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The Check-In System, Starting with the Sunflower Martial Art for Eunuchs

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Traveling through the world of fantasy and becoming a little eunuch in the palace, I wanted to live better than die, but unexpectedly awakened to the sign-in system!

[Lenggong sign in successfully, get the “Sunflower Treasure”]

[Jin Luang Temple signed in successfully and won the “Emperor Dragon Fist”]

[Yuyaofang sign in successfully, get ‘Da Huan Dan’]

The fantasy world is very dangerous. Lin Ping just wanted to sign in in a low-key manner, practice silently, and one day be able to “regenerate with a broken limb”, and never thought of setting foot in disputes.

It was not until ten years later that the northern barbarian soldiers approached the city, the capital was in danger, the ruling and the opposition, the palace and the palace were anxious, Lin Ping was forced out of the palace…

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Short Title:CISSSMAE
Alternate Title:冷宫开局签到葵花宝典
Author:Six Years to Grind a Sword
Weekly Rank:#6881
Monthly Rank:#5648
All Time Rank:#4276
Tags:Female Protagonist, Low-key Protagonist, Masochistic Characters, System,
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41 Comments on “The Check-In System, Starting with the Sunflower Martial Art for Eunuchs
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  1. If you want a mc who can be a pervert with ten dicks them don't read check in nor sign in cheat. Just read system cheat novel with harem of more ten idiot and damn beauty with big breasts with no brain or directly read porn novel.

  2. Every person on this novel so stupid. Almost every time mc fight he will make huge scene and yet no one know how he was. For gods sake they living in place with 20000 eunuch and thousands more maids guards and so called experts and no know what is happening inside there place? Mc killing people in front door of his house and in day light. No one go there to see? Must be dumbest group of side characters in whole novel community.

  3. The Author won't make his dam mind up! Only Harem can save this novel. If you abandon Chun Fei, my favorite girl I'm going to be hella pissed off!

  4. It's better than the score gives it credit for. If you like the sign-in genre you will enjoy it. Chapter length from ~70-125 is 4k+ words so it is a decent amount to read even though it seems low chapter count.

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