Chapter 3755 Surprised

   Boss Song said, "Be honest, who are you? If you lie again, I will report to the officials."

   While talking, his driver was already standing behind Boss Song.

  Two to two, Boss Song felt that the two teenagers couldn't get a bargain.

   Chichi and Song Yan are helpless, is this still unclear? They did not visit the Song family because of their status, in order to avoid trouble.

   Who would have known such a coincidence?

   They can't have a conflict here, let alone the government.

   The two of them looked at each other, could they have knocked them unconscious?

The idea of ​​   just started. Seeing that all the ancestors of the Song family were all around, the two quickly dismissed the idea.

  Song Yan thought about it and said to Boss Song, "It's not convenient to talk here, why don't you go down the mountain first?"

   Boss Song looked left and right, and nodded after a while, "You put out the fire and follow me down the mountain. If you dare to escape, I will not be polite."

   "Don't run away, definitely don't run away."

   Boss Song told them to walk in front, and the two went down the mountain while talking, then got on the carriage and re-entered the city, all the way to Song's house.

When    arrived at the gate of the Song family, Chi Chi and Song Yan also confirmed the identity of Song Boss.

   Song Yan's identity cannot be revealed, but it doesn't matter if he is late. Anyway, he entered the city yesterday, and Xiaolu and the others have already recognized him.

   So as soon as he entered the door, he said who he was, "I was asked to go up the mountain this time to see Aunt Song. I didn't expect to disturb you guys. I'm really sorry."

  The Song family are all stunned, Yong, the Prince of Yongan Hou Shizi? This is Yongan Hou Shizi?

   Chichi said that he sent Gu Ruyi back. Regarding Gu Ruyi being the niece of Mrs. Yong'an Hou's niece, the Song family knew it when Lady Lin and the others came back.

   So it doesn't seem to be an accident that the prince sent her back.

   And the Song family is well-informed, except for Boss Song who lived in Bie Zhuang outside the city and didn't come back last night, everyone else already knew about Gu Ruyi's return.

  The Song family was a little frightened for a while, and hurried to be seated late, without asking who entrusted Song Ruishu to burn paper.

   delayed his resignation, only saying that he had to go back to Li's house and was ready to leave.

  The Song family didn't stop them too much, so they sent them out.

After a long time, after they had already left Feng County, Boss Song slapped his thigh and said, "No, when I was going up the mountain, I clearly saw that the person who burned the paper was the driver, and, The driver's eyes were still red."

   Boss Song recalled that nothing was right, how could the driver and the prince be so close? Not to mention the Hou Mansion, even if they are the Song family, there is a difference between master and servant. How can they walk side by side and still chat and laugh?

   Also, it was clearly the coachman who said that he had been favored by his sister when he was a child before going up the mountain. How could he be entrusted by others?

   Boss Song told the Song family, and the Song family was also very suspicious.

   Until the news that Prince Li of the Kingdom of Li was envoy to Dajin came from the capital, the Song family pondered a little, and immediately took a breath.

   So the person who came over that day was, yes, the Prince of Li Kingdom?

   One by one, his legs and feet started to go weak.

   Of course, these are all later stories.

  Chichi and Song Yan went straight to Li's house from Song's house. The purpose of coming to Feng County has been achieved, and they are ready to leave.

  Who knew that as soon as the two entered the door, they found that there were guests in the Li family.

   After a long pause, Song Yan was one step behind him on the spot and lowered his head slightly.

  The people in the room greeted them, and the ones who walked at the forefront were Pang Lang and Luo Shi, the owners of Pangjiabuzhuang.

   (end of this chapter)