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The Dog I Picked Up is the Villain

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After transmigrating into a novel, Shen Jiangling became the vicious male supporting character with a tragic end in a danmei novel with the classic domineering president trope.

He looked at the black card in his pocket, thought of his loving family, and stated that whoever wanted to be the vicious male supporting character can do it, he didn’t want to anymore!

On his way home after finishing the act, Sheng Jiangling picked up a dog that was in a sorry state.

The dog was particularly reserved, and it took him a lot of effort for the other party to warm up to him.

Unexpectedly, when Shen Jiangling brought home a close friend’s golden retriever to temporarily look after, the reserved dog stared at the golden retriever for a long time.

Then, he suddenly transformed into the villain of the novel, staring at him fiercely.

“You have me, yet you still want to raise another dog?”

Shen Jiangling: Excuse meow?

What godly development is this?

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Short Title:DIPIV
Alternate Title:我捡的狗子是反派
Weekly Rank:#1283
Monthly Rank:#1555
All Time Rank:#4902
Tags:Cold Love Interests, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Doting Older Siblings, Doting Parents, Familial Love, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Modern Day, Older Love Interests, Pets, Revenge, Second Chance, Transformation Ability, Transmigration,
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13 Comments on “The Dog I Picked Up is the Villain
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  1. (Note: This comment is merely expressing my opinion and you are free to hate, agree, disagree, or ignore.)............. This novel is... Not bad, but not that good. I recommend it if you want some lift hearted romance and not so serious. You know, just like those fantasies you'd think while washing the dishes... Anyway, to he novel is like this, MC, an orphan and a hardworking person, got reincarnated to a novel, wherein he was reborn as the poor male wife of an arrogant scumbag. Etc, etc. He picks up a dog, turns out to be a rich villain, then get together. So... Review: Plot: 8/10 It's not so bad, but needs more detail and needs to be more realistic. But since that isn't what the novel is focusing at, I'll let it go. Characters: 9/10 Some characters are plain bad and crazy and the author didn't put much thought into them. Also, the Male Lead, the Seme, is a bit too... Vague...? Like, there isn't much backstory to him. Like, there's not much details, only that he is a die hard simp and s loner. By that, I mean, he doesn't have many people close to him. It's like a perfect imaginary boyfriend, a cute one. Now... Pacing: 9/10: Some things are rushed, like their marriage, and some unimportant things took so many chapters, like the MC's grandparents. It's.... I Don't... It's not my... Cup of tea, I guess. Writing: 9/10 sometimes, some sentences are missing and some events are hurried up, but overall, it's good. Some notes: I feel like this novel focuses "too much" on MC and the Male Lead is too... "Eclipsed"? Like, there's not much detail about hi, which s sad, and also, like, he seems to be tailor made for the MC, like what the novel said, "It was like God gave him to me". Also, Jing Haitian, the MC's best friend, pitifully disappeared in the later half of the novel, which is sad too. Like, wtf.

  2. Ahh, I forgot to mention. This novel is brimming with dog food!!!!! So fluffy, cheesy, funny, and, ugh, like, "you're the only light in my dark and gray world, achoo choo choo". It's not that I hate it, rather I like it, but some of you may hate it so... Leaving a note.

  3. Its a warm and fluffy novel for you to relax. I recommend it if you want to take a break from novels with face slaps or novels that make you emotionally excited. Very much recommended 😉😊😊

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