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The Correct Posture For Salted Fish To Turn Over

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Introduction 1:

A ruthless person who can live his life vividly under any circumstance, with a brick, overturns a system that speaks better than sings.

Since then, the system that is similar to gods in countless books has been regarded as a story of a hot wheel being trampled on for a lifetime.

Introduction 2:

The rebirth of life is like this in the hearts of ordinary people, stirring up the stock market, grasping business opportunities, chatting and laughing with financial giants, and shouldering shoulders with heads of countries.

But not all rebirths are popular.

That kind of mortal situation, that kind of suffering, is not something that mortal hearts like us can experience again.

As a result, the protagonist’s natural cannon fodder system encountered the same unreliable reincarnation laugh and forget the book, but he lived a life that others don’t want to experience again. Not only did he experience a different life course, but also continued his own uniqueness. Three days of life.

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Alternate Title:咸鱼翻身的正确姿势
Author:Erbao Angel
Weekly Rank:#4123
Monthly Rank:#5554
All Time Rank:#8918
Tags:Lazy Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Reincarnation, Romance, System, World Travel,
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  1. *For those who want to know - This is about MC finding a Magic Book that tried to pity him and somehow compromises to go to other Worlds. He gets bodies that were Cannon Folders and lived a tragic life. He changes their destiny. - But where is the Action? Supernatural? I don't understand this MTL. Everything is 'Urban Life'? [This is very weird and confusing at first, If someone can explain to me what's the main goal here, It'd really help]

  2. Well i complain a lot. Actually i can complain about how breathing is addictive and ruining or lives for 4 hours straight.

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