Chapter 3756 Departure

   Didn't know the two for a long time, and was stunned for a while, but Pang Lang had already brought Luo Shi over to salute him.

   "I have seen the prince."

   In addition to them, there were Lady Lin, Xiaolu and He Sha who came out of the room, all embroidered mothers who had been to Xuanhe Mansion before.

  Pang Lang and the others knew the news of Gu Ruyi's return last night, and naturally they knew that it was sent to her late.

   It was just too late yesterday, so they wouldn't bother coming to the house rashly.

   I came here early this morning, who knew that Chi Chi and Song Yan would have left earlier.

The group returned to the main room and sat down, and Luo Shi took the lead in expressing his apology, "I have already heard Mrs. Lin and the others have said what happened in Xuanhe Mansion. It was also because of my lack of guidance and unfavorable control that Xu Guilan did this. Things are coming. Fortunately, Mrs. Hou is here, and now Ruyi has returned safely."

   Actually, when Lady Lin and the others came back, Luo Shi had already come over to apologize to Li Shi.

   Today’s words are for Chi Chi to listen to.

  I heard from Gu Yundong about Roche's behavior, knowing that she has a smooth temperament, so it's not surprising to appear here. She was probably worried that his mother would go to Pangjiabuzhuang for this matter.

   But Gu Yundong actually admires Roche in a certain way.

In this case, Chi Chi naturally won't say anything, "My mother mentioned Pang Dong's family and Mrs. Pang to me, and said that I had some friendship with you many years ago, and said that if I came to see you this time, I would ask for her. Good voice."

Luo Shi secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and his eyes brightened again, "I didn't expect Madam Hou to remember me. If it wasn't for Madam Hou, we would not have been able to connect with the Duan family. The Pang family can develop into what it is today. Such a scale, thanks to Madam."

   glanced at Pang Lang for a while, and what his mother said was right. Back then, the head of the Pang family was still Pang Lang. In the past few years, the person in charge of the Pang family must have been replaced by Roche.

  Luo Shi is not a strong one. She actually cares about Pang Lang's face when she is away from home. After saying a few words about Gu Yundong, Pang Lang and Chi Chi chatted.

   But there is still a long way to go, so after a few words, I plan to leave.

   Over there, Mrs. Li and the parents of the Li family had prepared things early, and now they were all stuffed into the car.

   Chichi, "..."

  He said helplessly, "Auntie, I'm going to the capital, so much, I can't take it back to Xuanhe Mansion."

   Pang Lang said quickly, "I'll ask someone to help send it back to Xuanhe Mansion."

   Actually, they also prepared some things for Houfu.

Mrs. Li also said, "Your mother likes the dried bamboo shoots from Fengxian County very much. It's fine if you keep it for a long time. Others are also special products of Fengxian County. Ruyi has encountered a lot of trouble in Xuanhe Mansion. Thanks to you guys, thank you. It’s not enough to say anything, it’s all part of our heart.”

   has no choice but to respond.

   As for Pang Lang’s help in sending it back, it’s not necessary. There is a Jinxiu Restaurant opened by Liu Jia in Yongning Mansion.

  The restaurant will deliver the goods from Xuanhe House every one or two months, and then I will ask them to ship it back together.

   After he packed up his things, he said goodbye to the Li family.

  The Li family, the Pang Lang couple, they all took him all the way to the gate of the city, and even the local magistrate heard the news.

   waved his hand slowly, quickly got into the carriage, told Gu Ruyi to take care of himself, and then left quickly.

   When they arrived at Yongning Mansion City, Gu Yunshu and his team had already set off.

   (end of this chapter)