Chapter 3757 Fanwai Duan Qian gets married

   Chichi and Song Yan caught up, but luckily the team was walking very slowly, and they caught up at night.

   The group rested for a day in Wanqing Mansion, met with Duan Qian and Duan Wan and had a meal together.

   Duan Qian later married another wife, probably because the previous marriage had taught him too much. When he remarried, he paid more attention to personal character.

   He is now a royal businessman, even if he is not as good as some officials, but his younger sister is married to the Dou family, so the identity of the relatives is not low.

   In the end, he married a concubine of a fourth-rank official's family. The concubine did not show off the mountains or waters at home, and had a very low sense of existence.

   Duan Qian still accidentally discovered that this girl has a plan, especially in arithmetic, she is very talented.

   This girl was asked by Duan Qian to marry her, and it was because the girl's family did not value her, but instead valued the Duan family's net worth. Otherwise, if Duan Qian left once, and had a concubine and a concubine eldest son early, people might not be willing.

   Duan Qian is still a wife and a concubine, and the concubine is far away in Jingping County, managing the Duan family workshop and the Mu family's unique embroidery and dyeing technology, and hardly ever comes to Wanqing House.

   So over the years, the number of times this wife and concubine met, maybe two or three times.

After   Duan Qian stabilized in Jingping County, there were not many times in the past.

   Therefore, they are very harmonious with each other. What makes Duan Qian feel stuffed is that Mu Aqiu can forget about it. After being with Gu Yundong for a few years, he has become more courageous.

   It's just that his wife is too, and her mind is on how to make money, and she is busier than he is a serious businessman.

   She especially admired Gu Yundong, and often followed Duan Wan in the Xinming Pavilion. Every time the Xinming Pavilion had a new trick, she always went to experience it, and then admired it for a while.

   Her wish is to open a unique and prosperous shop like Xinming Pavilion.

   Duan Qian sometimes wonders if he has any superpowers, otherwise why would the women around him work so hard to make money?

  From Gu Yundong, to Duan Wan, to Mu Aqiu, to his own wife...

   For example, this time, Gu Yunshu and Chi Chi both came. As the host, Duan Qian invited them to dinner, but when his wife heard that Coco opened a private restaurant in Jingping County, she immediately became interested.

   Duan Qian resisted the urge to roll his eyes and turned his head to greet Gu Yunshu.

   After eating, I took a detour to Gu's grocery store.

   Today’s grocery store has expanded again. The more the Yu family’s grandparents and grandsons do, the better their business. It has completely developed into a “big supermarket” that sells daily necessities, firewood, rice, oil, salt, drinks, snacks, fruits and vegetables.

  Gu Yundong didn't really care about this grocery store, so he bought the store at the beginning, and then gave Yu's grandfather and grandson an idea. Later, they developed it by themselves.

   So after seeing that the Yu family had accumulated a lot of money, Gu Yundong proposed to sell all the grocery stores to them. From now on, she would no longer be the owner of the grocery store, and let them make the decisions.

   But the Yu family did not agree, and the Yu family was very grateful for Gu Yundong's kindness.

   If she hadn't given a basket of food when they fled the famine, they would have died long ago.

   Having a good life today is all brought by Gu Yundong. Not to mention that they now account for more than half of the shares, even if they only get a little salary, they are happy.

  Gu Yundong couldn't persuade them, so he could only give up, after the two sides discussed it. Gu Yundong reduced his share and only took part of the dividend every year.

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