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‘Poison bladder... what effect? Spray poison? ’

[No, did you forget this is in the water? It can only keep poisoned water on the track of swimming. 】


I thought about it for a while, and then looked at the "Flask Mom" ​​who seemed to be able to continue, and decided to decisively advance this "reverse Flag product".

After the biological evolver is started, it is still a familiar "aquarium", but this time it is not a "zero green light" alone, but a lot of other "green light" cruising between rockery and water plants.

[Hint: "Green Light" can get help from the same race when fighting or negotiating. Be friendly +1. ] Prompt sister to brush out a panel.

That attribute didn't depend on whether it was friendly, but whether they could get help from other creatures? The only way to get help from your own clan is 1, and if you are alien, 3?

Forget it, it doesn't make sense to know this setting.

As for the poison sac... With the intention of not being sure to evolve anyway, I poked the grotesque poison sac on the head of "Green Light", and then directed it around in a circle.

Woo mile~

Uh...it seems like a train flying in the sky, this is smoking.

Specifically, the "poison sac" will continue to dissipate the fancy purple liquid, but it cannot actively control the direction, it will only stay on the trajectory of the "green light" operation, and it looks like the same spray of smoke.

Seen in this way, combined with the "green light" behavior mode, it seems that it can really beat the appearance of super big mouth.

I adjusted the position of the "nozzle" a little bit so that the "venom sac" was on the back of the "green light", forming a bomber shape.

[It looks more like spraying pesticides. ] Stupid system spit.

‘I don’t listen! ’

After pressing the green check mark again, the "angle of view" is switched back to near the seabed forest.

The scattered branches of the "Underwater Crystal Tree" not far away did not move too far with the current. It seems that time has passed.

The golden egg of "green light" leans on a trunk.


After the "golden egg" expanded and contracted a few times, the golden light scattered, and a "green light" of a "bomb bomb" flew out of it, and a thin purple-red water mist left behind.

As for the power of this thing... I looked around and I plan to find some targets to try.


Some small creatures around the tree trunk were so small that they didn't even have a name. They passed by near the fog, and then fled into the wind. There were a few slow reactions that strayed into the fog and burst into a tiny red ball.

‘Well, it’s a bit ruthless. It’s poisonous. ’

【Aside from the dosage, the toxicity is all ——】

'genius? ’

【……as long as you are happy. 】

In the distance at this time, there are still huge movements in the "Crystal Forest Under the Sea", and it is obvious to see the trees falling down.

At least the super big mouth hasn't succeeded, and I don't know where "Flask Mother" is worth its perseverance.

However, since I have evolved the poison sac, the "green lights" who are assisting the flask mother over there should also be purifying at the same time.

Did they suddenly become golden eggs in battle, or did they first find a suitable position to evolve?

[Hint: Other ‘green light’ groups are in a symbiotic state with ‘Flask Mother’, and must be in close contact with ‘zero green light’ in order to get the latest evolution. 】

In this case... Fortunately, at least, the green light responsible for blocking will not evolve, and the mother of the flask will suddenly become a lonely family.



In order to avoid poisoning various small creatures in the woods, I controlled the green light to float above the "Undersea Forest" and flew in the direction of the sound of the big mouth constantly biting.

It is not because of the Virgin Mary's concern about their lives. The foundation of the world this time is the zeroth element, so there is no need to care too much about life and death, only the "possibility of growth" needs to be considered.

[As long as the race can continue, then no matter how many sacrifices the members have are worth it? 】

‘Although this is theoretically the case, is it not practical? What is the critical point for a population to extinct naturally? If possible, it is best to resolve those crises at a minimal cost, if it is all individuals with [pseudo-consciousness] controlled by me. ’

[Alaya, have you found yourself more and more like Alaya? The voice of the stupid system is a little serious.

‘What do you mean? ……what? ’

[Although I can’t retrieve the specific battle records in the past because of the data loss, but the elements against the end are basically'NPC Alaya of the world', your current ideas and practices are almost exactly the same as theirs, and the smallest Isn't the price'the hero'? 】

‘This...it can only be done this way. We are not unaware of the doomsday element. This thing is simply not for ordinary people to fight. ’

[No, no, the difference between you and them is that they say "at all costs", and you say "I am the price". 】

‘...Do you really think so or are you telling jokes? ’

[Fuwu...not to mention, it is still suitable for me. 】

'Hey! You waste Gaia! ’

Because there are no entities on both sides at this time, I have no way to clean up the stupid system. I can only put two harsh words and focus on the "green light".

At this time, the distance of its "flying" is enough to see the fighting situation there.

The relatively sparse "crystal tree" simply can't stop the speed of the super big mouth-although it is only 1, a piece of crystal tree fell and shattered into a "round log" under the impact and biting.

What really prevented "Super Mouth" from chasing "Mother Flask" was the "green light before evolution" that launched a futile attack around it. Looking at the bursts of white mansions produced by the spikes on the carapace, the eyes looked like a burst "Invalid, resist, deflect" drifted past.

I looked around and found that a lot of green light extended the distance after an attack. I was preparing for the second assault, so I controlled the "green light" and walked in.

Woo mile~

A group of "old green light" rushed over and surrounded the "zero green light" group, watching it strongly.

Several of the larger ones are studying the pattern of the nozzles I adjusted, while the smaller ones are very interested in the poison sacs. The floating purple mist has no effect on them at all.

After all, biological toxins really have no effect on the same kind. I have not heard that the poisonous snakes have killed themselves.

[That, it seems possible...]

‘Green light is not a snake! ’

Gu Ge ~

After a while, the “old green light” surrounding the “zero green light” glowed with golden light all around, and they were enveloped in large and small “golden eggs”.

[Hint: Some of the "Symbiotic Green Light" evolved into the "Poison Sac" component. 】

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