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The Earth Is Signed for 100 Years, the World Is Invincible

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Reiki revives, everything evolves.

The earth is like an oversized light bulb, attracting the invasion of countless cosmic creatures and alien creatures.

Liu Qing crossed over, but fortunately, he awakened the sign-in system.

Sign in in front of the terracotta warriors and horses to get 【Pre-Qin Qi Refining Technique】.

Sign in at the Taiyi Palace in Zhongnanshan and get the [Taiyi Five Thunder Method].

Sign in at the top of the Great Buddha and get the [Da Ri Tathagata].

Sign in at Fengdu Ghost City and get the [Life and Death Book].

Sign in at Kunlun Yaochi and get 【Peach】.

A hundred years later, when the ancient alien tribes and hundreds of clan in the starry sky invaded, Liu Qing suddenly realized that he was invincible in the world.

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Short Title:TEISHY
Alternate Title:地球签到一百年,举世无敌了
Author:Little Demon Fairy
Weekly Rank:#534
Monthly Rank:#540
All Time Rank:#954
Tags:Beast Companions, Early Romance, Fast Cultivation, Modern Day, Parallel World, System, Transmigration, Unique Cultivation Technique,
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41 Comments on “The Earth Is Signed for 100 Years, the World Is Invincible
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  1. @CH 219, why the heck is MC still only smashing weak as shit enemies??? he is 3 great realms higher but unable to one shot golden core beast? other novel don't have this problem! there MC can one shot anything even in same realm.... does not need to be too OP but at least let MC be powerful enough to kill weak shit!

  2. [...] weak shit foes in one shot please! otherwise his amazing progress in leveling up (peak 6th great realm at CH 220)will lose it's shine...

  3. So he doesn't want to be discovered but starts flying in front of hundreds of people right at the beginning of the novel knowing that they are recording him then complain that they are disturbing him? Retarded alert. Am on chp 20 let's see what stupidity happens next

  4. The government in novels are never smart like you know what is happening so why not make preparations and mobilize people together in giant walled cities. Why wait for hell to break lose and too late to start moving people?

  5. The Mc sister joined the army and i am dropping it here. The government is doing anything to tied the Mc to them and he allows it even if he knows that if he showed a little weakness they would control or kill him directly. Hate novels where Mc pretends to be above anyone else but have to bow its head to the government. That kills his overpowering momentum

  6. Mc learnt some acupuncture, mc goes out to market or travel somewhere, mc sees someone who is fainted and is about to die, mc wants to save him with acupuncture , nobody believes, ut mc srill cures the person

  7. WTF is MC teaching EVERYTHING he knows to his sister and that anoying fan girl side kick of hers??? they can't practise all of it anyway juat chose a set and ok.... sister ok but unrelated friend of hers??? HELLO fa is not passed on lightly!!!! right? he has still to grow op but is throwing his secrets around???

  8. CH 92 MC are you an idiot? can't make dragon keel soup so the bones are useless?? SHIT what about useing them for forging? Supreme Void Realm Dragon bones must be better thant those copper gold silver and jade he used for bean solders right? and useing 100m of dragon bones can refine swords for others right?

  9. Bruh mc gave the primary civilization technology to gov for nothing bro it had all nuclear fusion tech and primary spaceship tech and primary artificial intelligence technology and everything

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