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The Earth Is My Dantian

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Passing through the Great Qin Empire, it became a famous waste in the Yewang Mansion and was humiliated in every possible way.

But fortunately, my pubic area is the earth.

The spiritual understanding of the earthly people is equivalent to my spiritual understanding.

There is one more innate strong in the earth, so I will bless the strength of one inborn strong.

There are 1.4 billion people on the earth, and I have developed.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:TEIMD
Alternate Title:我的丹田是地球
Author:Girl in Short Skirt
Weekly Rank:#1528
Monthly Rank:#1518
All Time Rank:#1448
Tags:Abandoned Children, Absent Parents, Academy, Cheats, Cruel Characters, Family Conflict, Fated Lovers, Late Romance, Marriage, Racism, Reincarnated in Another World, Revenge, Schemes And Conspiracies, Slow Growth at Start, Tomboyish Female Lead,

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37 Comments on “The Earth Is My Dantian
  1. Let them write their love for their country and give a bias perspective to the country that they hate. We all do this shit, ya'll know? We tend to defend our country, because it is what it is, dude haahahahahaahahaha. Getting pissed by the author's love for his or her country is just like saying, you should shit talk your country too, which is ridiculous I tell ya.

  2. PS. I can shit talk my country too, but that's extremely irresponsible of me for doing that. Same goes if you shit talk your own country. The bottom line is, we are all bias as fck, and nobody ain't got no shit about that.

  3. Dude, do you can't differentiate nationalism with racism? You talk about love for one's own country, that's nationalism and that's fine and dandy. As for those majority chinese authors in urban genre who insult or trash talking other countries that's racism, and no one is fine with racism. Unless you're fine if your own nation is insult out of nowhere

  4. Essa novel tava bom mais estragou q mais um protagonista ze ruela q nao sab fikr quieto e tem q mostrar pra todo mundo sua força na primeira oportunidade

  5. I think he has every right to make his story as he wants, if it offends you, do not read it and now, besides, the US is also racist and nobody says anything but if it is China, it complains, let's not be hypocritical, we are all racist, also the novel is translated We just read it from Chinese and now, and if you don't like it, don't read it and the damn problem is resolved, it's not to be offending.

  6. Well i don't mind their racism, it is their right. I myself can be racist since i tend to categorize people although i don't especially hate anyone. But China is know for giving importance to their country. We can see it as racism but i don't think it is wrong that they write everyone as Chinese, in another way to see things, we can said they considered everyone as chinese, it isn't that bad i like china( if they not treat us a devil lol). As i saw that the comment of this novel tend to talk about racism, i wished to show my view of thing. ( sorry for my bad english:) )

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