to death both my court officials and the envoys of the State of Li."

  Song Yan is now fourteen years old, and there are still four years before he is eighteen.

   No matter how maddened the emperor is, it is impossible for the princess to wait hopelessly for four years, right? If something happened in the past four years, it would be his princess who lost her reputation.

  The envoy of Li State felt that Song Yan, as the only prince, should have established a concubine early and spread the branches and leaves for the royal family. For this reason, many people in Li Guo have tried every means to quietly hand the portrait of their daughter of the right age to Emperor Li.

   As a result, Song Yan came here and said it in front of the people of the two countries. If he returned to Lebanon someday, he would become a relative before he was eighteen years old, and the relationship between the two countries might deteriorate.

  Dog, the eldest prince is too dog.

   But because of Song Yan's words, the marriage will naturally come to an end.

After hearing this, he touched his chin and asked Gu Dajiang, "Grandpa, you said that brother Song Yan is so good, and someone is chasing him to marry him, then I will meet him in another two years. This kind of thing. You say, do you want me to clarify to the outside world that my ideal marriage age is twenty years old? "

  Gu Dajiang, "..."

   (end of this chapter)

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