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The Days When I Lived with My Sister

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When you have a sister who wants you to overthrow her all day long and doesn’t mind pushing back your sister, are you happy or panic?

There is a kind of cute man in the world who can look more beautiful than a woman, and Su Mu is such a man.

The sister who is dependent on each other is a strong younger brother. Was forced to wear women’s clothing at an early age. In middle school, he was tortured by all kinds of torture and strictly prohibited from making girlfriends. As an adult, she suffered mentally bombarded sexual harassment from her sister.

The mysterious 7-character badge liberates the original heroic posture. The ability that is suppressed to the limit can only be played for three minutes.

With the arrival of the five little sisters one by one, the original peaceful life is broken. What kind of fetters will they have?

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TDWILMS
Alternate Title:和姐姐大人同居的日子
Author:Also intoxicated
Weekly Rank:#8260
Monthly Rank:#7778
All Time Rank:#7503
Tags:Charming Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Early Romance, Futuristic Setting, Harem, Incest, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Siblings Not Related by Blood,
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  3. hi can u guys help me find this novel where the fl gets a second chance and she holds the thigh of the ml who was adopted by the fl dad bc the dad killed the ml parents,the fl know that the ml has a hidden identity that is powerful and she is not weak and is really smart but i forgot weather she has supernatural power or a system so.she also has and evil step mother and step sis as usual but the step sis and step mom dont like the ml , later on the fl moves out with the ml and although the father is not that bad he cares about her. plz help me find it i have been searching for days.

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