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The Earth Supplier of the Wizarding World

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My name is Yanxing, an earthling, who can travel freely between the earth and a magical world.

The elves like the silk I brought them.

Orcs like the soap I brought them.

The human nobles crazily pursued white porcelain.

The dwarf was fascinated by the alloy he bought from me.

Even the undead hope to order a set of high-quality coffins from me to show their identity.

One day… angels, dragons, demons found me.

I said to them: “My market is open to all races and creatures. What you pay can be gold coins or your labor…”

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Short Title:TESWW
Alternate Title:魔法世界的地球供货商
Author:True North
Weekly Rank:#3455
Monthly Rank:#2857
All Time Rank:#1958
Tags:Business Management, Businessmen, Dwarfs, Elves, Firearms, Game Elements, Interdimensional Travel, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Knights, Magic, Male Protagonist, Modern Knowledge, Orcs, Schemes And Conspiracies, Slow Growth at Start, System, System Administrator, Transmigration, Wars, World Hopping,
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58 Comments on “The Earth Supplier of the Wizarding World
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  1. Started great, went downhill after. Instead of having a kingdom-building novel, we have a MC who is travelling left and right, provoking powerful people. When the times comes for getting money, it is abstracted with minimal numbers. He gets 100 000 gold, but how does he spends it? Noone knows. What is the income, what is the expenses, what is military expenditures, what is trade income, what is R&D spending etc. Noone knows. The author just says "military spent all my money".....

  2. Awalannya bagus. Tapi semakin lama semakin tidak logis. 1. MC bisa mendapatkan senjata api dan RPG di dunia nyata melalui perusahaan swasta orang lain? Di China secara legal. Wow bagaimana bisa?. Meskipun anda orang kaya sekalipun. 2.MC sama sekali tidak memahami bidang teknis mengenai induatrialisasi alat2 biasa ataupun alat2 militer. Mc hanya menyerahkan kepada kurcaci dan bomm. Alat selesai bisa diproduksi hanya dalam waktu beberapa bulan/ minggu. 3.yah dia seperti menjadi budak systemnya sih.

  3. I'm at chapter 318,and I'm wondering where the game elements are because that's what I'm reading this for. I haven't seen a mention of them for a hundred or two chapters.

  4. That always happens in system tags novels. They seem to front and set the premise for system tags but later on forget about it. I think they want clicks for it and borrowing the trend of system tags which is a extremely frustrating thing when you are reading the novel for system tag.

  5. thats a major problem for most wizard novels, they start with stats and half way in the writer gets lazy and removes it, this is like having a RPG character and then out of nowhere its gone.

  6. Just like How thanos can speak english, and asgardian also speak english, because it was hollywood movie so of cours they speak english, this novel is chinese novel so they use chinese as universal language for it's reader

  7. not in this novel. its different language. mc can understand them and vice versa is all because of power that bring mc in that world. in most novel mc can get this skill to know that worlds language. lets face its if people dont know how to communicate its difficult to do anything and your work will hard to do even its can be impossible. this novel is good and dont have china no1 theme

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